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  • Hey 300+ members -- post your favorite pics here!!!!

    Please no comments in this thread. When you've posted a picture, please mention it in our normal discussion threads. If you would like to respond to a picture, you can do that in the regular discussion threads as well. That way this thread will just be loaded with pics and not fluff.

    If you have not posted in the 300+ area in the past 60 days, your pictures are subject to deletion.
  • [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]My new hair colour! (complete with spots & coldsore, lol!!)

  • The picture on the left is me last year in a size 30...barely

    The picture on the right is me last month in a size 26/28! woohoo
  • I got married at the end of October. Here's me and my new hubby, plus a couple of his cousins that were anxious to be flower girls.

    My mother-in-law made the dress and the flowers.

  • Doing a bit of before and after here. Or maybe, it is really before and during since I am still on my journey


    and just now (March 11, 2011):

    My office mate just snapped this picture of me. I am SO broken out right now I almost didn't post, but dang, I just got smacked upside the head with the realization of how much fat I've lost in my chin and neck...
  • I was gonna post progress pictures, pero, I don't think I've made much NOTICEABLE progress, so I'll just post up some recent pics first, & then maybe some progress pictures by next month! soooo yeaaa this is from yesterdaaaay ... sorry for the view of the potty & tampon machines.. LOL I was at work! I know Im not smiling but its 'cause I was trying to get a good picture & got frustrated. LOL...

  • thought I would share my progress pics through my signature
  • Here are a few update shots that I posted on my blog, and facebook.
    Sept 12, 2011

    Oct 26, 2011

    Oct 30, 2011 - Halloween Party!
  • The first one was taken somewhere between 330-350 pounds. Love this. First time I was making fig newtons from scratch. Yummy =D
    Second one was about the same weight. Relaxing in my apartment =D
    Third is a current full body shot. One of the straps slipped down just as the pic was taken =D I thought it was funny
    The 4th is just a random face shot so you can see the difference from the first.
    Still got another 15 or so to lose but getting there =D

  • This is me!
    Its a half way picture, well, almost.. one more pound and i will be halfway lol the blue pants and cankles picture is from March of last year (2011) only picture i could find of myself, so thats why im sitting in the comparison one lol the 2012 picture is 2 days old.

  • So this thread made me realize I need to start taking body pics!

    I have no body pics of myself at my highest weight. Very good at hiding from cameras! Closest to it is somewhere in the 360 range. (I had lost 20 pounds for a wedding which of course I gained back over the next year to get back to the 380s)

    The first one is the only full size shot of myself that I could find. From May 2010 and I'm in the 360s. Just took the second pic this am of myself in the same dress at a weight of 311.

    Hard for me to tell the difference. The dress is kinda forgiving. Off to find an official body pic outfit so's I can start collecting photographic evidence of my loss.

  • i dyed my hair as a treat for losing 10% of my body weight, and have been keeping it up. you can definitely see from my profile pic to this one that my face has slimmed down a lot
  • I just added the thumbnail and link to my sig yesterday, but thought I'd share it here too.

    I weighed around 360 in the first pic, and I'm at 257 right now. I'd like to lose another 100 and have been stuck in the 240's-260's for a couple of years now. I've been doing great for a few months and am hoping to break out soon.

    The following "after" was taken last year, when I was in the 240's. The next ten-fifteen pounds is gonna make a huge difference for me, finally letting me go down a size (I've been in a 22/24 for at least 40 pounds)!

  • I dont have a after picture just yet.. But I'll post a before picture.. And then post as I go.

    The most recent full body pic I have is of Halloween. I dont like taking full body pictures

    And this one I'm sharing just because I love it. I was heavy but wanst at my heaviest weight.. But you cant really tell because it's not full body. But I LOVE this picture of me.
  • This is my before from back in December of 2011, my progress, and where I am sitting at as of a week ago. I am happy to see the transformation before my eyes!