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One pound at a time...
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Hi girly girls!

NOt much time, but wanted to come in and say Hiiiii! I'm so happy to have this place to come too

Enjoy your day ladies!! (and gents)
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moving the chains
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My positive for the day - business (I know I have posted about being unemployed - I am SORT OF unemployed - I run a struggling home based business and have been looking for work to supplement so I am not TOTALLY unemployed - thought I should clarify that for when I mentioned my business) is sort of up! Yessssss! I am celebrating by going to Sephora for some nail polish (and using a gift card LOL, business might be up but it is nowhere NEAR where it should be)!

Also, I increased my strength training a bit
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Hello Ladies,

It has been crazy at my house lately so I have not been on much. My positive for today is that I start level 2 of the 30 day shred. Which I like much better then the level 1.
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Hi All,
I just want to share a little NSV that has really made my day. This has been one of my goals for a long time to get to the place where my big tummy does not touch the steering wheel of my car. Well, today I looked down and there was a nice bit of space between them! It really made me feel that all my work is paying off and my body is shrinking even when the scale stays stuck.

It is NSV's like this that snowball into a momentum that keeps me on track.

My other positive is that I have been counting calories for more than a week without fail and I am looking forward to my official weigh-in in the morning.

Thanks everyone for this great thread!

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Hello Ladies. My mom (colormered47) asked me to let you guys know she won't be online for a few days due to her computer malfunctioning. She will return soon.
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Well good wednesday morning all.
It looks like good positive times at 3FC.

Jacque- Your positive is you stopped in and said good morning here on 3FC.

bite- So glad your feeling better and back with us on 3FC.

CJ- Great willpower at the all you can eat buffet. And you even peeked at the desserts, WOW what strength!

Bingo- You also! WOW on the willpower girl. Thank you for the smilie website.

Fungirl- Congratulations on the 4 pound lose. Your rockin' it girl.

Gigglesquirt- Your happy to visit 3FC and we're happy to have you as our friend. This is a feel good place, isn't it?

nooch- I totally understand the almost totally unemployed thing, I'm only working once in a while shooting weddings. Otherwise I'm a full time caregiver to my mother, she has dementia. The tuffest job I have ever had, but she needs me right now. Glad to hear your business is taking an upward trend. Congratulations.

uclr- WOW! Level 2 of the 30 day shred already. You go girl.

Cat- I had that same revelation a while back, that little extra space between me and the steering wheel. It's awesome isn't it! Let us know how the weigh in goes, I know your excited.

Ashlan- Thank you for letting us know about your Mom's computer. Hopefully she be back soon. OH! And congratulations!

Now me!
I have officially been up for over 24 hours. I just couldn't sleep last night at all. My photographer friend who gives me my occasional wedding shoots hit me with some bad news. His brother has been ill and they finally found what it is, they found a mass on his brain during an MRI and it is cancer. I feel bad for his brother, but I am also worried sick about my friend. I have known him for 15 years and he has lost both parents, a nephew, a dog and now this. And on top of all that he is going thru the divorce from H_ _ L.
I know that god doesn't give us anymore than we can handle, but come on Man! How much more can one person take. This young man is like a brother to me and I'm am seriously worried about him.

*Through all my worrying I stayed OP. I just feel so much better and have no desire to eat the way I use to, so staying OP is just so easy for me.

*I skipped exercise in the pool so I would last on my photo shoot last night. I sweat my tooshy off. I just don't understand why some people want to don there sunday best (black tuxedos & full length gowns) and spend their wedding ceremony on a beach that is 95+ degrees. It was a good shoot though, but they didn't want a sunset wedding. We were done by 6:30 and they were off and on their way to a dinner cruise.

O.K. ladies, I am off to do some laundry and other various household chores. And more than likely a good nap in there somewhere.
Have a great day and remember...

Guardrails Up!!!

Later - Learn
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Woman On A Mission
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Originally Posted by learningtoliveagain View Post

Jacque- Your positive is you stopped in and said good morning here on 3FC.
I couldn't agree more!!! That's positive EVERYDAY!!!!

My positive for today is that I stopped in to 3FC, I am breathing, I have been OP all week...

Another one that is bittersweet is that My mom, my aunt and Sophie the dog, left this morning...I will miss them , HOWEVER I got my house back!!! I will see them all again in a few weeks when I go to visit for my mom's knew surgery.....
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LTLA sorry to hear about your friend's brother. He is fortunate to have you to turn to from the sound of the things.

My positive for today, is that I survived surgery, and am very sore but still able to get to the bathroom on my own.
I am so fortunate to have a loving family that is catering to me 24/7.

This is short and sweet, sorry I just don't have the energy to write any more.
Take care good friends and thanks for your prayers....
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Hello beautiful ladies !

It's been a hectic couple of days but hopefully it's almost over. We had the hot water tank burst in our other house so I've been there for cleaning up after that. The basement was a total mess !! Also, Aunt Flo decided it was a great time to come and visit. It's also 100 degrees here right now so pretty hot and sticky.

My positive for the day... spent all day Monday and Tuesday cleaning up the basement and still had energy left over !! Can't remember when I've ever had this much stamina before. Yay !!

Hope everyone has a great day/evening !!

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Hello all you sexy divas...

You are all doing so AWESOME!!! Keep it up chickies!!!!

Well, I have been MIA for about a week! Finally did some catch up time lol.

Here are ALL of my positives...

Went camping on the weekend. It was awesome! On Friday when we got there, we had to load the boat in the water and after that I went to get fire wood. It took me about a half hour but I managed to get enough wood for the weekend including a HUGE stump we used as a chopping block. My fiance and our friend came to see if I got eaten by a bear (lol), and he checked the back of the truck and couldn't believe the amount of wood I hauled!!! It felt awesome!!!

Also, while camping my pre-planning paid off!!! We had so many goodies there but I stayed satisfied without over indulging...That being said I lost 2 pounds this week!!! I was through the roof with happiness!!!!

Last but not least, I went to the gym today and was on the elliptical for an hour and burnt 800 calories!!! WHOO HOO! I felt soooo good!!! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to go there again (I work for home care and have way too many clients in the hospital, so now I'm on call for more work).

Hope you all have a great night!!!
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Good Early Morning Ladies,

I am so exited today. I am no longer over 300 lbs. I weighed this morning and I made my first goal of 299.8.. It is my TOM so it took me a couple extra days to acheive it but I am very excited that I did. Hope you all have a great Thursday..
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Good thursday morning ladies,
Well it looks like a good day was had here on 3FC. I am going to skip personals due to my back being so bad right now it hurts to sit upright. I just love Sciatica, and I especially love having it on both sides.

My positives for yesterday are I stayed O.P.
And I spent most of the day on my wonderful heating pad and only took one Vicodin for the pain.
Today I plan on cozying up with my heating pad again and only do what Sciatica will allow me too.
Have a great day everyone and remember...

Guardrails Up!

Later - Learn
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Good Morning!

I'm new here, but wanted to say hi and tell someone that I lost my first 6 lbs..and I'm totally proud of myself..

I want to be under 300 by 8/5...

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Eyes on the Prize
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Good day, chickies!

I will probably miss a few posts - sorry for that! I have been spending time researching weight lifting & body sculpting.

uclr: Level 2 on 30DS *and* under 300lbs? You are really gettin' after it - I hope my 30DS dvd comes by this weekend. I need some variety!

CatWuv: I *love* the NSV! Feels so good, doesn't it? And way to stay on plan!

CakeBatter: Sorry to hear about Ags computer. Thanks for letting us know and be sure to tell her we expect her to reply to every post made since she was gone.

learn: Way to stay OP through all of that - sheesh! I hope your friend will be okay - I am sure he will, but it is worrisome. Girl, take care of yourself. Sciatica sucks! Thankfully you have the vicodin to lean on if you need it. Vicodin makes me really loopy. You would probably pee your pants laughing if you saw me on it.

Jacque: Always a good feeling to have your house back!!!

looking: SO glad to hear that everything went well and that you have family to take care of you. Rest up and be well

LeslieB: Ack! I had the water thing happen to me in an apartment. It was NOT pretty! Cool that you have so much energy now, though. A great feeling for sure.

betty: WOW.. you lost weight during a vacation! Awesome - you did a fabulous job pre-planning. Chopping & stacking wood is great exercise, too - good job!

alexa: Welcome to the thread! Awesome loss - 6 pounds gone FOREVER! Nice to meet you and looking forward to having you here with us.

Positives for me: I am still on plan and exercising my booty off (hopefully ). Yesterday at the fitness center, I was able to go 5 minutes longer on the elliptical than before - up to 25 min now and it feels so good when I am done. I have also added in more strength training and should be getting my "Body Sculpting Bible" from amazon by the weekend. I want to tighten up as much as possible as I am losing.. my age and having had some kids works against me regarding extra skin issues that may occur once I reach goal. Also, I need to try and retain the muscle I have so that I know what I am losing is F-A-T! So, I am trying to get the best possible end result. Seems like such a long way off sometimes, but I know when I look back it will seem like it went fast.

Keep workin' it, girls!
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Hi Y'all

I seriously thinking about not being a daily weigher because the scale has been stuck at 322 and I am getting sad about it. I had a good loss over the past two weeks and now pffft I can't believe I have hit a plateau this early into a new diet plan. Doing calorie counting, I am not sure if I am getting the right number of cals in. My BMR, according to online calculators, is 2100 and I was adding on another 1000 for digestion, exercise and misc activity. So I have been shooting for 1800 cals a day and I have no idea if this is a good number. I vary and experiment too but the nasty scale won't budge. So, this brings me to my positive for the day--I will not let this temporary plateau derail me. I have faith that my body will let this weight go eventually and I cannot absolutely control the outcome.

I am expecting a package of shirts from Old Navy today. It's my first time ordering from them. I hope they are cute and cool temperature wise. My heavy knits from other catalogs like Roamans and such are just too hot for this desert heat.

O! I have another great positive too. I tried on a pair of jeans the next smaller size down and they kinda fit. They were too snug but the cool thing is that I got them on so I am on track to wear them maybe in a month or so.

Mega first-class positive vibes to all my fellow "losers"
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