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LTLA hang in there, we all have crappy days... Here's a . You will make it through this slump..
You need to go out and do something crazy... or treat yourself. I'm thinking go out a get yourself a new hairdo or a new top (the most colorful one you can find) and then strut your stuff baby....

We are here for you....
BTW getting up some days is the positive thing for me too.

AGS- I am hoping that you are getting enough sleep and glad to hear that you will soon have some much deserved VAY CAY.....

Hows that for positive thinking...

Seriously though for me today my positive is that I was able to get some more pain killers and man I feel good
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Hi all! I'm new and I'm jumping right in. I just made it through the work week staying right on track every day while my office mates ordered in food from every good place in town. Happy Friday! Compared to navigating the office lunch temptations, the weekend is easy.
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Diva's, What's up!!!!!
It's late, I tired, but so what!!! Can't go another day without talking to my peepss!!
I am on the fast track baby, so here we goooooo..........

I am so disappointed that I could not see your pictures, something about the page had expired. I wanna see too. Enjoy the Big Apple Baby!!! And hey there kiddo, you are more in control of yourself than you think. You ROCK!!!!

I will PM you, I want ot chat with you on facebook, I am now addicted. Isn't getting ready for a trip so exciting and YUMMMM cupcakes. Sara you are the shoppin and saving money Queen.

Can I come to the cookout? I promise I won't eat too much. LOL You did it, You did it, you met and passed your goal. You are da bomb!!!!

How is that ankle coming along? I know the horsed truly appreciated you. Excitied about that bike ugh? So am I!!! Learn, it could very well be a side effect of menopause comimg, but I have not slept well in so long, I don't know what it comes from. Just like Jac, my sleep pattern is the same or worse, sometimes I just want to cry. Hope the doc has answers for you.

The Exercise Queen is back and kickin butt!! MUSCLE X just sounds like Shia!! Something you probably invented. LOL You are half way there-Way proud of you babe-Wish I was half way there, shucks half way anywhere would be good. LOL

Hey there hottie,
So you got my hot wings, ugh!!!!
I fix my hot wings in the oven and the are GGRRRREAT!!!!!! Great ob on all of your exercises. Where on earth do you find all of these cute little icons. I am jealous, and I want em'.

Four more pounds released, you are doing so well, can you please release some for me.

You always come thru with a positive, now stay awake so that you can get your son.

You took that lemon and made lemonade, that was fantastic chickie. Not only is your body changing, so is your way of thinking. Hot dang girl!!!!

You are in cahrge and it shows. You did it 100 pounds gone forever. Let's Party!!!!

Please come everyday and we will be right here for you. Welcome!

That's right girl, every single day has a POSITIVE and you are finding them. Stick with it babe.

No need for apologies here darlin", Life happens and we must deal with it in our own ways, You have and now you are moving forward, that's right forward. You came here right. Forget what you have done in the past, that is just what it is, the past and you cannot change it. You cannot let it have power over you, it has no hold over you, unless you let it and I know that you will not. So with that being said and out of the way, are you ready? Let's rock and roll babe. We will do this thing together. Your friend will always be remembered in your heart, and know that now she is in a better place.

You got the job because it was meant for you and you deserve it. YOU ROCK KIDDO. Oh yeah, and painkillers, yeah, they can bee your best friend.

Glad to see ya girl. that would have made me smile too. Great Job!!!

Can I borrow your navigation system, I must have lost mine this week. LOL Glad to have you here. WELCOME!!!!

My positive for today is.....I AM NOW OFFICALLY ON VACATION!!!!!! MADE IT THRU THE WEEK AND I AM STILL STANDING!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! He brought me through!!!!

Ladies it is now bedtime zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and I believe I will sleep thru the night.

Until tomorrow,
Hugs, love and many many blessings,
The Agster

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Hellooooo hot & spicy chicks!

Wow.. I could have sworn I posted here earlier today, but it looks like I must not have submitted it or something.

On to the shout outs (sorry if I miss anyone!):

Jacque: YAY!!! You did it, girl!!!

Fungirl: How did the meeting with the trainer go? So cool that you get to pick someone's brainzzzzzzzzz.. let us know if you get any good tips!


Way to go! You rock!

ruby2sday: It is so awesome when people notice! You are DOING IT!

looking: Gotta love those pain killers.. I think I have a never ending smile on my face when I have to take those. LOL

DownSize: Sit right down and take your shoes off. There are no shoes allowed here. Smells a little ripe after we've all done our exercise for the day, though. Also, please grab a goodie bag on your way out of the thread each day. Today's goodie bag has free coffee samples & calorie free chocolates (omg I wish there was such a thing). LOL! Seriously, glad you are here!

Ags: V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Love it, love it. Now you have plenty of time to make me some of your hot wings. WOO!! (skinless please) The smilies are from ..just click on one you want and copy the code into your post!

Well I am on plan. Had to skip my cardio today, though.. because I did some squats with weights yesterday and my left hamstring did not like it at all. Get with the program left hamstring.. or be left behind!!! Drop and give me 20, ya sissy! LOL! Had to move the cardio to tomorrow, and the strength training to Sunday, which was supposed to be my day off. We'll see how my sissy left hamstring feels on Sunday.

Keep it rollin' along, sistas!
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Today, I was standing in line at an art gallery and there were 3 women in front of my boyfriend and I, probably all in their 70s, talking and having a good time. Out of the blue, one of the women turned around and put her hand on my arm, smiled, and said "Getting old is not fun."

So, that made me think of how grateful I am for my youth. That's my positive for today..
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Good Morning Girls,
Alright, there was a whole lotta positiving going on here yesterday.

Sara- Any friend that gives me money saving shopping tips is a true friend of mine. That is awesome!

Shia- Crimson Tide! I don't think I have ever heard it called that before. I think Mr. Tide is reeking havoc on me this week. Great job staying on plan.

Ags- Yeah!!! Your on vacation and gonna get some rest I hope.

Jacque, Jacque, Jacque- What can I say? You are just so awesome. I really wish you could bottle up your life changing attitude and sell it. I would buy a whole case or two.

fungirl- How did the trainer talks go? I'm sure your mind was reeling with all kinds of interesting ideas to spice up your work out routine.

Rena- Again, congratulations on reaching the 100 pound lose. You are officially on my list of inspirational people on 3FC.

ruby- When mom's notice a change in your body shape they speak the truth. Keep on, keeping on!!!

look- I'm glad your not hurting! Sometimes Vicodin is my best friend. Oh and by the way, how did you know I was thinking of getting all my hair cut off. I just spent 3 years growing it out and I'm getting tired of dealing with it.

DownSizex100- O.K. that's just way too long. I will call you Down. Welcome to 3FC, your gonna get lots and lots of inspiration and support here, so put on something comfortable and plan on staying a while. I just adore the kitty in your avatar. I am a kitty lover also, I have 6 of them myself. Way to go on resisting the temptation of ordering out with your co-workers. You are on the right track kiddo. Keep it going.

Hot- Ouch on that hamstring! Feel better girl!

bbee- I see you've been on 3FC for a while, but I don't believe we've met. Welcome to our positive and uplifting thread, the more the merrier. You know sometimes the elderly can say the darnedest things. I am currently caring for my mom who has dementia, and I know some of those things can be good and some not so good. Yes being young should be cherished.

My positives for yesterday are...
*I got my kitty to the vet and as I suspected he has a UTI and is on antibiotics for a while. Why is it when you try to medicate a cat they grow 8 more legs. It's like trying to wrangle an octopus. I went to a new vet, drove 2 hours round trip, spent $10.00 on gas, but saved over $100.00 on the vet bill. Two years ago my old vet charged me $227.00 for his first UTI and my new vet charged me $109.00. They were so nice, the whole visit was a pleasant experience.

*I am not feeling so sluggish as I have been. I think yesterday getting away from my mom actually helped. I love her and all, but she can be trying on my emotions and my patience.

*Stayed on plan with my eating.

On a more depressing note, I have had to put my bicycle on hold. My DH did get his bonus, but instead of them giving it to him in a separate check, they put it together with his regular paycheck and took way more out for taxes. So it was like 400.00 less than expected. So after bills there was not enough left. But on a good note, DH and I are going to Sears tonight so he can get new work shoes and he suggested I put one on lay-a-way there. It just seems like every time I think I can get my bicycle something happens and the money is needed elsewhere.

Well that's it for me ladies. I hope everyone has a fantastic saturday and remember...

Guardrails Up!!!

Later - Learn
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Originally Posted by learningtoliveagain View Post
Jacque, Jacque, Jacque- What can I say? You are just so awesome. I really wish you could bottle up your life changing attitude and sell it. I would buy a whole case or two.

Ya know, if I hadn't found 3FC, I don't think I would be where I am today. YOU ALL are my INSPIRATION!!!


Just curious, if we could bottle life changing attitudes, how much should we charge?
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Good morning all and thanks for the warm welcome. I hope everyone is starting off to a good Saturday.

My positive is that I am getting my behind out of the house today. I have a tendancy to just veg out on Saturdays after a tiring week, but not today. I got up and had an early breakfast (another thing I'm not good about on weekends), and I'm heading out now to walk at the mall and then do the dreaded grocery shopping. This afternoon I'm rewarding myself for being good this week by going to the movies to see Julie & Julia, since it probably won't manage to stay at my small town theater for more than a week.

Ags: What's mine is yours, but I have to warn you that I navigated by thinking evil thoughts about people who eat waffle fries and cheesecake. Enjoy vacation!

Hotwings: I'm sure glad shoes aren't required, since I never wear them. I walk in the door and stuff starts coming off. Good thing there isn't a dress code. Hope you're back up to speed soon.

Learn: I know it's long, but I'm using it as my new login everywhere now. Everytime I type it, I think "I'm going to lose a hundred pounds." Sorry your kitty is feeling puny, but congrats on finding a more reasonable vet. My cat is the queen of "I'm not going to take that medicine, and you can't make me." Even the vet can't give her medicine. It's always funny watching a new vet try. Last time one tried, there were pills all over the floor before he gave her a shot like I suggested in the first place.
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Good Morning ladies,

I have been on vacation for the past couple of days and boy I have been busy. I am really glad I have you ladies posts to look at because my scale is wanting to stay around the same weight for the past 5 - 6 days. (Evil scale) This happens to me every once in awhile so I will just stay OP and I know the scales will show it soon. Hope everyone is having a very good weekend. I should post some pictures here soon as I have now been on plan for 2 months and I can see a differnce already..
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Good morning Ladies!

Sooooo.......I had the date wrong for the meeting with my trainer. It's next Friday But the good thing is that in preparation for that meeting I decided to work out yesterday morning because I didn't think that we were going to work out that much because of all the conversation. So I get to the gym last night and realize my I do some light cardio and strength training and spend the rest of the night in the pool. positive for the day.......I LOST 9 INCHES ON MY BODY!! I lost 4 inches in my waist alone WOOHOO! Ok, gotta run. Chat later and have a good day!
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My positive for today is I'm baaaack! And down two pounds to boot.
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Good Saturday to all you gorgeous cats and kittens !!

Thank you so much for all the congrats !! The support here is tremendous !!

Awesome on all the positives !! You are my inspiration !!

My positive for the day... had a great walk this morning with the dogs and now am going to Costco for some power shopping then hitting the pavement again for a long and healthy walk.

Have a great day !!

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Good afternoon all you beautiful ladies,

Hope you're all having a great day. Once again it is raining here but that doesn't stop me from reporting that my positive for the day was that I went through my closet and drawers and got rid of all my size 22 and 20's for good.
There is no turning back now, just moving forward. I have to do this because I cannot afford to buy new clothes all the time...
That is my motivation to keep going. Join me on my NO TURNING BACK campaign. LOL

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Hey Ladies,

It has been a great day here today and I am so tired. I have read everyone's positives and you all have done so well, continue to keep up the good work.

I usually stay in the house from Fri. evening until Sunday morning for Church and then back til work on Monday's, that is just easy for me, but today.........I pushed myself to go to a family function and I really enjoyed myself and was so glad that I went. Probably ate more than I should have, but the enjoyment and company of other folks was worth it for me today. So that is my positive for the day, I pushed went out, enjoyed and glad I did. So tired maybe just maybe I will sleep the whole night threw.

I will give personal shout outs tomorrow.

Hugs, love and many blessings,
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Hey all,

Well, I have had a cold for the last couple days!!! But my positive is that I took my dogs to the park (I felt guilty because I was in bed so early and slept in so late) despite feeling under the weather...

Hope all are having a good weekend!
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