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Ageoldie...congrats on the nine pounds!!! It's more than I've lost since November, so don't worry. Losing at the slower rate means a higher success rate of permanent weight loss.

Heather...did you boobs bounce back into shape? Gosh, I hate those things! My girls aren't that substantial, and it always feels like they're going to burst at the tip and squirt out all over the place when I go get my mammogram done. And I'm due for one this summer, I think...or maybe the pap smear. Ick!'s the photobook work coming along? I just moved all my photos to the new house and am thinking about doing the same. I'd love to Photoshop my husband out of them all! I'm going to make a series of books for both my boys, burn copies on to disks and then send all the old photos back to my husband. Today, I'm glad we had his aunt take our wedding photos and didn't spend huge money on anything fancy.

I'm here to resolve to avoid fast food was out the window today! I ate just over 2800 calories from Burger King, Taco Bell and Starbucks. And according to my GWF armband, between midnight and 8 p.m., I walked just over 5900 steps and burned 2750 calories. By midnight tonight, I will have burned more than I took in, just barely, but that's not what I was shooting for!

So tomorrow, Sunday, a new day. My new fridge arrives in the morning and I can fill it with healthy stuff and cook for myself at home.

I bought a new mattress set today. Had too much fun at Target getting bedding to put on it and tonight is the maiden voyage of the SS Queenie. Hope it's comfortable! I got all white bedding. Haven't decided on a color scheme yet, although I'm leaning towards that apple green again.
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Hi all,

Big project that was due on Feb. 28 got sent in on Mar. 27. That's okay, he told me by the end of March would be okay, so I guess I've officially made it by the end of March now.

Lilion: I'm with you; this is way too sudden. I mean here I am 42, I did not expect to be having these kinds of problems yet either. The irregular periods are the thing bothering me the most, although the occasional really awful night of no sleep and heart racing and such is, well, really awful. I haven't talked much to my doc b/c I have such doc phobia. I might check out the evening primrose and black cohosh too.

Heather: Glad you got some fun time on break. Does it all start up again tomorrow?

Georgia: Sounds like we have similar relationships with our mothers. (Except mine is currently living with me.) We'll have to share strategies.

Okay, this is too fast I know but the day is getting started and DH is only here for a few more hours.

More soon. Cheers--

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Hey everyone. A late-night pop in here!

Barbara - Good to see you again. Keep checking in, we like to hear from you!

Georgia, Glad your moving is almost done! Don't feel too bad about the fast food and such. Moving I think is the exception everyone gets! I hate moving with a passion.

Angela, Wow! 42 and doing the meno thing? Guess I got lucky to be at 45. I wasn't expecting it so soon. I'm sure my mom was in her 50's. I told DH that the "perk" for us girls is the periods stopping, but since I don't have them anymore I don't have the perk - which annoys me no end.

I'm feeling better. Friday was bad. I was literally in tears for no reason at all. I was tired, wasn't going to WI Saturday - I got some much needed sleep instead - and wanted to go out to eat and see a movie. DS didn't want to go because that would mean extra daylight hours in the headgear, so we didn't go and I was TICKED! I was such a and then cried. The mood swings are just no fun at all. I've never thought of myself as a moody woman (I think DH would have disagreed, but what does he know. ) Anyway, I made a run to the store and bought the Estroven. I know it takes a few days to kick in, but somehow I feel better already.

I spent a good deal of the weekend shopping and buying almost nothing. I decided to spend a bit of our tax refund, most is earmarked for paying down credit cards, but I really want new blinds for the living room/dining room and kitchen and to just get some stuff DONE to this house! We've lived here seven years, had a list of "must-do's" when we moved in, and we still haven't done them! Anyway, I'm also incrediby cheap, so I didn't actually find anything I was willing to pay for. When I wasn't shopping, I was cleaning. At least it looks better, even if it doesn't look like I want. I've decided being distracted was a good thing.

Terri, Did you guys get the snow? We got rain and cold and wind, but that was it and today was actually beautiful, a bit chilly, but got close to 60 I'm sure.

Gotta run. I still have laundry to fold and dishes to wash before bed.

Night all!
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Stop! Do not post here! Join us on the next volume thread!
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