300+ March Madness Exercise Thread

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    to the March exercise thread! We're making exercise a habit, giving ourselves some accountability, and getting healthier in the process!

    In this thread, we track the number of MINUTES we exercise for the month -- whether it's walking or swimming or sweaty housework! Most of us set goals for ourselves (I personally will not exercise much without a goal). If you are a goal-setter, early in the month set your own goal! If you're just getting started, feel free to start with a smaller number of minutes (I did!), maybe just a few hundred. It seems easier for many of us to build on the habit rather than meet a very high goal right away. However, you can also just jump right in without a goal, and you can join us anytime in the month!

    In 2007 the 300+ club exercised 205,352 minutes. Let’s break that record!

    To keep track, just add your minutes to the existing group’s minutes. If you’re new, look at what other people are doing – it’s pretty easy to figure out! To help everyone keep things straight, please note the OLD minutes and the number of NEW minutes you are adding, such as
    Group total ~ 500 + 50 = 550 minutes

    We've made a great start and I'd love to see us get close to 20K minutes for March!!! What do you say chicks and roosters??

    Minutes so far:
    19,474 January
    12,537 February

    32,011 min thru Feb
  • It's a short month, and I forgot to get this thread started!

    I'm shooting for 1100 min this month. Hubby and I are actually BOTH working on the same goal.

    Let's see if we can turn it up as the weather warms!
  • March Madness is right!! I got close to 2000 but I still haven't been able to get to it in one month, so my goal for March is 2000!! Yes!!!
  • I'm going to try and aim for 1800 minutes this month! I aimed to do 1200 minutes of exercise for February but I went way past the goal so 1800 seems a bit sensible to fit into my busy lifestyle!


  • I'm going to shoot for 1800 again
    60 minutes cardio

    Group total-0+60=60

    Personal goal-1740
  • Got an hour on the elliptical.

    Group total ~ 60 + 60 = 120
  • 45 minutes hound walking

    Group total ~ 120 + 45 = 165!
  • Wow...March already!?!!? I just posted on the Feb thread and then realized I was in the wrong month. I'm not setting a minute goal for this month, but I will do something every single day! Last month I put in 35 hours!

    Today was 60 minutes - elliptical/abs/stretching.

    Personal Total: 60

    Group Total: 165 + 60 = 225
  • Barb you are such an inspiration!!

    Okie dokie, here we go!!

    Group Total 225 + 67=292
  • Add two hours of walking from me...we walked three miles in downtown Seattle today!


    Group total ~ 292 + 120 = 412 min
  • wedding prep and cleaning up...4 hours(it was more like 8hrs but im counting 40
    240 +412 =652
  • Group Total 652 + 60 = 712 minutes

    60 min snow shoveling
  • 30 minutes weights and 35 minutes cardio

    Group total-712+35+30=777

    Personal goal-1675
  • Group total =777 + 60 + 30 = 867
  • my goal this month is 900 minutes. I might get off to a slow start... found it hard to exercise this morning due to head cold keeping me from breathing!

    personal: 16/900

    group total: 867 + 16 = 883