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Default Laughing Cow Cheese - I'm in LOVE

If you havn't tried it, you have no idea what you're missing.
Just bought it
Just tried it
My refrigerator will never be without it again.

1 wedge and 6 low fat town hose crackers is under 100 calories. Perfect.

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Oh yea, you discovered the is somethin' huh? I always have 2 wheels in my fridge. One for me & one for the DF.

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I just ate some on whole wheat bread for my after workout snack. Fantastique!! I'm contemplating a stuffed jalapeno with laughing cow instead of cream cheese (and baked instead of fried). Wonderful stuff.
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I've never had it, but have heard wonderful things about it. Maybe I'll have to pick some up.
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i use LC in place of a lot of other cheese. especially shredded cheddar or whatever. i put it in eggs, on sandwiches, in wraps, on crackers, cook it with frozen spinach... the list goes on and on and on....

yayy LC! i have a 3 flavors in my fridge haha
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I love it too just wish it was cheaper! I always watch for coupons in the newspaper.
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Love it! Lately I've been baking stuffed chicken breasts with it - add a little veggies, ham, whatever, apricot preserves are good with it. Use your imagination.

I buy is at BJ's (like Sams/Costco...) by the 4 pack. I think it's around $8 or so.

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I love love love it also.I have just now started being able to get it at our local walmart.I treat myself to one wheel a week.MY son was here a few weeks ago and started to get a wedge and hubby warned him that i would kill him if he ate it!! LOL its my specail treat!!! i pay almost 4 bucks for one wheel.
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Has anyone tried it in mac and cheese? The other thread on mac and cheese got me thinking about it!
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Laughing Cow doesn't melt terribly well, so I don't know about Mac and Cheese. I love that stuff though and used it a lot. I've used it for Chicken Cordon Bleu - YUM! I think I have that recipe on the recipe thread. If not and anyone wants it PM me. I love to take the garlic and herb and spread it on a toasted Western Alternative bagel. The bagels are only 100 calories or so - GREAT STUFF TOO - so the whole snack is under 150 calories! It's also yummy on a baked potato, in wrap-type sandwhiches, and anywhere you'd use cream cheese!
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Default laughing cow

I really love the commercials, yes I watch commercials

have not tried it yet, but think I will.


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Originally Posted by BarbPA View Post
I buy is at BJ's (like Sams/Costco...) by the 4 pack. I think it's around $8 or so.

Me too. I always have at least 4 wheels in my fridge. IT'S AN ABSOLUTE MUST IN THERE.
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Thanks for the tip, I will definatly be purchasing some on my next grocery store run!
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Oh my goodness, you have started something here. The Laughing Cow is off the hook. I love it. Did you know that it comes in lite as well. For those looking for it cheaper, if you have a Costco Wholesale near you, you can get a 4 wheel package for like $9.00. That's alot of Laughing Cow. HAHAHA! The only bad thing is my kids like it as well, soooo that is less for me. LOL
Thanks for turning me on to this, Iwannalose.

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I love it and keep it always. I have been experimenting with it lately too--adding little bits of cocoa to it and things. I have also been spreading it on top of the gigantic strawberries rather than using crackers. I also like mixing in chives--using it to spread a whole wheat tortilla for a wrap sandwich.

I pay $2.99 for the round. Some stores in my area mark it as high as $3.99 or $4.29.

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