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Default Ugh. I'm drinking a ton of water and still retaining

Yuck. Two days ago I gained 1.1 lbs in one day and I could tell it was all water. Then yesterday I was down .4 lbs and thought my water was going off. Today I am back up and then some, 1.8 lbs. I've been drinking water like crazy (4+ liters a day) and peeing like crazy but still wake up puffy in the morning with lips three times their original size. I know it is that time of the month, but this is insane. I've cut way back on soda and I've never been much of a salt eater. I hope this passes because it is really disappointing to eat perfectly and find myself further from my goal than when I started. I've been avoiding taking a water pill because I'm afraid I will rebound and just end up worse off, but I'm really tempted.
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Water retention can be due to a number of reasons. It is not always sodium (salt) to blame. Though due be aware sodium lurks in all sorts of products. We can retain water when us ladies are at that point in our menstrual cycle called TOM (time of the month). In a few days this will all disappear as you move through the cycle. Another reason that comes to mind is exercise can make you retain water. This is because we do micro tears to our muscles and to repair these our body needs water.

Our body weight also fluctuates day to day this is normal pattern. We are heaviest at night and lightest first thing in the morning (after potty break ) So do not worry about this fluctuation in weight taking water tablets without medical supervision can have adverse reactions so not a wise route to go down. If at all worried pop along to your doctor and he /she will put your mind at rest.
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My body weight fluctuates from 2-5 pounds per day. Seriously and that is when I am not on TOM.

When TOM comes it is like 5-9 pounds and I don't even bother weighing myself during that time anymore as it drives my crazy. lol.

Personally, I am really thirsty right now as I'm getting close to TOM, so I'll stop weighing myself until it is over. I'm drinking water like crazy, having weird dreams, and feel like I'm chugging water all day. With me, I usually have a day where I dump all the water and I find the next day or two my weight goes back to something that makes me go "ahhhhhhhhh" lol.
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