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morning ladies...

Angie: great post lady! By the way, where in Colorado are ya? Hubby and I someday want to move there to Loveland or Fort Collins.

Debbie54: about the weigh ins, do we just go back into our post every Sunday and edit it? Just checking..thanks for doing this challenge!

Sharon: I am so sorry to hear what is going on with your son. Trust me, one day he will look back at his actions and wish he never acted like that. I know that does not help in the mean time. (( HUGS ))

Sandy: Where do you live in Indiana? My hubby gre up there til he was 12 and moved to colorado. He grew up in South Bend. I will try Bed bath and beyond tomorrow for a scale.

As for me: Yesterday I cleaned half my bedroom lol. Lord I didnt know dust bunnies could breed. Today going to tackle the other half. I am a crafter and I have so much stuff! So I have been organizing it.

Something great did happen yesterday. I was getting ready to take mt oldest son to his girlfriends house and My clothes were not dry. I was digging through my closet and saw a pair of 4X pants that i bought seriously a year ago. I got them home and could not get them over my hips. I grabbed them and said if they dont fit they dont fit. Well they DID FIT!!! They were not even so tight I could not waer them. I was almost in tears!! Now I have been watching more of what I exercise something has happened. I dont know what. I called hubby and he was like Cyn you have been more active. So even though I have not been doing actualy "exercise" I have been doing more things. Like..going to the mailbox everyday instead of sending hubby or the kids. Taking the trash out. Bending over to use the dust pan instead of asking the kids to do it. washing the dog myself. It has to be that. Either way I am so happy that I fit in them!! What motivation to help me want to loose! I am guessing by doing little things..makes ya lose weight.

Today if it warms up..I think I might take a stroll around the block.

ladies ahve a fabulous weekend!
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Hi Cyn. I live about 15 miles south of Loveland (in Longmont). It's nice to have a view of the mountains, although I would prefer the Northwest (I think). DH and I have a goal of paying off our house in the next three years (we have been here two years now) so we can buy a vacation / retirement home in the Northwest. Preferrably with some view of the ocean.
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azcyn: I LOVE that feeling! WOOHOO! I have two items I'm waiting to wear. CAN'T WAIT! lol...


Well I am relaxing finally. I think I sort of rebooted yesterday and now I'm gearing up for Monday! I have changes I want to make in my routines so I can get off of my plateau. Once I get moving again I'll be happy.

The odd thing is...okay, I purchased new duds over the holidays and before that. When I got my sexay jeans they were really snug, now they are getting loose. My other pants "fit" and I hadn't worn them until Christmas. I found out they were big. So, I'm wondering...with all the activity I've been doing, could I have gained some muscle? Is that why I'm not showing a weight loss then? I've been lifting things, walking walking walking, and etc. I feel stronger, but like I'm loosing inches, but not weight...huh. I also noticed the boob shrinkage as well.

I feel like a big family blow up is coming. I ranted earlier, a few days ago, about my guy's father. Well, there is a lot more there and I feel like the family is heading toward a "moment." So, that is stressful, but it is needed if that makes sense. I'm planning on staying out if it though.

Anyhow *HUGS*
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Hi all, (yawns coming out of the drug induced hybernation)...

Sharon: Hugs sweetie. I'm so sad that your oldest son was so rude and ugly to you. You certainly don't deserve it. What a brat! Sorry also that you were so ill. Poor baby. Hugs to you.

Catherine: Is it a thaw that your MIL sent you chocolates for Christmas? I sure hope so. Sorry that you ate too many of them. I know your pain my friend. I over did wayyyy too many things this Christmas.

Carol: Hugs and hi. I am going to work over some goals for 2009 this week. You have inspired me.

Debi: I am so blessed that your brother is doing better. For me that is like a Christmas gift. I have been praying for him so much I feel like I know him. lol. Hugs to you.

Cyn: Yipeeeee on the pants fitting! Wonderful NSV!

Sandy: Hi girl! Welcome back. I'm so happy you are back. I have missed you much. Don't you leave us again without checking in occasionally!

Angie: Thanks for coming clean about eating dirty. I shall do that as well. I ate so many sugary things for me this past week that it makes my head spin. I am determined to not do that again. Since Friday I have really buckled down with eating better. My weight tracker is up 7 yep..... 7 pounds. I will see how much of that is water weight and if it is still up I will hang my head and change it on Friday. I know I ate horrid but I am a bit doubtful about eating that horrid. I can't eat a lot at one time but. I did eat a lot of junk. So, I too am coming clean about eating dirty!

Debbie: I took my tree down and got my living room all changed around. DH told me he doesn't like our sofa but he feels like the love seat is comfy so, I changed it all around when he was out at the store. Of coarse that isn't the best thing to do for a hurting back but the reward of having a clean house far outwieghs it to me. lol. I wanted to tell you thank you so much for doing the Biggest Looser Challenge. I am pumped and excited about it.

Jacquie: I hope that a blow out doesn't come. Hugs.

Well, I am really excited about not only making my exercise goal for this year to surpass my last year exercise minutes. I did 18,000 personal minutes in 2007 and with3 days left this year I have met and passed my goal by over 1,000 minutes! Yeah me! That is something I feel very proud about and am looking forward to doing it again in 2009. I am praying and hoping and actually planning on getting to my goal weight in 2009. I know that I couldn't have done this well without all of you. So, hats off and a huge thank you and hugs and love to you all.

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Annie I'm sorry to hear about your back. I hope moving furniture around didn't aggravate it.
I know the reward is a clean house too though. I haven't decided when I'm taking down our little tree, but will by January 2nd. As for not checking in when I'm go away, it's cuz of shame and embarrassment. But I always think of my dear 3fc friends. I gotta stay here this time. I gotta keep going or it just won't happen and I don't want to go over 300 pounds ever again.

Carol I've been thinking of goals for 2009 as well. I wanted to be at 150 by my 50th birthday in September. But that's 133 pounds. Not gonna happen. So, I have to set a new goal. But that's scary.

Gramie I'm so sorry to hear your brother is ill. Of course I'm coming in on the tail end of things, however I'm very glad to hear he's progressing. Basic eating, no refined breads and stuff. That's me. It's what I have to do. This time of year always throws me for a loop.

Jacquie Family blow out? Man, do I hate those. They're so stressful. And I do understand sometimes they're needed. Just remember, you can't MAKE people behave the way they should. My husband always says you can't legislate morality. Try to keep low and then provide support aka as damage control to your loved one. I'll be thinking of you.

Angie I too have had a horrible time the past couple weeks. I made 10 pounds of fudge and only ate a little, but what I ate, gave me a killer headache and jacked my sugar up. Then I made peanut brittle for my dad and had to have some of that too. Then came the caramel corn for presents for the kids (as well as the fudge) When we had our houseful on Christmas I had made potatoes and biscuits and gravy and pumpkin muffins. Man was that good stuff. Again, headache and jacked up sugars. New Year's Eve is coming up here. And New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday are my two most favorite days of the year. Why? Mostly alcohol. But, this year I have only one bottle of champagne instead of 2-3. Did I mention my husband rarely drinks and it's only he, DD who's 10 and me at my house on those days? And of course, there has to be chicken wings. So, I've found a "healthier" recipe for wings and will use boneless thighs or breasts or both. But, I still have a huge batch of cookies in the fridge to bake. I was going to bake them for my sil, but he and dd were so horrid when they were here for Christmas I just couldn't make them. Time to figure out who to give them too now and still keep a few in the house for 10 year old daughter. AND, I'm an emotional eater. With DH & I both being out of work plus grown kid issues makes it even harder. I've gained back 6 pounds in the past couple weeks. I hate that!

Cyn GREAT NSV!!! I feel so empowered when I go to a smaller size. Very proud of you! And, we're in Lafayette. About 4.5 hours South and West from South Bend. My son lives in Hobart, which is about due West from South Bend on Route 30.

Today was better for me food wise, but it's been very hard. There's still fudge in the house as well as the cookie dough I mentioned. One reason I've been able to stay out of it is cuz of my sugars. Dr, says I'm borderline diabetic. Yeah, right. Borderline, that's why when I eat something naughty my levels shoot up to almost 200, I get real groggy and nasty headaches and then the bottom falls out and my sugar levels plummet. I'm on the pills, but to be honest, I've been trying NOT to take them or take half doses. Don't see that happening anymore. The headaches are just horrible.
About goals. When I reach 101 pounds lost I'll be half way to my all time goal. That's 32 pounds away. But goals scare me. It's almost like I set myself up for failure. Does that make sense? So, I'm really in a mental quandary. When I'm doing well, I feel so strong. Then I let something put me into a funk and there I go. This has been going on for years.
Oddly, I've been having lots of nightmares about my ex-husband for the past 2 weeks. Then if I don't keep myself busy, my mind wanders to old bad memories. Now, we've been divorced 20 years Tuesday. Oh, well, I guess that's it. The "anniversary" of our divorce. But come on, why does he still have this control over me? He's 250 miles away and can't hurt me or my kids anymore. But I still have this dreadful fear of him. Even when I know my husband would never let him near me, Abby or my other kids. It's so stupid. And the nightmares, you'd a thought they'd have stopped by now.
I guess I just need to keep my mind busy. Enough of that.
So, right now I have four aprons started. They should be done by Tuesday. I also got a good deal of mending done today. Then the tree will need to be taken down and I should really get our garage cleaned out. Then, who knows. I'll be glad when school starts back up for me January 12th. Did I tell ya all I'm back in school to become a nurse? This was my first semester back. I got an A in college english and a B in my refresher math class. One more refresher math class then my "college" math class and then no more math. Thanks goodness. I have applications in everywhere. Just haven't heard anything yet. But will keep trying.
Ok, it's after 1 am and I gotta get myself back on a normal schedule. Thanks for letting me ramble. Hope I didn't offend anyone. Til normal day time hours Monday.
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Stop Posting, go to new thread!!!
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