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Well after not eating enough on monday I over ate yesterday.GRRR
today my stomach feels bloated and yucky!! I didnt pig out just over ate in general..about 600 calories to many...which is about what i was short on monday...
Things I have discovered ...been doing some soul searching...
1. My body has points that i have to work harder to get below.

2. If i dont drink my water I dont lose!

3. I have to exercise!!

4. I have to dress daily..not hang around in sweats. WIth me running an in home daycare, its easy to throw on sweats. I mean in a given day i get snotted on ...wrote and colored on, not to mention the other stuff!! Its much easier it is to crawl around on the floor with them in sweats. BUt for me I have to wear jeans and put on my shoes and makeup. I have fallen back into old habits of throwing on sweats and then not putting on make up.
I have to take care of myself before i can take care of anyone else. I cant let myself get comfy at this weight!!!!!!

5. I have to write down my food..and plan ahead!! I cant wait till the kids are having lunch to decide what i want to eat...Its to easy to grab a sandwich and chip and the cookie to go with it!!

6. I also know certain people bring me down..i will avoid these people! I have to be happy and not let negative people get to me!!!

SO starting today I am back to wearing my jeans ...even if they are not comfy. I will fix my hair..not just pull it up. I will put on my make up! I will put on my shoes! I will plan my food! I will drink my water(all of it)! I will exercise before kids get here( that means by 6am)! I will avoid negative people because you cant change how they think..and its is contagious!!

this is my plan!!! I will also add challenges like cyn has talked about to my calender starting jan 1. FOr the next few weeks i think i have enough to work on!!!

anyone got any thing i have missed...feel free to add it!! OH i will come and post...
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Hello my sweet Peeps,

I've been MIA and I am so sorry. When things get really bad, I isolate. Here's the Reader's Digest version of events....

Beach trip to Outer Banks was ok, Big sis fought with her hubby and he left (along with his mother, who was invited for the first time). Another fight between another sis and Mom, all resolved. I did read 2 books, rode 20 miles and played guitar to relax.

Came home to dog attacking my parrot. Watched parrot for 3 days before seeing him decline rapidly.. ran to ER vet. He was in intensive care for a week. He's home now in a little birdy incubator. He's still limping and his tailend is featherless (it'd be funny if it wasn't so serious). He's also still on antibiotics. Last injectible one was today.

Sister and hubby fought at their house, 911 called. Sis was beligerent to Sheriff. She was arrested and in jail for 36 hrs. She just had hysterectomy 4 weeks previous, had nicked bowel, E. coli infection, Jackson-Pratt tube in her as a drain. I called a lawyer and her business partners. Hubby put out restraining order.

Sister has been homeless because of restraining order. Judge had dr's appt and couldn't hear about order on Monday. Today is hearing for order in court. She wouldn't take deal from hubby because he wanted both dogs. Sister has also been heavily drinking to deal with everything.

So me? I'm trying to take care of me, but I keep getting phone calls from sisters and mother in crisis. How does one turn off the chaos that runs around in my head during this time? I have been comfort eating. I have seen a stress counselor at work.

Hugs to all, sorry to dump and run...
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Rat- sorry for all you are going thru.Glad your bird is ok now!!! As for the family stuff i am so sorry you are caught in the middle. Try your best to take care of yourself!! We are here if you need us!!!
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*HUGS Rat - Sorry to hear about all the family drama. I hope your parrot will be okay as well as you!

I hate it when family try to suck you into their dramas. If they knew how to handle themselves then these things wouldn't blow up as they do. Hang in there and it sounds like you're in a position to say no to the drama and focus on yourself. *HUGS*
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Rat I am sooo sorry for all the stuff going on in your life. (( HUGS ))

MIMI: I have all the tops done!! YEAH!! This weekend they will get the backs on and I will take pics and post! They turned out so cute! Slumber Parties is good..sloww but good. Slow on my part because I am building my kit and stock. Parties are hard to get in December. BUT I have 3 in january.

dgramie: I always wanted to have an in home daycare when my kids were little. Love the goals you posted. I am with you on #6.. I have a few people that I have learned bring me down...I have taken a big step back in being around them, and when they figure it out, and they will, ans ask me why ..I will tell them this,,,I can't be around you and all of the negativity you bring into my life.
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Ammi, how are you feeling today? I hope better and your back is ok too. I'm having the same problem as you with my back hurting since I've gained some weight back. It sucks but hopefully with starting anew in January, the problem will go away as we lose. It's good to see you back here.

Annie, I have a babydoll type sweater and black pants to wear for Jim's party. I hope it will look ok. I feel like my stomach sticks out too much but I'm sitting most of the time at the party so it should be ok. They have Jim's party at the country club every year with a really nice spread of food. It's alot of fun and the owners of the company are really nice people. They seem to really care about their employees. Have fun at Joel's party!

Angie, that's great exercise!! I consider any movement at all exercise. LOL

Mimi, I'm so glad you're reaping the rewards of your hard fought war against eating. It sounds like it was well worth it but a real struggle. Someday I hope to get there.

Jacquie, poor kitty! I hope everything turns out ok.

Debi, that sounds like a well laid out plan. I just realized that I do the same thing....just slap a pair of sweats on. No wonder I've gained weight!! I can gain tons in those since I'm still wearing my size XXXL's!!!!! Yes, they are super huge but I just cinch up the strings. So I think I will start wearing my jeans everyday too and shoes, (which I don't unless I plan on going outside). Thanks for the clunk in the head!

Ratkity, you can dump and run any time you feel you have to. We're here for ya! Aw, poor birdie. I hope he makes a full recovery. It's so terrible the things happening in your family right now. It's hard to be strong for others when it's so hard just to stay strong for ourselves. I hope going to the counselor will give you some relief and things settle down in your life. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Today is another cooking day. I have to make 3 different fudges to be sent out. Still doing good on only having one sample of each just to make sure it's edible as I'm trying out alot of new recipes. I did get two liters of water in yesterday too which I've not done in some time. Slowly but surely. I know by January I'll be rearing to go on losing weight again.

Have a great day everyone and big hugs to you all!!
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Beth :]
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I hope everyone is having a great week and to those who are having family and Christmas troubles, chin up!
I didn't go to school yesterday because I wasn't feeling good and didn't sleep well the night before so I stayed home and had a lie-in!
I had English Literature today and I quite enjoyed it, although the play I'm studying, The Duchess of Malfi, is well boring!

Debbie ~ Don't worry, I managed to stay away from the goodies, hehe! You're lucky if it's going to snow this weekend. Snow is very rare here, even though Wales is supposed to be a very cold and wet country! It was supposed to snow last week but it never did. It only snowed in England and Scotland... no fair!

Annie ~ I find most yoga moves easy to do, except the one where you have to touch your toes without bending your knees. I used to be able to do that, when I was skinny. I'm still flexible but I can't reach my toes because of my big belly!

Valerie ~ Have a great Wednesday as well! Hope all is good.

Jacquie668 ~ I never had a stomach flu so that's pretty lucky! I really hate viral infections though, I've been coughing since the summer holidays! By the way, is Jacquie your name? Good day to you.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!
Much love (: xx
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I thought I would start a Biggest Loser challenge here on our thread. I just can't keep up with the one on the exercise thread so I thought it would be fun to do one like that on here.

I was thinking of calling it " We're gonna look fine in 2009!"
The deadline for getting into this will be December 28th.

If you want to join in it, just PM me with your name and when I get them all in, I'll make teams.
I'll probably have some exercise challenges and other fun stuff to do during the weeks too.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be the Biggest Loser?


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Good Morning all,

Cyn: sorry things at work are not so great.

Angie: Congrats on working out to the biggest looser. That is what I do every Wednesday. It is my favorite workout day. lol. I hope the itches are there for the Doc. to see.

Mimi: Way to go on the watp exercise. Hugs.

Val: Hi there.

Jacquie: Hope that your kitty is fine.

Debi: I think your plan is great.

Rat: I missed you so much. Glad that you checked in. So sorry that family is flipping out right now. UGH. Sorry about your little birdie too. Silly ole bird dogs thinking they need to catch you some dinner. Hugs and I hope he recoups quickly.

Debbie: I'm sure you will look beautiful in your outfit and I hope you have fun too.

Beth: Fell better soon. The only yoga that really makes me sore on the Fit are the ones for your tummy and sides. I need stretching there and more situps I bet. lol.

Well, I am off to ride my bike and watch last night's Biggest Looser show. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Blessings all,
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My mom just called my brother didnt get out today after his WLS. He has fever and his blood levels are not please keep him in your prayers. No real concern yet ...just putting him on antibotics and seeing what is going on. Glad they didnt send him home this morning as planned!!
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Rat - big ole hugs to you. I'm so sorry for all the drama you are having to deal with. One question though - what happened to the goofy golden? Did you catch him in the act? Keep us posted.

Debbie - tell me more about TBL - I'm kinda interested but like you I just couldn't keep with the chat and challenges. I do like seeing the weekly weights listed with all the dates so you can see where you've come easily. I would like to do that for 2009.

Ammi - Hiya - great to see you.

Annie - so what did you think about TBL?

Debi - keeping your brother in my prayers.

Beth - hi girl!

Angie - what did the doc say? I hope it isn't something that is exercise induced - someone here used to have a problem with exercise causing a negative reaction.

Val - how's the day been? Keep on posting!!!!!!!

Mimi - I'm glad you are able to lean on us - you need support from your RL friends too when you are ready. Thinking of you.

Jacquie - how are you today?

Cyn - hope the work drama is better - its unfortunate that some policies have to be made because a few have ruined it for all.


Johnnie's surgery was much more extensive than originally thought. Apparently, as I understand it, there were numerous fractures. The cup of the hipbone was rebuilt as well as the hipbone. She will not be able to put more than 50 pounds on it for at least 6 months. It sounds like she will be in rehab therapy longer than originally thought. For those who pray please remember Johnnie in your prayers.

As I was exercising tonight I realized how fortunate I am to be able to do it - my health is really pretty darned good. Blessings fill me if I will only allow myself to see them. I am able to exercise yet I sometimes create excuses not to. I am able to eat right but sometimes creat excuses not to ---- see where this is going. Others are not always able to do these things - I am going to open my heart and mind to see these avenues that are open to me that I don't always see - please remind me when I put on the blinders.

Speaking of exercise - it was very weird doing WATP in front of the mirror in this hotel room - weird because I didn't actually look as bad formwise as I thought I might.

Time to venture out to restaurantland.

Move your bodies, drink your water and SMILE.

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Hi All,

Just popping in to say Hi. I love to see my precious girl, Beth, posting here and taking up where I left off many moons ago lol. Even though she goes to school and has a load of homework she still seems to find more time to write nice posts replying to you all, whereas me, it's just a quick fly by. I figure though that a quick post is better than no post, and I do have something good to report. I went shopping today and didn't buy any chocolate, or icecream or anything naughty. I even picked up WW bread instead of my normal stuff, and didn't buy butter to put on it. Yay me, lol.

Ok got to run, my skin disease is flaring and it makes me feel dreadful and tired. So it's bed time for me now after I take some pain killers. Take care all, and Debi, my prayers are with your brother, Debbie, I will write soon, and Beth, I love you!!!


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More about the Biggest Loser Challenge for 300+ thread

I guess I should of written a bit more about it but I wanted to see how many of you ladies would be interested before I put alot more thought in to it.

I think who ever signs up, we will create two teams with a similar total weight. We can just keep writing on this thread, no special thread will be set up for conversations, just one to keep track of weights for teams and one announcing who the biggest loser is for the week and what team wins for that week.
Once in a while I thought it would be fun to have a challenge for exercise just to keep us motivated. Just simple things, not so intense as the other BL challenge.
If someone wants to volunteer to be captains of the teams, that would be great, but if not, I'll do it, I don't mind at all.

It will start January 1st, 2009 and go for 12 weeks.
I guess that's it for now unless anyone has questions, just let me know here or thru a PM.


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I'm taking the evening off from studying because my brain actually hurts. It's not a headache, it actually feels like a pulled muscle between my ears. If I had studied this hard in law school, I would have been valedictorian. This is the first comprehensive test I have had in 18 years, and I guess I'm afraid that this will be that wall that my damaged brain will not let me climb. It is impossible for me to know until the test tomorrow if I can recall the information or not. I don't know if I am capable of imprinting new information like this. When I'm done, the hubby is going to take me walking at the big mall to blow off steam. I'll try to catch up with everyone next week. My test is 2:30 mountain time tomorrow, so those who pray, please keep me in mind.
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I am so exhausted! worked a 10-hour day today, which i needed to do in order to get my billable hours up this week (i'm a self-employed biz coach). If not, I won't be able to pay my bills. I didn't work out this morning and need to get on my bike tonite. I just had dinner. I'm going to wait 45 minutes and then jump on my bike.

Loved watching TBL yesterday...though I cannot say I like ALL the finalists (this is me trying to not ruin it for anyone who tivo'd it and has yet to watch it).

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 8:30 for my biopsy. Right now I'm too tired to care...which makes me believe this tiredness is at least in part denial. :-)

Stepped on scale this am, though it's not my official wi till tomorrow. Body feels super different so I wanted to see if I've lost weight and I have, just a tad. I wish I had started measuring cuz the weight loss doesn't reflect the changes I see in my body. Guess I can always start now...or use my last sewing measurements, which I may do this weekend when I get some time. Now let's see if I can remember to wi tomorrow am before my biopsy. Will keep you posted.

Hugs and/or prayers to anyone who wants one.
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