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Trying again
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Hiya peeps .. I meant to come on here with my last post but had a brain fart and posted it on my Im back on ... so lets just pretend its said lol .. fingers arent willing to type that much again today hehehe

Ammi lovely to see you again!! Its so good to see some familiar faces ... well .. names .. well .. you know what I mean lol ..

Okee .. seriously need to go and spend some time with my hunny before bedtime ,,, that IS why I moved to the city after all lol .. to spend time with my hunny

Hugs all .. will write more tomorrow night when I get home from work .. either that or in the morning before I go lol ...
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Good morning,
We have a wet soggy morning here in KY. We are suppost to get ice by morning. fun fun

Mimi_ hugs and we are here for you! Keep us informed!! I will keep you in my prayers.
I know when my hubby changes meds he may see a big weight gain or loss. YOur right about meds affecting how you eat. When he starts one med its like he cant get enough carbs!
I am so proud of you for learning to listen to your body. I tend to eat out of boredom...or just dont eat at all.

hope everyone has a great OP day!!
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Mimi - we're here for you. I will send some special prayers your way.

Hugs to all,
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My brother is doing great...just talked to my mom. He was eating jello this morning.They have him walking alot already. He should get to come home in a day or so. Its will take them a really long time to make the 4 hour trip home because they will have to stop every 30 min for him to walk to reduce the chance of blood clots. Hope the weather clears up for them. ITs raining cats and dogs and supost to go over to ice by morning. fun fun
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Beth :]
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I'm sorry that I haven't been online all weekend. I was feeling very yuck and like I said, I had my boyfriend staying for the weekend.

Jacquie668: Thank you! I did have a cold in the summer, I think. I had a bad chest infection AND viral infection! I am feeling a bit better now, though.

Annie: Yes, I do use the Wii Fit, it is a lot of fun! I haven't been on it for a while because I haven't been feeling well. However, I don't find the exercises on Wii Fit challenging! I like hardcore exercises but with my weight, I have to tone it down a bit! My mam's back on the forum as you can see, so you can give her a hug yourself, hehe!

Mam (Ammi): Nice to see you back on the forum! Don't worry, you're still my inspiration! What have Caleigh done now? Can I have some of the Christmas treats now? I'm very hungry!

I hope everyone is having a good week!
Much love xx
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MSer living healthy
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Hi fellow chicks

It has been another cold day here. Woke up to a sharp frost today. Had a wee laugh today courtesy of our dog Riz. He was out in the yard and he decided to do his impression of Bambi on ice Well it was a puddle which had frozen over he stood on it and was slipping all over. Then it finally gave way to his body weight and he was unceremoniously ended putting his paws through the ice. He was not one bit impressed by the cold water beneath it. Now you would have thought he'd have learnt his lesson by this stage but oh no he found another puddle and repeated the process all over again. So I have come to the conclusion he is a slow learner

The look Riz gave me this morning as if it was my fault he had got his feet wet. He absolutely hates water with a passion. He will do anything to avoid getting wet. You only have to say the word bath to him and his tail drops between his legs. Then come the Oscar nomination Riz shaking head to foot. He looks so pitiful though as you dog owner out there know you have to bath them otherwise they smell like a farmers barnyard Well I hope my antics with our Riz this morning put a smile on your faces as it did mine.

I am being very mindful what I am eating this week as I have 4 Christmas whist drives. No doubt there will be naughties at all these whist drives. So to minimise the damage to the waist line my DH and I have been eating lower caloried meals so that we can have the odd treat or two this week. I am so much more aware what I put in my mouth does have consequences like it or not.

So sorry I have not had time to reply to each individual post that you kind posters have put in. Though I certainly have enjoyed reading them and catching up so to speak. Today I am very worn out from my oxygen treatment but I will gain benefit tomorrow and the following days.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and then Thursday is getting the last two presents we have to get. Then we are done for Christmas, well apart from the grocery shopping which of course I will do nearer the time. I have been running down my freezers to take the extra food that we buy. I have my parents coming over and stopping for a few days. We still eat healthily whilst Christmas is here. My Dad usually whittles that he is going to put on weight but normally he loses weight whilst he is with me. He is thinking he is going to put weight on as he eats more here and very regularly. Though as I tell him it is all in what you eat that makes the key difference.

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Hi guys,

Thought I would pop on while I am throwing down some lunch. I am exhausted because I slept very poorly last night due to the itching. I have a Dr appointment tomorrow. Yay. One good thing about the itching, my legs rubbed against the sheets all night like it was walking....and I lost 1.8 pounds. Cardio in bed? And not in that way. Perhaps suffering through the itching provided me with a weight loss, who knows. I am also very very very grumpy/emotional today, but I think it's because TOM is on the doorstep.

Debi - glad to hear your brother is doing well.

Mimi- Sorry to hear about your situation.

I guess that's it, because someone keep calling me.

Later all,

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Mimi, sorry to hear about what your going thru, but I will be keeping you in my prayers that things will turn out well for you. How I wish I would only eat when I'm hungry and quit when I'm full. That in itself is truly a blessing for those of us who overeat for no reason. You surely did alot of hard work to get to that point. I hope the meds even out to where you can get back to eating the way you want to.

Debi, so glad to hear your brother is doing so well. I bet he's hurting but so excited that he is on to a better and healthier life. Just think of what he will look and feel like a year for now. wow!!

Beth, now you stay away from those goodies!!! They're full of bad bad things.

Carol, I'm here but just sorta being a lurker right now. What happened to Catherine? I haven't seen her on here for a while.

Annie, how's it going? You getting any snow yet?

The weather is getting pretty chilly here and there's a chance we might get snow this weekend. YAY!!!! It's rainy right now. We plan on going out and getting our Christmas tree on Saturday so I just hope it snows, but the roads are cleared. Friday is Jim's Christmas party at work so we're hoping for a nice bonus check so we can finish up the Christmas shopping. I started making the candies to send out for gifts to family. Funny how I can control myself on eating that stuff, but when I'm just sitting around, I'm hunting down sweets to eat. I guess cuz I'm busy making the stuff, so don't have time to eat it. This weekend we will be making all the cookies and then send everything out Monday.

I do read everyday about what's going on here but just don't feel I have alot to add right now. So with that said, I guess I'm gonna go get some stuff done.
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Hello All,

Well I've calmed down somewhat today lol, so no more comfort eating. Problem now is that I, like Beth, don't feel well. I haven't felt well in ages and having the bad back because of my weight doesn't help either. I'm actually looking forward to losing weight again come the new year. Maybe then I'll have the energy to exercise. I have my Wii Fit, and as brilliant as it is, I am either in too much pain, or too unwell to use it. I want to go on it every day in the new year, I just hope I'm not too heavy for it now

I hope everybody is having a great day, and I just want to say that it IS great to be back here amongst my friends.


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Hi All,

Debi: I am so happy that your brother's surgery went well. Good for him. Hugs. I will count the 2 gifts as a start. lol. I'm glad that you got to bond with your sweet new granddaughter over her bath. Precious.

Jacquie: Glad that you are feeling a bit better.

Melissa: congrats on loosing 10.4 so far. Way to go.

Toni: Hugs. Sorry you are sick. I hope you get better very soon.

Purple: I hope you get some good rest. Your little dog sounds funny on the ice. lol.

Ammi: Hugs to you. I have missed you so much. I hope that things will get better very soon.

Carol: I'm glad that your Dad is okay for now. Hugs and continued prayers for him and your family. I think 12 min. is much better than zero min. lol.

Angie: Sorry you are having itches again. Congrats on the -1.8!!!

Val: hi there.

Mimi: Hugs and tons of prayers and good thoughts coming your way. We are all here for you sweetie.

Katt: I spent time with my Honey last night too so I was MIA. I understand.

Beth: It doesn't work me out very good either except for the Yoga. I have to say that the Yoga is hard for me but fun.

Debbie: We have a Christmas party for Joel's work on Saturday too. It is held at a very fancy place and most people really dress up. I have a beautiful Red/burgandyish silk blouse that I am planning on wearing. I hope we both have a blast!!

Well, I am dog tired. I got off work early enough but I need a nap before my group meeting tonight so I think I will head on to my bed for a bit to see if I can sleep for a while.

Blessings all,
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Hi all quick fly by before TBL starts..

Well I went back to work today and It was a mess!! They are implementing a new attendance policy. It is so All I know is..hate hate working for companies! Guess I will have to work alot harder on Slumber Parties to work for myself! Its a big ole mess!

Weather is getting chilly here. Which is nice cause summer will return soon lol
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Hi all,

My itches are still here, but not as bad as they were. Can I say I am a little disappointed? I go to the stinking Dr tomorrow morning, and I darn well better still have the bumps and itchies. I know, I am a strange bird.

I rode the bike to TBL tonight and found it quite motivating. I got in 14.8 miles in 60 minutes. Jello legs now. I know it isn't quite riding a "real" bike, but it's exercise, so it counts!! I will (barring anything tragic) hit my 1000 minutes, and hopefully hit my stretch goal of 1200 minutes as well. I may or may not hit my weight goal for the end of the year, but I am going to give it my all. Why? Because I am worth it.

Cyn....don't ruin TBL for anyone tonight.

Take care and be well,
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Hello All!

THANKS for all your support, kind words and prayers. Thank you. Thank you. :-) I am keeping this stuff hush hush in my RL except for my closest friends. Your support means the world to me.

Worked out today - 37 minutes WATP combo of 8 min of one video (3-mile) and 29 of the other (2-mile). This is my way of working myself up to the 3-mile workout.

Kept in touch with my hunger cues, as faint as they are, and had a little less water than I should...though the day is not over yet. :-)

Keeping spirits up as much as I can.

And now for long-overdue personals:

Angie – 60 min on the exercise! YAY FOR YOU. Hope the itchy skin gets better and the doc can give you some relief. You’re right, you are worth it. Keep at it girl! 

Cyn – how are the blankets coming? Did you finish them? I am sorry coming back to work was stressful. How ARE you doing with the Slumber parties stuff?

Annie – I’m glad you have your weekly group to go to.

Ammi – welcome back!

Debbie – yep, it took me years to learn to eat this way and…that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. I cried a lot and had to learn to find ways to comfort myself without food. Re-parenting myself is what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years. Amazingly hard work but every tear is worth it.

dgramie – I too am thrilled your brother made it through the surgery.

Jacquie – how is your kitty? What did the vet say?

Toni – hope you are feeling better!

Everyone else - :::: waves ::::::::::: Keep up the fight.

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aka Valerie
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Oh MIMI, what a scary thing to have to go through. :hugs:

DGrAMIE, I hope your brother recovers quickly and does really great with the surgery. Keep us posted.

OH, PURPLEORC! Poor little Riz! What kind of dog is he? Got pics??? I'm more than a little critter crazy.

Pretty good day today. Not perfect, but good progress.

Debbie, Annie, Cyn, Angie, Ammi, Katt, Carol, Beth & all y'all - Have a great Wednesday! It's time to put the dachsie-doodle dog to bed.

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Hiya ladies, just a quick note. LOL I got off of being sick only to start showing signs of TOM. I SWEAR I have no luck these days lol. So, I'm chugging water like crazy and well I know it is stockpiling somewhere in there lol. OY!

My kitty was on her best behavior while visiting the Vet. She has them all fooled! Haha. Anyhow, her lump could be built up fat and apparently this can happen as dogs and cats age. She said it was good that the lump moves, so that implies it isn't something that is attached to the ribs like a tumor might be. They took some samples of that spot and sent them off to be tested. Hopefully we'll know what is going on with her by tomorrow evening.

Debi: I'm glad your brother is doing better! Sounds like he is on his way to recovery.

Realist: You sound like you have Eczema probably from something that your skin has reacted to. You say it is mostly on your legs...something has probably caused you to react, only now it could be that various things like soaps or whatever are making it flare up more and that may not be the cause of the initial reaction. Stress and other emotional things can cause the condition to worsen. As well as heat, dryness, and etc. I know how the itching can be...I have a spot on me I'm trying to heal myself, but so far my results are not so good. Besides even if the itching isn't quite present at the time of your doctor's visit, the Eczema will still be there. They'll see it believe me and will hopefully take a skin sample if they cannot diagnose right away. With mine, my arms were both swollen up, red, and basically giant weeping wounds so like it was sort of a "ack" moment lol.

Mimi: I hope you are okay. It sounds like you are going through a very hard time at the moment. *HUGS*

Baz: I'm glad you're feeling better. Viral infections like that are the worst. I mean I can whine about the stomach flu, but I remember chest infections lasting weeks and weeks. Just takes so long to get over that junk sometimes...

Have a great weds everyone. I'm hoping to get to the store to get back on track regarding food. Been a bit slippy the past few days. I'm on like an olive kick...and hummus again. ACK I'm so bad! lol
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