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Exclamation who ever heard of a 300lb vegetarian?!


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I urge you not to just lurk but get involved. It's a way to feel you are taking charge of your life!!

I think all of us understand what you're talking about. For me, I'd felt for years like I HAD to do something about my weight, but then I just didn't. I think it's VERY hard to get started. At least for me, I didn't believe anything was really going to work, so, why bother?

But thankfully, I got scared enough to give it another try and (for now) it has stuck. I know I'm always going to have to be conscious of what I eat and exercise regularly, but I feel like I have reclaimed my life in so many ways!!!

Our weekly number threads are where all the action is. It can get a little overwhelming, but it's nice to connect with others who understand what you're doing. Don't feel you have to always do "personals" if you don't have the time or inclination.

Again, WELCOME! This is a great place for support, advice, and inspiration!!!!
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Heh, I was at my heaviest when I wasn't eating flesh. I didn't eat meat, but I ate a lot of ice cream, pastries, pizza, cheese, french fries, cheese nachos, etc etc.

I know you can do this! In my experience, a lot of the foods I ate triggered me to eat more and more bad foods. When I quit eating junk/crap/processed foods and started eating more whole foods, the weird bingy cravings stopped. Eating well made me feel good, feeling good helped me stay motivated.

The internet is an amazing treasure trove of resources, find some healthy recipes, plan your meals, make a shopping list, do as much initial prep work as possible (cut up fruit, bag up vegetables, make a big pot of soup) and just concentrate on eating well! Your walk video sounds awesome.

I totally hear you about the DMV - I lied about my weight. I was easily 180, 190 and said I was 150. Guess what? Before my license expired, I weighed 130. I weighed LESS than my driver's license. You can too!!

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Just to add, I spent a lot of time crying when I was heavy. I ate a lot of crap that might have tasted good in my mouth, but my soul ached. I fantasized endlessly about being thin, I was a depressed, miserable person.

After I finally figured out (after only 20 years) that I needed to change my long term eating habits, losing weight was EASY. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work (planning, shopping, packing lunches, diplomatically turning down cake at work, explaining why you don't want to eat the free pizza your manager ordered for lunch etc etc) but the concept is EASY. Eat less bad foods, eat more good foods, exercise.

I've always said, it's easy to know that an apple is a good snack. The hard part is having the apple handy when it's snack time. My key to success - plan to be on plan!

I work really hard to keep the weight off, I don't eat pastries anymore, or pizza (except for handmade stuff) but I am so so happy. I had to make changes (some big - no more fast food, ever; some small - take the stairs at work every day), I had to give up some foods I loved (McDonald's french fries) but I found new foods that I never would have thought to try (Greek yogurt with fresh blackberries).

I guess I'm typing so much because I hear your sadness and I DO understand and I want you to know that you can make changes, you can lose weight. It might not be a magic bullet, life won't be PERFECT, but it is so much better for me. I may not eat whatever I want, whenever I want, but I do still like what I eat,look forward to eating and I love being a size 6. I love shopping, I love getting dressed, I love seeing pictures of myself.

Be prepared for some tough work, tough choices, occasional setbacks, but also deliriously happy moments!!! You CAN do this.
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M.S. + living balance
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I was a 300+ pound vegan at 23. You arent alone judo. welcome and keep posting! I'll be here lurking/replying The little changes that you can stick too in the beginning are good.... it makes a difference trust me! (about the height.. tell me about it hey?)

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I've recently given up eating any animal products and I can understand how you can gain weight, especially if you are eating dairy and bread. I personally didn't gain weight on mcdonalds, it was ice cream and bread with cheese that got me.

Even now that I'm not eating dairy, I can see how easy it is to eat sweets if I'm not careful.

Anyway, welcome and do post It helps to have support and know that you aren't alone on your weight loss journey.
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Welcome Judo!

I hear your sadness. It took me until I was 43 before I started on my last journey. I've been on some sort of weight plan since I could start speaking. One of the concepts that is the hardest for me to grasp is that I need to eat on life's terms. Everytime I turn around, life interferes with my diet! Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, Birthdays, Xmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's ... it goes on and on! Therefore, I don't diet, but I have a program where I make choices in the amounts and types that fit with weight loss for me. I have to write everything down, or my mind conveniently forgets what I have consumed. For me, it's ok to have one cookie, but not the entire package. As a package eater, I had to stop buying with the Costco mentality and purchase one serving.

I hope you don't lurk and post often!

Hugs and Luv,
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Welcome to the group!! You will find an enormous amount of support here. They are all from people who are in your shoes, or have been there.

I get seriously down all the time. I hate it and it effects everyone around me. So I know how you feel.

I can understand about the vegan thing. I swear you could be on a diet of water and grass now days and become over weight.

Just know lurking is ok but jump in anytime! There is always something going on on this board.
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I was actually just in your neck of the woods this weekend - I had dinner with my ex in Ridgefield on Saturday.

I was a vegetarian for awhile when I was in high school and I gained a bunch of weight then. It is quite easy - especially with all of the nuts and cheese.

It sounds like you have a great plan to start with. I am the same way - if I restrict myself too far I start to obsess and it backfires on me.
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Because I deserve it!
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, Judo! I think most of us here on the 300+ board can really understand your pain, frustrations, fear, and being overwhelmed with the long road ahead. But there is so much support here on this particular thread. And we have SO MANY success stories and success-stories in the making. It's just proof that it CAN be done. I really hope you will continue to post with us. I think we have a terrific group here in our little corner of the internet. Look forward to getting to know you better!

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Which round am I at now?
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Well, an overweight vegetarian makes sense Sometimes, when we're not filling up on meet, we have to fill up on other things - starches, snacks, fatty foods. I imagine it would be easy to do some harm. Welcome to the forums- the people here are great and inspiring!
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Have you had The Surgery?
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Originally Posted by Glory87 View Post
I totally hear you about the DMV - I lied about my weight. I was easily 180, 190 and said I was 150. Guess what? Before my license expired, I weighed 130. I weighed LESS than my driver's license. You can too!!
This comment sadly hit home to me. I had to lie to the DMV when I 1st got my license because the scales at that time didn't support over 350lbs. I had no idea what I weighed. I just said 350.

A couple months ago when I was down to 250 The DMV agreed to let me update my photo, as I have had major change. I kinda wished I lied about my weight, and said 199. But oh well
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I'm looking into being a vegetarian, and believe it or not, it's actually been a difficult transition for me. I live with a strict meat and potatoes family, so it's been slow going in trying to introduce some new things around here. But it's so worth it!

You've taken a great start by getting the walking videos! Try to set up a schedule for yourself to do them, plan your meals and snacks during the week, and take it from there. What I would recommend is buying a pedometer that measures how many steps you take in a day, and aim for 10,000 steps per day, more if you can. This is also another great way of making sure you keep yourself off the couch and moving more. Keep posting, and know we're here for you!
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I gained the most weight when I was eating vegetarian a few years ago. I ate really badly, lots of white bread, potatoes, cereals, but hey, it was all low-fat and I was tagging along with Susan Powter and the all you can eat as long as it's low fat train. Turns out I have celiac disease and can't eat all the breads and cereals, funny, as soon as I got rid of those, I dropped weight like crazy! Now I make sure I eat fruits and vegetables before I even think about anything else!
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You Do NOT Have to Put Your Weight on a NJ Driver's License.
Just Leave it Blank if You Want to. I have NEVER put my weight down on that. They just process it and on your license card it just doesn't say it. I went to the Springfield and Rahway DMVs and there were no problems with that.
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