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  • Scary realization.....

    I have been planning a long weekend to the Grand Canyon with 2 girlfriends. One of the things we plan to do is have spa treatments while we are there. I have booked a facial, mani/pedi....no massages for this fat girl just yet. But it just hit me that when you go to the spa, they give you a robe to wear. I am certain their robe will not fit me. My chest, waist, and hips are all pushing 60". I will be mortified. I don't know what solution there is. Ohwell, going to go walk my dog for now and try not to think about it.
  • way to go Annie i am so happy for you!
  • Hi Everyone
    Just finished excersising and wanted to say hello.
    ANNIE: way to go on the wt loss!! your doing amazing im so happy and proud of you!
    BRENDA: im so glad your client seems happy, im sure your business will be booming soon!
    METACHICK: very soon you will be riding all those rides and having a great time. trust me, we have all been there. you are an amazing mom/person for making sure the day was special for your son
    KAYLEY: i know you will do well with WW, as we have said, its a lifestyle change, and for me, if i cant have a healthy substitute of the foods i like, i will fail. i love all the wt watchers products, and my plan is basically like WW.
    TORRISTER: glad to hear your lab work was good, i hope your thyroid gets straightned out.
    LESLEY: you go girl!! 10% of your wt is an awesome milestone! keep up the good work!
    DIVA: welcome from another diva you will love it here, and find amazing support and inspiration!
    LILLION: the deserts at Applebees are evil!! they are all something i like!! you did better than me, i would have wanted the whole thing!
    LISA: how is your ankle? when did you say your cast was coming off? i am proud of you for maintaining your sanity through this ordeal. you will be 100% soon, and i know you will continue to do great with wt loss.
    XENA: can you bring your own robe? i think most of those places have the white terry cloth types, maybe you could get one. dont even think of that, think about the fun time you will have getting pampered and being with your friends
    CATHERINE: I wish i could motivate myself to go on a cleaning frenzy like you did. my house is clean, but no where near what im sure yours looks like! hopefully the immigration paperwork ordeal will be over soon.
    MECHELLE: hopefully the next few months will find you illness free bless your heart, you've been through it recently!
    I know i have missed some people, you are all in my thoughts
    As for me, i am good. my work week is hectic as usual, but i see the end of this week coming i have made a commitement to make my excersise and food my top priority for this month(and hopefully all the others) i hope to see a loss and get out of the 200's this week or next
    hope everyone has a great night
  • Lilion -- Did you at least enjoy the blondie??

    Litchick -- Everyone lies on their driver's license it seems. I'm in the odd position of having my license weight MORE than my current weight, by something like 50 pounds!!!!! Next time I renew, baby, that weight is going DOWN!

    Annie -- 6 pounds!!!

    Diva -- It is hard to write that number at first, but this is a great support place. Sorry I don't know anything about Fat Smash, but there's a forum about it, around here somewhere. I think under "general diet plans". Good luck!

    I'm working at the office tonight. I try to work somewhere different every night for a change of pace. Yes, I am trying to put a positive spin on it. I'm not happy about working all the time. 4 more weeks of this...
  • Xena - Is there any way you can take your OWN robe? I really don't think they could say anything about it....

    Kymberly - What plan are you following? How many more pounds until you're out of the 2's?! That's exciting!

    Just got back from the gym. I had planned to do cardio AND weights, but I did 30 minutes of INTENSE work on those machines, and I am FEELING it! Instead of trying to wear myself out every night by doing both, I think I'll alternate. Mon & Weds do weights, and Tues, Thurs, Fri (if I go...they close early) doing cardio. I am feeling SO good, and I earned 9 activity points. I'm not going to eat an extra nine points, but it's neat to know how many points you 'earn' back. I get 33 points a day, and so far I've only had 14! And I'm not STARVING or anything! I'm going to have a little snack, and make dinner. Whole wheat pita sandwiches. Only 3 points a piece! I'm going to have 2. Heh. I'll be back here before bed, to let you all know how I finished for the day!
  • Xena-Whenever I have concerns about fitting, I call. I ask if they have a robe to fit X number of inches. If not, then why not. If they don't, take your own, and maybe the next large woman that goes will have one to fit if you throw a big enough fit. They are basically your employees, expect them to act as such. Don't be shy, throw your weight around like a rich, pompous fat guy would.
  • Hi Ladies - I've been brought down a few pegs of excitment, LOL....my new ACCURATE dial scale says 340lbs!!!! I knew my scale was going downhill, but I didn't know it was THAT off. I am very disappointed to come here starting over - again. But here goes nothing. TODAY is my first day...who cares about anything before today (including the 2 days worth of calories I ate the day I found out my REAL weight 2 days ago!). As far as I'm concerned this is my first weight loss attempt, I will be calorie counting - no "extras" if I'm still hungry, 2000 calories is enough for anyone, I can't get greedy, and I'm going to exercise...starting now - I'm off for a walk before I get depressed about being up to a starting weight! (I even gave in and made a new siggy and ticker...) Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Melissa - Sorry to hear that it shows a 'gain', but you'll get there! I'm glad you didn't let it get you TOO down!!! Here's to a NEW start!!!
  • Day 1 of WW: 26/33 points! 7 under! Plus, I got 9 activity points, for a point adjustment of: 17 points! In my WW log I bought, I'm counting it as 26 points...I just think the adjustment is kinda neat.

    I'll see you chicks in the AM!
  • Quote:
    Don't be shy, throw your weight around like a rich, pompous fat guy would.
    Catherine, you make me laugh!!! I know you are right. I just need to find out so that if I need to bring my own I can. Although even bringing my own will embarrass me in front of my friends. I know I shouldn't care.....but I do.

    Kayley - Be careful not to get in the habit of eating too few points. Are you doing the most current version of WW? If so, then 33 is your "target" and you are intended to eat AT LEAST that much every day. Also, consider eating at least some on your exercise points you earn. I've heard it time and time again in my meetings from people who thought if X points is good the a few less than X is better. Not so. Those people tended to struggle and struggle to get the weight off and then when they upped their points a bit the weight came off. Don't restrict yourself unnecessarily. It may backfire. Sorry....off my soapbox now. Just trying to help and be mother hen-ish.

    Well, I am up too late (for me) studying and I've had about enough. My final is tomorrow but I'll just have to get up early in the morning to finish. I am tired...what is it our chickies across the pond would say? I'm knackered I think it is. Correct me if I am wrong Sharon and Ammi.
  • Xena - Thank you!!! See, I haven't been to a meeting, so I'm just going by what I read online, and whatnot. One thing says I should be eating 33, because of my weight, but an online friend sent me something from her WW book with a quiz about your activity/weight/age/height, and it said I should be eating 37 points! I just didn't think it would be good to try and up my points, by needless snacking. An example of what I had today: 3/4 cup Special K cereal with 1/2 cup 1% (can't STAND skim!) milk. A Smart Ones microwaveable dinner for lunch, and whole wheat chicken pitas for dinner. I had applesauce, a 100 calorie pack, WW yogurt, some cheese Quakes (rice cakes), and an ice cream bar also throughout the day. Man, that's a lot of snacks...lol. But I was eating every couple of hours...just a little at a time, so I wouldn't have a growly tummy. Heh.
  • Xena RING THEM about the robe, I think it's less embarassing than asking in person, AND I bet they'l have a few larger robes. Everyone who visits the spas can't be a size 10!!!! Once you've rung them & got sorted then you can enjoy the pampering & relaxation you deserve!xxxxxx
    Heather WOWEEEE!!!! you look 'natural', younger, slimmer, happier, prettier but most of all HEALTHIER than in your 'old' avatar! I think you loked a bit scary & stern in your old one but now you look like the kind of person who everyone wants to be friends with! WELL DONE!!!!xxxxxx
    Annie, YIPPEEEE you are doing FANTASTIC!!!!xxxxxxx I'm so pleased for you & proud of you!xxxxxxx
    Valerie, WTG on getting on Gabe again. I didn't ride this time as we were only there for one full day & had to watch our spending but we go again on the 25th May for 8 days so I'm hoping to get 2-4 riding lessons in, just hope she thinks I'm up to it, as well as the poor horse, lol!xxxxxx
    Ammi, hope you had a great week-end, I'll try & catch ytou later.xxxxx
    Well my mum did some baking & I ate it! but walked for MILES along the beach, sand dunes & road into the town so I think things evened out. We really enjoyed it, sea air is so energising.
    'talk' to you all laterxxxxxx
  • Good morning everyone!

    Yesterday was a good day - I stayed op as far as food but didn't get nearly as much excercise as I got over the weekend. If only shuttling my kids from activity to activity burned calories, I'd be slim in no time! LOL!

    Kayley - I was going to offer the same advice as Xena. There is another plan out there called the Wendie plan (you can probably google it), that is basically the WW points plan but some days you eat less points and some days you eat more so that your body is not given a chance to plateau really. Even if you don't follow the plan (and they say not to if the standard WW points system is working for you), it helps explain why you need all your ppints every day. If your body feels like it's starving, then it hoards up the fat and doesn't let it go. I always feel like my day is filled with snacks, too! But I am approaching it the same way you are...eat a few ppints worth every few hours to prevent the tummy growling that may cause a binge!

    Annie - thanks for the compliment, your words were very kind! I did get some nice compliments that day, but like I said then, after a few hours at the spa getting ready it was really all just smoke and mirrors!! LOL!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Good Morning Ladies!

    Kayley: As Xena and others have said...make sure you eat all the points for the day. I would stick with the 37 points, as it is the newest ww plan. I personally do not count the "activity points" at all (it would help if I had any activity other than jumping in and out of the car!!) because I figure I will count them when I really need them~like when I get down to 27 points.

    Jniniffer: It really helps the motivation when the clothes get looser!! No fair having a flat butt and no hips...I have some I can gladly share with you!!

    Lilion: It is so scarey when you finally see the damage one little slip can do. At least you had only half...I wish more restaurants had the necessary info readily available, because even when you think you are being "good", a restaurant salad can have up to 30 points!!!

    Peggy: Glad the Dr. visit went so well...great results for your tests!

    Lesley: Luckily we don't have our weights on our driver's lisence here...but I am sure everyone lies!! and great job on the 10%

    Divaintraining: This is the best place for motivation and inspiration!!

    Michelle: Glad you are finally feeling better...now take your vitamins and no more getting sick!!

    Annie: My gosh, even with all that's been going on the lbs are falling off you!!

    Catherine: Don't laugh, but my mom used to vaccuum everything!! She would start at 6am, and didn't care if we were sleeping, just vaccuumed around us!! She still gets up that early and you can eat off the floor (no shoes allowed to be worn in the house). We call her place the "museum" because everything is so pristine. I hope you nerves calm down and you actually get to enjoy the party since it is for you,after all!

    Xena: I am in agreement with all the ladies...call or bring your own. Treat yourself to a new one that matches the ones they have at the spa.

    Melissa: Sorry about the scale. But now you have a new one and you will be able to properly track yourself.

    Cris: Oh if only the Mom Taxi counted towards exercise!!

    Shadie: Still waiting.......how about you??

    As for me...I haven't gotten the Leslie Sansone dvd's I won on ebay yet and it is really ticking me off. I know it's no excuse, but I really want to add my minutes to the thread!!!!
    I am so jealous of how great you are all doing and I really feel stuck. Still OP with eating, but I know the exercise will give me the "jolt" I need.

    Off to jump in the shower now...
    Have a Great OP Day!
  • Melissa-When I finally got low enough to get a nice scale instead of using 2-3 joined together, I ended up being 40 pounds heavier. That's when I broke my toe kicking my new scale. I had lost over 150 pounds at that point, but I thought I was closer to 200. It was devastating. Don't feel bad. You didn't do anything wrong, it is the scales fault. When I had worn that one out, I ran over it with my van. I still smile everytime I think of it, laughing maniacally, freaking out the neighbors. Sweet.

    Xena-Buy yourself a silk robe, and you won't be embarrassed. They pack really small for trips, and you will look like someone who wants the best, and the ones at the spa just weren't good enough.

    Sharon-I do miss the sea air. I can almost smell it sometimes.

    Donna-That's the way my mom cleaned too. I don't. I don't believe in making beds, and I believe in having a house that actually looks clean but lived in where people can come in and feel comfortable enough to put their feet up. Our parish priest came to my superbowl party, and actually watched the game from my exercise bike. People know they can come in and get their own drinks and help themselves to any left overs in the fridge. I much prefer that to my mom's museum. The bathroom is always clean and so is the kitchen, but the rest, oh well. Himself uses the couch like his desk, so we play restack the papers often. I think the only reason I vacuumed the patio, is that it is very hard to sweep astro turf, and it had a whole winter's worth of leaves and twigs, etc. Next year, I'm getting a leaf blower for the complex.

    Well, ladies, we are in a race for the finish line to see if I get my Permanent Residence before my MIL gets me, or my nerves get me. I actually broke out in hives all over my face last night. I haven't been this broken out since the summer I worked in a South Carolina swamp and got poison sumac. I have hydrocortisone all over my face, and am popping anti-histamines. I also have to take the photo for my PR card today. Now I wish I hadn't put it off to the last minute. I look like I just had my wisdom teeth taken out. I will be stuck with this for the next 2 1/2 years. I'm just trying to keep from completely falling apart. It's not the party. I can throw one of those half asleep, it's the cumulation of the stress of the last year and a half.