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Learning to love myself.
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Just a quick one before getting ready to head off for my first day at school after two weeks' leave. I am a little nervous, but not as bad as yesterday. The sun is shining and we have an excursion to an ice cream factory today. Should be interesting. Actually, it is the company that sells the low-fat icecream that I have a little of almost every day. Perhaps I can offer to be in an ad for them!

Heather - Thank you for fixing my post! I'm not sure how you did it. I still can't access the formatting buttons for the font. Oh well. I did change my mouse last week, but it doesn't seem to have affected anything else I work with. I may have to try to change it back to the old one to see if that is the problem.

Ammi - As you can see from my post to Heather, SHE fixed things for me. She may have to help me out a bit if things keep messing up for me. Otherwise I'll have to work out a different way to post.

I totally understand about the different sizes fitting. Even at the moment, I am a safe 14 (US 10/12?) bottom, but have some 10s and 12s that fit as well. I am also still wearing a 16 skirt, simply because it is gorgeous and doesn't fall off, so I figure that is fine. My top is generally a size smaller than my bottom, which makes it fun buying dresses. The top fits really well, but it won't go over my bottom half. Oh the traumas involved with clothes shopping now. *sigh* It doesn't stop me though!!!

Thank you to everyone who commented about my new hairdo. I am actually liking it more every day. It still seems easy enough to do each morning, which is VERY important to lazy old me.Well, off to work/play now.

Take care,Zelma

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Lady on the Lose
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Ammi: Since the person who spoke to me before is still an active member on these boards, I'm guessing they did it because they were frustrated that it was so easy for me. They couldn't believe that it could be so easy. No matter now, I'm prepared to lose weight again. I look forward to the loss, no matter the rate it comes off.

wyllenn: I've tried the method of seeing stresses as challenges, but sadly that has failed for me. Now, I'm working hard on separating my eating habits from everything else. I want to be like a naturally thin person, who doesn't eat when things get stressful. I'm part way there, under times of extreme emotional duress, I only eat about half the time and only over eat half of those times. That was never my big problem, though.

My problem is whenever I start running around, things get stressful, etc, I just stop paying attention to what/how I'm eating. I start eating in front of the t.v. again, desperate for downtime, but stuffing my face all the same because I'm paying attention to the t.v, not my food.

I think The Fat Fallacy will really help me achieve this. The food is all so delicious that I want to sit at the table and enjoy it. My recent problem was that I quit eating the delicious food because I knew I was going to be eating it in front of the t.v.

Also, I have a tendency to eat out a lot. It is more than a detriment to my waist, it's a detriment to my pocket book. I know that their food is terrible, so I distract myself while I eat it, either by driving or sitting in front of the t.v.

Alas, I have many bad habits to break.
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well I had a small set back today. I missed the last step when going downstairs to help dad. I sprained my left ankle pretty bad. I can still put weight on it but boy does it hurt. So I won't be doing any walking ( exercise ) till it's better but will continue doing my house work ( at least I can get in some exercise there ). After hurting my ankle my daughter stepped up to help me out more. She helped dad out when it was ok for her but there is somethings she's not allowed to do ( Personal care ).

dreasam Congrats to both of you on getting sole custody of your 3 Children, all though you missed out on somethings the future is yours.
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742,000 calories burned
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Ammi-I was actually discussing with my husband that we have to hit rock bottom just like an alcoholic or addict. Some addicts hit bottom by being arrested, some have to lose everything. Iím like the addict that had to lose everything and end up on the street before seeking help. I had to almost die from overeating before I found the whatever it took to stop.

Annie-I didnít start to walk until around 400 also, so donít feel bad that you are waiting. You donít want to do anything now that will permanently damage something that you need later. If I had started walking before I had strengthened my back muscles or before I was light enough to not damage my joints, I would have just been sabotaging myself in a different way.

Lisa-You went to a box with Mexican food, and didnít get into trouble!!?? Wow, now that is a victory.

Michelle-What I have found that works for me at the grocery store is that I write my shopping list in the order that I would find them in the store. I get done a lot quicker, avoid dangerous aisles, and stick to my budget in addition to sticking to my diet.

Zelma-My freshman college roommate and I always had PMS rage on the same day. We almost had to quit living together, and then we decided to allow ourselves to tear each other up that one day, and then pretend like it didnít happen the next, and take nothing personal. People were completely weirded out to see us happily having breakfast together the next morning after screaming and throwing things at each other the night before. I always yielded to semi-trucks when I drove a sub compact, and I always yield the right of way to PMS bulldozers too.

Sharon-Yeah, I decided to add exercise for Lent instead of subtracting anything. I started with the bike, but it messed up my feet. Thatís when I started my situps and flutter kicks again, and Iíve been very happy so far with the results.

Donna-Donít feel like a fraud. We have all had days like that. The key is to be honest with ourselves. Itís our secrets that make us sick.

Wyllenn-They had belly dancing classes in St. Pete for women who had lost weight. Often when women are overweight, they lose track of their femininity. The class was to put you back in touch with your body. For some who had always been overweight, they were getting in touch with that side of themselves for the first time in their lives.

DJCJ-I love it when the scale goes in the right direction.

Lesley-I get sick too anytime I eat something I shouldnít. I keep tofu dogs in the freezer incase someone invites me to a BBQ, then I just throw them on the grill when I get there. No one minds as long as I donít make them eat them too.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We basically spent the weekend together shopping and walking around in the nice weather. We did have some cake and ice cream, and I donít feel guilty at all about it. Heís now snoring on the couch. He refuses to go to bed without me. Iíll let him sleep until after I finish my evening exercises. Heís starting to be able to do more situps in the morning with me. I think heís up to 20 now. Heís telling all his friends about how many situps Iíve been doing, and heís calling me a machine. He got me an mp3 player for my birthday, exactly what I wanted, and Iíve got my favorite exercise music downloaded and ready to go. Tomorrow Iíve got a doctorís appointment and then Iíve got to sing at a Lenten retreat for the Archbishop. Nothing like a double stress day.
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Trying again
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Hi everyone ..

Okee .. Im not gonna try to catch up .. will just take it from now if that is ok?

From what I have read there have been lots of ups and downs since I have been absent .. great to see everyone still here .. oh .. AMMI WTG on getting the 100 .. I see you are leaving it in the dust ..

LILION - Im so proud of you hun for stickin to it and gettin past that 100 mark too! Wow ... the 100 club is definitely growing isnt it lol .. and I see you are leaving that mark behind and heading for your next goal well as well!

Im just taking a break from getting work done .. we open our gift shop (collectables, photos, jewellery, incense, candles, oils etc) on Wed the 4th and I have been runnin around like a headless chook all day lol .. had to confirm the design for our new signs, go see our landlord (only he wasnt there argghh), drop of the design for my new business cards, see the lady whose shop we are buying and getting some things sorted out for the weekend, then I had to come home to do a stock count of the stock we already have for our end of tax year (which is Saturday for us in NZ), that took most of the rest of the afternoon lol ...

Tomorrow looks like it will be a busy day too .. have to try to see the landlord again .. really need to spring clean the house .. my mother is coming here next week .. talk about timing!!! She hasnt seen our new place and she goes and chooses the week Im gonna be rushin round to come over .. argghhh .. lol .. still . its all good .. keeps me occupied .. albiet a little more stressed lol.

Today was a bad day foodwise .. I didnt have breakfast or lunch .. its so hot over here Im just having a hard time thinking of food at all until well after dark... BUT .. I am drinking heaps lol .. still .. its something I really have to get back on track .. I have gone into starvation mode I think .. not losing and semi-gaining 2-3 pounds .. at least Im playing with the same few lol.

Exercise is something I need to do properly again ... Im gonna try to get gym times where there arent any kids in the pool, I can go there and do the weight work .. but I just cant seem to do the cardio machines as they all face the pool where the kids are. Still .. I think me and Richard Simmons are gonna get dancing again cos this just isnt a good thing is it

Okee .. a couple of positives ...

My lamb Sweep is doing well .. there were a few times touch and go in the last month (I really thought we were gonna lose him a couple of times). He now bugs anyone that goes outside for either an Apple, Madarine, Lemon or bread roll (he is also fond of Hot Cross Buns lol)...

My mother is finally coming over to see our new house ... she rarely comes over this side of the Island .. even tho we are only a couple of hours away.

I have managed to get all the stock priced with new tags, listed and counted lol .. one less job for me next week

The weather has been amazing here .. grass is gettin a little brown (we have to water the back for Sweep) but its not too hot any more thank goodness lol...

My herbs are still alive!!! rofl .. darned if I know how but they are still growing and thriving after a month in my care .. trust me .. that is a miracle rofl .. my miniature roses are looking a little iffy lol .. but they are still going ok and my passionfruit vine is abundant with fruit .. YUM!

Okee .. thats it for me .. have a lovely day everyone .. and week!! Hopefully I will get in here every day again to keep up
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hey all! its been an insane week... i didnt get to weigh in last week, but i did this week. i was up .8 - not SO bad being that it was my TOM... but. back on the wagon. i am going to start tracking again and get back OP.

ammi - here is the link to the pics of my new boy. hes SO sweet.

he makes me smile like no one has. hes cute and smart, and passionate about his dreams and likes hanging out with me. hes younger than me - by 5 years - but i dont even notice it much anymore. he takes me out and spends his allowance on me - lol seriously. he cant work because he had knee surgery 3 months ago, so his dad gives him an allowance. that part makes me feel like a cradle robber.
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Working on new me in '07!
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Thanks for all the well wishes about the minutes! I need to get a new scale so that I can weigh at home! I should go to the dr at the end of April and I'm looking forward to it!

PLEASE keep Amanda in your thoughts. Monday ( March 26th for those in the US) at 3:30 she has an appointment. This may be it for her to get scheduled! I am excited and scared!

Other than that I really can't say much.

Voodoo -- any information on the diet? Lisa suggested that I talk to you about it. You can pm me if you would like to!

Lisa -- thanks for replying! sometimes it can get hard to catch things in this thread! I would like to give it a shot. Maybe it's what I need to help me with this weight loss. Sometimes I really just feel like giving up with it because of PCOS.

Princess -- we post at the same time, but at least you weren't up more!

With Lots of Love
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We're done here! It's a new week!
Join us at 300+ and ready to try again -- #1099!!!
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