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Hey everyone-

Quick post. DH got his biopsy done. The Dr. said he has a few other places we needed to watch for melanoma. But he only took that one biopsy. So I am praying it will all be alright. As far as Alex... Because he is older we opted to do all of the pre-blood work. Well the vet called today and said she wanted to wait for the thyroid results. So at least this vet seems to be very good! So next Friday is when he will get everything done. Which overall isn't a bad thing because any risk under anesthesia is usually caused by an underlying health problem. Again thanks for all of the wells wishes for DH and my furbaby!

As far as being OP. I feel like I really need to re-commit. I feel like I have let stress just lead me off course. I really need to get focused. One thing DH and I are going to start doing is going grocery shopping every week. And we are only going to bring cash for what we need. That way we will only have money only for the things we need. When we use the debit/credit card we always tend to grab something extra we do not need. Or we just think...oh this little piece of junk food won't hurt. Yeah right!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
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Learning to love myself.
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Well, I am at the end of my two weeks’ leave, and I have NO idea whether I am ready to go back to work on Monday. I had my second visit with the Clinical Psychologist on Wednesday and she said that it may be better for me to TRY to go back, just so it doesn’t become too scary for me if I am away for too long. Like she said, I’m not locked into staying there and can take more leave if need be. It makes sense, but I wish I KNEW that I would be OK. I ducked in to school on Friday afternoon to find out a couple of things for our excursion on Monday and it was lovely to see the kids again, but it didn’t take me long to become angry again. My desk looked like a bomb had hit it and admin had decided to change my relief (sub) teacher because the one they put in my room wouldn’t work with an older grade and someone else wanted to book a relief teacher for a grade 6 class. So they took the teacher I had organized for my room and put him in HIS room. I was REALLY upset about this because I didn’t want my kids to be messed around and I had worked hard to try to have as few disruptions to my class as possible. Also, the other teacher knew LAST WEEK that he needed a relief teacher (I know this, because I was supposed to be going on the same course he went on), so why did he leave it until the last minute to book relief??? So, that set me off on the wrong foot as soon as I entered the school. I also started TOM today, so perhaps I was a little ‘edgy’ from that. Anyway, luckily it was just hubby and myself in the room, because when I saw that one child just had a hand-written note for the excursion and we NEED the official note, I just ‘lost it’ and started swearing again. I spoke to the child later and hopefully she managed to get another official note from the office. Her mum is a lovely lady and I’m sure just did the best she could after they lost the note.

I went and got ‘pampered’ on Thursday. I went to a fairly flash hair salon and got a new hairdo. My old one had grown out and I wanted something ‘different’. I posted pics in the pics page and I have a new one for my avatar. It is similar to the old one, but ‘funkier’ as the stylist put it. It just looks a little scruffier to me, but I like it and it is easy enough to do each morning. Basically I just put it in big Velcro rollers before my shower and that is enough to ‘set’ it. I take it down and either run my fingers or a loose brush through it and I am done. I had a ‘revelation’ at the hairdressers. I worked out that I really don’t know what ‘look’ I want any more. Since I changed my body shape/size, I don’t know what I want the REST of me to look like. This is just something else that people don’t mention when you lose a lot of weight.

Neil and I are going to the Casino for a special buffet lunch tomorrow. I’m planning on having a later breakfast and not morning snack to cater for it a little, but I am not going to worry too much. It is my ‘end of leave’ treat and I know I will still make the healthiest choices I can, and I won’t eat too badly, so a few little treats will be OK. After that we are dropping to see one of my students in a trampolining competition. She loves me to go and watch, so I am hoping we won’t be too late after she starts. We will have to rush lunch a little, but I don’t want to miss seeing her.

Oh… I mentioned TOM before! HUH!!!!!!! It certainly answered a lot of questions like… why I gained 2lbs overnight!... why my stomach feels as though that balloon I swallowed has just begun to self-inflate in my abdomen… why I feel as though I have run a marathon, on top of a triathlon and am still training for ALL of the Olympic events… and why I could eat a HORSE and everyONE and everyTHING looks deliciously edible at the moment!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

And by the way… if I end up writing too much, or giving WAY too much information, or doing absolutely ANYTHING wrong in this post… LIVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t even ATTEMPT to correct a lady with severe PMS! You will be putting your life in your own hands… it does NOT make for a pretty picture. Hubby has learnt this the hard way over the years and he just placidly sits and takes whatever I dish out. He hardly makes any comment now, in case it is the WRONG one. He has learnt that ‘silence is TRULY golden’.


Phew… well, THAT was therapeutic. I think I am ready for a few personals now.

Brenda – YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! WELL DONE ON SUCH A FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT!!!!! I can just see the smile on your face and I KNOW that you deserve to be proud of yourself. I hope you are telling anyone and everyone who will listen. It really motivates other people to see how successful some of us can be.

Jill – I think your idea to wait a while before a wedding is SO sensible. With so many other things happening in your family’s lives at the moment, you never know what could happen, and you want this day to be just the absolute best it can possibly be. I can’t wait to see a pic of the ring you choose. My first engagement ring had sapphires and diamonds (it was stolen a few years ago) and my second engagement ring is a ‘trilogy’ ring. It has three diamonds that stand for ‘past, present and future’. At least I THINK that is the idea. I have always liked that idea, so it just seemed perfect for this ring. I met my ‘new’ hubby on the Internet, so we had a ‘past’ before we even saw each other, and the present is looking pretty rosy, and we are hoping for a VERY long future together. Mushy, but cute.

Heather – It is good to know that I am not alone with this ‘body image’ issue. I have just finished reading “Thin for Life”, which is a great book about maintaining a weight loss. I can’t remember it mentioning this problem though. I expected it to be a common problem. Maybe it just wasn’t something they thought to cover. I always thank people for their lovely comments, I don’t have a problem ‘accepting’ them, but I have a HUGE problem ‘believing’ them. I used to think they were the same thing, but I don’t think they are.
I bet this term you’ve had off from teaching has just flown by! I know that my breaks always seem to go a LOT faster than the working weeks. I hope that things flow smoothly for you as you get back into the swing of things.
I’m still keeping track of my minutes, and will add them at the end of the month. I’ve almost done 1200 (my goal) and I’m not sure how much over that I’ll get, as I’ve tried to not push myself too much while I’ve been on leave. You know me… I tend to get a little carried away with the exercise, as it is something in my life that I CAN control.

Ammi – I hope Daren is feeling better soon. It must have given you SUCH a buzz to hear that someone was giving you the ‘eye’, no matter how sleazy he may be. If he actually SAID something to Daren, then there are probably a lot more people who are noticing and thinking you look hot, who AREN’T telling your husband. It is great that you are getting some feedback.
I am glad you have come to a decision about your mum that you are happy with. It will all help in the healing process. Believe me when I tell you I understand that this time is full of VERY mixed emotions and I hope you take the time to accept each one and deal with it as it comes up… not like me, who tried to hide from it all.
Is there another time you could get to the gym? You have mentioned things you are doing and I was thinking that they would mostly be morning/afternoon jobs and I was wondering whether that would just be the BEST time for you to go to the gym, or whether they were going to take longer than I imagined. I find that I am a morning person, so that is the best time for me to exercise. I am simply too tired most afternoons to get in much of a workout.

Nancy – I hope you have some success with the apartment. When you first spoke about it it seemed as though you would have taken it then and there if it hadn’t been for the lack of storage in the kitchen. If that is being sorted out, then I think it sounds great for you. I also like the idea of you being able to move gradually. Even though you will be paying double rent, it may ‘pay off’ in the long run through convenience.

Catherine – I love the way you write! I definitely want to read ANY book you write in the future. Mind you, I will also be sending it to you, for your autograph, so that I can have a SIGNED copy! I want to boast about knowing the author.

Michelle – I will keep you and hubby in my thoughts and my fingers are crossed that the results from the biopsy are good. I had to play this waiting game just last year, and I know it isn’t fun. Mine turned out to be skin cancer, and I had to have it removed. It is a very rare form that can grow back at any time in the future, so I have mine checked every three months. The doctor said that even if it DOES grow back, she will still be able to cut it away. So I am VERY glad that it was found early enough and it is easily treated. I don’t want to scare you about it perhaps turning out to be cancer, but I want to let you know that a diagnosis like that can still be OK.

Lisa – Well done on staying as OP as you possibly can. I know you will keep seeing losses. I could NOT have done what you are doing, and I take my hat off to you for your patience and strength of will. I love my food WAY too much to just have liquids. I had trouble doing that when I had to prepare for a colonoscopy. YUCK!

Sharon – (see Lisa’s above about the diet) I am glad you are seeing such great results. I want to know HOW you manage to lose 4lbs with TOM!!!! I know… just liquids… oh dear… 4lbs loss vs food… oh dear… I think I will have to put up without the 4lbs loss. Pathetic aren’t I? Honestly though, that is a GREAT achievement. When you look at my 2lb gain, if you add that to your 4lb loss, that makes for 6lbs that you have probably REALLY lost, if you ignore TOM. You are doing such a wonderful job!

Donna – 15lbs in 8 weeks is FANTASTIC! It is fine to be stuck now and then, because you are still developing the healthy habits you need to continue this, so it is never wasted time.
I am SO envious about your trip to Florida! Hubby and I traveled up a bit of the west coast a couple of years ago, and it was truly wonderful. I saw many places I have only ever seen on TV. We want to take another trip one day to see central and eastern US. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

Linda – Well done on all that walking! I truly believe that walking is one of the best ways to burn off weight. You can vary the pace to suit your mood/energy level and you can include hills when you are ready to add that extra workout. Keep up the wonderful work!

Chimi – Don’t forget to turn the clock back tonight! Does that mean we get an extra hour’s sleep? We haven’t had daylight savings over here for SO long that I won’t know what to do with myself in the morning. Actually, I don’t have any problem with daylight savings. I just stick with whatever the clocks tell me. I would imagine it would be harder if you had kids, trying to get them to sleep when it is so light, (mind you, in many parts of the world people have to do that in summer) but I haven’t had much of a problem with it.

Lesley – I’m glad you and hubby enjoyed tennis. I used to enjoy tennis when I was younger, but haven’t played in a long time. I’m not sure my back and knees would like it now. I LOVE going for nice long walks with my hubby. It is lovely to be able to spend time doing something healthy like that with someone you love huh?

I’m going to finish the personal replies there. I have missed some people, but I have also written HEAPS and it will take you forever to wade through it all. I honestly with all of you the very best. I hope you have the strength to carry on with your journey and the sense to know (as I sometimes don’t) when to give yourself a little leeway so that you don’t exhaust yourself or put too much pressure on yourself.

Oh… before I finish, I can’t remember who wished us a happy Autumn, but our Autumn (Fall) doesn’t start on the same date as your Spring. We have exactly three months for each of our seasons, so Autumn started on March 1st and Winter starts on June 1st and Spring on Sept 1st and Summer on Dec 1st. It makes it VERY easy to remember when the seasons are, but they seem a little ‘off’ lately. You would expect the middle of each season to be the ‘hottest’ or ‘coldest’ etc, but we are finding that the last month of each season seems to be the more extreme, so maybe your system works a little better.

We finish daylight savings this weekend, so I am wondering whether the mornings will be light enough to walk again. I’ll have to see.

Take care all,


P.S. Sorry that my post is a little boring visually, but I can't seem to change font size/type/colour. Not sure why. So I've just added a little bit of basic code. I hope it works. I will have to work out the code for colours I think.
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Mechelle, hope kitty gets the all clear for the op, how about posting some pics, I LOVE looking at cats & dogs.xxxxxx
Zelma, love the pics!!!! My youngest sis saw your pic on my fridge (in a magnetic frame!!! keeps me away from bad food, looking at how slim you are now!!) & wanted to know who you were, she sai how pretty you are & couldn't bELIEVE that you were ever fat/overweight!!! I will show her you 'before' pics on the pc tomorrow when they come for dinner.xxxxxx
Noithing much to report here, TOMis almost gone but got a stinker of a headache, I can barely type!
Lisa, WELL DONE!!!! on not giving in to food, I 'pinch' an odd bit of lean ham or lower fat cheese, it shouldn't knock you out of ketosis. One chip huh? lol it's great to be able to have ONE without the rest of the pack/bowl following, isn't it? Yep, I'm 18lbs down & I too have four 'meals' lol a day, soups & shakes, no puddings, sob.... Just had a butterscotch shake...ick.. won't be having that again! Do you get to choose, mix & match what you have? I do, it's great, though I tend to stick to chocolate shakes for breakfast, mushroom, mushroom & chicken, spicy tomato, vegetable or chilli soups for dinner & lunch, finally having chocolate or choc mint shake for 'supper'. I'm trying a strawberry shake tomorrow, but only got one, just in case it's vile! Tell me what flavours you get & how they taste, I love talking about food, lol, especially as I can't have any!!!lol Though after four weeks I have to have a light meal of 3oz of chicken or white fish & green veg (3oz or so of veg) YIPPEE, lol I will have forgotten how to use a knife & fork! Keep it up, you know where I am if you need a moan, it does get better! PROMISE, won't be long before your clothes are getting loose & you HAVE to go shopping!!xxxxx
Catherine, great idea about the stones though I might do it the other way & 'give' myself a pretty stone for every stone I lose. Shame we're not rich, I could get a diamond or other precious stone for every stone I lost, I'd get earrings (BIG ONES< LOL), necklace, bracelet AND a ring or two, lol. As my parents live on the coast I might ask them or my sis (she's visiting them over Easter) to pick me 5 pretty stones up from the beach (soon be 6!!!). How's your Lent addition going? Wasn't it more exercise? My hubby is VERY practical, plumbing in a sauna, bidet, three showers AND building a fantastic work bench from scrap wood, wish he was more academic though! He wishes I was more 'sporty' & less of a chicken!!lol He hanglided, played badminton, tennis and squash, the only squash I do is getting into too-tight jeans, lol!
WTG on the scales going DOWN!!!xxxxx
Ammi, got the cds, BIG THANKS!! Will try them once TOM has done.xxxxxxx
Annie, how's things? You are doing SO WELL!!! (If finances permit we may come over & suprise you later this year!!! We looked at a website for your area & it's beautiful & steve REALLY wants to visit the US again & take the boys) I too am worried about VAL, keep us posted, glad you have her number. xxxxxx
Wyllen, ooh size 10??? I'm SICXK WITH JEALOUSY!!! Even a 14 would be fantastic!! Did you ever 'see' yourself being SO slim?xxxxx
Gotta go, housework calls...sob, no rest for the wicked & boy must I have been BAD!!lol
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trying again!
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Morning Girls
Look at me coming in to confess already. Last night my sister and neighbor came over and we scrapbooked for hours. I ran to walmart before we started and picked up a couple of things. The one thing that I got for me, to kinda celebrate, was a small bag of no sugar added Turtles. OK, before I tell you I have to say these are amazing. Well the small bag is NOT a single serving. There is probably 12 or so in it. guess who ate about 9 of them?? ME! On the bright side of all this they made me horribly sick I learned my lesson!

Lisa~ I did South Beach Diet for a while. Then I was at a plateau for about 7-8 months. When Chistmas came I fell off the diet all together and gained about 25lbs back. Most of that was water weight but still! Now I am doing something called Simply For Life. Its good but it is still diet and exercise..exercise..exercise...

ok girls. Time to go and get ready for work. I think hubby and I will go to the city after that for the day. He got his tax refund... WHOOHOO

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Good Morning Ladies

As I sit here reading your sweet posts, I feel like a fraud. I have been so bad yesterday and even today...I hate the word bad, it sounds so juvenile...but I have been eating everything in sight!! I know it's PMS as I am due this week, but I have been able to reign it in the last 2 months, and I am falling apart and also ready to sob at any moment! I kinda got mad at DH (I did say PMS,right?) for no apparent reason, and really didn't want my daughter to go to a sleepover party, again, no apparent reason, so it was a free for all in the kitchen last night and even this morning. My #2 son and I made a Pine Bark recipe(he is 16 and wants to be a Pastry Chef) that we got from Paula Deen. I love that woman even though she must have butter oozing from her pores! It was a totally bad mistake. I thought it was all the holidays wrapped up in one and I kept going back for more. Never mind that it was still warm and not even truly done yet. And then today, honestly,who eats that crap at 8am??? Then the Cinnamon Raisin bagel was calling me instead of cereal...I know it's only 6 pts...but when I start going back to my old ways I am so dissapointed in myself. I am probably nervous about our trip too, but I should be excited and happy. I hate being such a whiney baby, but sometimes it's so hard to be the smiley happy person everyone thinks I am. Sorry to be so self centered,there is so much worse stuff going on in the world~and I should be doing personals to all you wonderful amazing people, but I need to wallow just for a little bit. Sometimes it just sucks being a woman!!!!

I hope you all have a great OP day~I love you guys for listening!
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Zelma – Thanks for such a lovely post!

Good luck on your first day. Remember to just take it minute by minute. Enjoy the fun parts and try to put the bad parts behind you as soon as possible!!!!!

I am having similar issues to you in terms of figuring out what I want the rest of me to look like. I am contemplating a different hairstyle… and I have never worn much makeup, but am thinking I’d like to learn how to do a “natural” look. Having my first ever manicure and pedicure last week made me realize that I’ve never done a lot to make my fat self look good. I think I’m not alone in that. Now that I’ve trimmed down, I’m starting to want to take care of these other parts.

BTW, I love your new haircut!!!

I think I need to read “Thin for Life” -- I’ve heard so many people mention it!

And you are so right about my term off going too fast! Classes start Monday, and I am looking forward to being in the classroom again, but I also know it’s going to be a crazy crazy term, and a lot of my work is outside of classes and teaching these days. I’m also not ready for classes yet – my syllabi will be done at the last minute – as usual!! I had more time than ever and still put off finishing everything. Procrastination is as hard a habit to break as eating!

Sharon – Turns out I am still a size 12. One of the size 10s is too small. The other, a skirt fits (a bit tight) but only because of the cut. Still, a 12!!! I could never have imagined. 12 was always my “I’ll never get there” size.

I have to run -- we have to be at the gym!! I'm getting a real cardio routine in today!
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Good morning everyone! I lost another two pounds and am down to 290! It feels so good to finally see that dial go in the direction I want! I am certainly taking everyone’s advice today and writing my post in word first. Losing my post was so frustrating, things for me are going great. It seems like a lot of you are PMSing. I know that when I am if just bites! So my well wishes are with all of you that are. Grab a hot water bottle, watch a soap and kick back if you can. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Brenda- OVER 100!!! Yeah, WTG!!! YOU ROCK!!!! That Kashi sounds great, thanks for the info. I am glad you did good at your potluck, but the gas really sucks. I had some yesterday too, it is no fun.

Lesley-You mentioned geocaching, my girls and I love to go letterboxing! Nothing in the box but the stamps, but it is so fun. I think it gives my girls the idea that anything is possible, there could be hidden treasure anywhere!

Chimichanga-LOL I love it. Maybe I should check out one of those nudist colonies! I think I might scare them!!!

Linda P.-Welcome to 3FC! Yeah for you! All of the small victories add up to huge ones. You go girl!

Donna- I am so glad you are not stuck anymore! I know how you feel, I just got out of a two MONTH slump. So you feel like a super weight loss hero, you deserve it!

Sharon-4lbs! That is awesome, before the holiday too! Perfect timing.

Jennylee- Welcome to 3FC, you couldn’t have found a better place.

Nancy- Yeah, I think the word thing is what I will do from now on. I am sorry to hear about your situation. It must be frustrating and confusing and just generally no good for you heart or your head. Five years is a long time to expect yourself to be sane while you are still in close physical proximity. My heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts. You are such a kind person to go and be with your step-mother in her time of need. But maybe with the possibility of your own place on the horizon you will have what you need in you to give some to her. Good luck and stay positive.

Ammi- LOL I have done that so many times, after the dentist you always want something to drink! It’s like life’s little joke. Yeah, the weight coming off is really making my week, gives me so much more motivation. And you know what? Getting those guys at construction sites would just be the cake topper! They are nasty, but you know they only react about your outsides, so it is a nice indicator! LOL

Catherine-Thanks for the advice, I am taking it, trust me. I have to say, I just loved your scale story! I have told so many people that story and I belly laugh everytime! If I was your scale I would straighten up and fly right too! LOL
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Because I deserve it!
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Michelle - I hope you get good news on your hubby's biopsy. Melanoma is a scary thing. Also, best wishes for your sweet kitty cat coming through his surgery OK.

Nancy - That's great the guy will put some cabinets in that apartment. And the timing sounds like it might work out. I don't know if you feel this way, but I got a feeling of excitement for you reading your post about the apartment. I know you've been through/are going through a painful breakup, but you can also see this as an exciting time of change. I guess I just say that because every time I have ever moved that is how I felt. As for your parents sellling their house, I can imagine that is a weird feeling. When I go home for Christmas I still sleep in the same room and same bed I did when I was growing up (and I am 37 now). When the day ever comes I can no longer do that, I am sure I will feel the same way you do.

Ammi - Yay! We have American Idol to talk about again. Our boy Elliot is going to be on the Ellen show this week so I have my TIVO set to record it. I have seen some pictures of him and he has definitely had some work done. His teeth have been fixed and I don't know if it's just that his hair is longer but it also looks like he may have had his ears pinned back. And maybe a nose job too. It still looks like him, just a bit cuter. I don't know, I will have to check him out more closely when he is on Ellen. As for Sanjaya, I can't help but like him. He is definitely the weakest singer there but I think he is so sweet I don't what him to go. I know I am in the minority though because most people I work with he gives them the creeps. Anyway, I love Melinda and Blake.

Catherine - I really like your idea of getting hiking/biking maps and tracking your exercise that way. Hmmmm....I need to think of somewhere I'd like to "hike" through and give that a try.

As for me, somehow that I don't understand I lost 4 pounds at my weigh in on Wed. so that puts me at 13 lost. I don't have much else to share. I need to get off my rear and take my dog (and myself) for a walk. Have a great weekend, everyone.
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Because I deserve it!
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Happy Birthday, Catherine!!!!

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Hi everyone, just checking in here to see how you are all progressing, since I've spent most of my time in the WLS forum and haven't been here in awhile. Wow, you all are sure chatty!

I just had my lap banding surgery Thursday morning and came home from the hospital last night around 8:00 my time. So far, I haven't had any problems outside of a little soreness around the incision sites. No nausea or anything, not even a sore throat from where the tubing was put down during surgery.

And I've taken off five pounds already! Of course, I am on only fluids now, which is fine with me, being I don't feel like eating anyway (wow, who'd thought the day would come when I would say that?). In between, I've been taking short walks and resting. I have to go back to the surgeon's office for a follow up within a week. I still can't believe I am doing better than I thought I would.
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Hi All,

Just a quicky as it's late and I just wanted to come and make my confession. I have had a full day of indulging in whatever I wanted to eat. It's been lovely, and I don't feel guilty. Defo back on track tomorrow though. See we can all have a naughty day, it's not the end of the world

Hope everybody is keeping well, take care and I'll do some personals tomorrow,


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I'm to tired to read all the new posts. I've been a busy girl today and now I'm paying for it but as the saying goes no pain no gain. My BF dad ( Jake ) decided he'd like to go for a around the block. I jumped up ( was reading a Diabetic Magazine ) and told him lets go. It tooks us 45 minutes to get around the block ( he has one those wheeled seat walkers ) stopping evey 3 house for him to sit and rest. While he sat and rested I would around him while we talked about his life in California. After we got back to the house ( his son was home till 4pm ) I grab my friends coat that she had left and over to her house to return it. Walked to the other corner and walked back home gone for a total of 1 hr and 30 minutes of continued walking ( that time includes the walk with bf's dad ) for a total of 1.08 miles.

I know that doesn't seem much but hey I'm really out of shape and have to start slow. I hope to get in to the doctor this comming week to get weighed. Wish me luck that I've lost more weight.
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Linda -- That's a great start with the walking! WTG!! I really enjoy walking outside when the weather's nice -- there's nothing like it!
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Linda, welcome and good for you for walking the store, your determination shines through!

Donna, congrats on the weight loss! I'm sorry to hear things haven't been going well this weekend, but at least you recognize it's happening and can nip it in the bud - tomorrow is a new day.

Sharon, congrats to you as well!

Nancy, that's very cool about the apartment!

Catherine, glad to hear you scared your scale straight and that it's working again! Oh yes, and

Annie, how great that clothes are feeling looser and all that exercise you're doing - wow! I hope today's WI went well!

Lisa, good for you for resisting all that temptation at the game!

Michelle, I hope all the tests come back with favorable results.

Zelma, I love your new haircut!

Brenda, hey at least it was SF chocolate! Hope you have fun spending that tax refund!

DJC - I've never tried letterboxing but it sounds like fun, too. We love that caching gets us out exploring different areas and getting exercise, too.

Xena, congrats on the weight loss - that's terrific!

LAnne, glad to hear things went well and you're back home.

Ammi, definitely not the end of the world! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, no guilt and even gladder to hear you're going back OP tomorrow!

Linda P, that's great that you took the opportunities to get out and walk. Every bit helps and 1.08 miles is nothing to sneeze at!

Me, I'm having a bit of a topsy-turvy day. It started out pretty good - hubby and I went to the store to get new tennis rackets (we were playing with 35 year old wooden ones I picked up at a yard sale), and then I went by an outdoor sports store and bought a poster size map of the Appalachian Trail, which I'm going to use to track my progress in walking/biking.

But then tonight, we went over to my sister-in-law's and grilled out, and I decided to have a hot dog on a wheat bun. Well, I guess my stomach was not used to the high amount of fat after not getting it for a couple weeks, and now my insides are just in knots and I'm laying here feeling miserable. And to add insult to injury, we went to play tennis after supper and decided to walk the path around the lake first. When we were on the path near the road, I heard someone yell out of a passing vehicle 'Look at those two fatasses walking!' - Ugh! That make me mad and embarrassed. I just hope no one else heard them, but I doubt it.

And I've been feeling a little frustrated with myself these past few days anyway. I haven't lost a single pound all week. I know that's not a big deal, and my rational side is telling me to relax and get a grip, but then this other little voice answers back and says but I lost almost 15 pounds for the two weeks prior to this one - what's going on?! I'm eating less and moving more, so why isn't the scale reflecting that?! ARGH. Sorry, I just had to vent.
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hi ladies!
just a quick "drive by"post to say hi! today was a very busy work day for me, but i did manage to eat healthy and excersise, despite the fact my co-workers brought a homemade cheesy lasagna for lunch, lol. it was a going away lunch of sorts for a co worker that is leaving. i was able to pass it up and eat a salad instead
congratulations to all the losers, you are all doing great!!
zelma: your haircut is so cute, you look lovely
i hope everyone has a great day tommorrow!
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