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Working on Weight loss!!!
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Default 30 Somethings Thread :Friday December 15

Good Morning all....
Goddess--Forget about U??? Never

Jenny--Did U really lose the weight or is it because the bandage is now gone???? Just kidding--Congrats!!!

Lauren:Have fun--Maybe a break from family with just Robby is just what U need...

Well..I took K to her first wake last night..THe hardest part was to get her in a dress-I had to lie and tell her it was a "DeeDee Doodle-Queen for a day Dress and Shoes"--She took it hook line and sinker...She is such a baseball cap, jean and Imagination Mover shirt girl..She was sooo good..She would get up and run to the casket and hug everyone who was hugging my aunt..It made my aunt laugh every time..My uncle was seriously drugged with Xanax which is ok...I hope he takes it today for the funeral..

Ok--off to work for a few hours--Hello to all--
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RR:Got a good chuckle!!!
Sorry to hear of your loss, you and your family will be in my prayers!!!

Hi to all, have a great weekend! I have to finish up the rest of my shopping tomorrow!!!ugh.
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!No CoMpRoMiSe!
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Hi! Everyone!! Molly, Thanks for missing me
RR: Sorry to hear of your loss. I have had to take DD to 2 wakes. The first one was tough because it was someone she knew, so I ended up having to keep her out of the room. On the bright side, kids provide a little sunshine in a rainy situation... :HUG:

I just scan read some of the post from the last two days. It is so time consuming to keep up with everything if you don't do it regularly, (But it IS worth it when I can)

I want to get back to interacting with everyone on a regualr basis, so hopefully after new year I can (well, my sis will be here for a week and a half, from Christmas, so after that anyway>)

Let's see, I told you all that we are having to move right? Well, we found a house for rent. The only good thing about it is that its 3bedroom, the price is right, and the yard is fenced. BUT

The rooms are tiny, and I wouldn't be able to keep my stuff, my little dog couldn't live with us, Its 30mns from my Mommy, and its in a neighborhood, and I am soo a country girl. Oh, and it has wall heaters that DD could burn herself on.

Well, DH was set on this house for a while, but..........

I stopped at our favorite gas station (2 min from us) last week, and asked the lady (owner of the station) if she knew of a house to rent in the area (the area is very country, and word of mouth is usually the best way to find things, or just driving around) Well, she said that the house behind the station belongs to her mother, whom she placed in a nursing home, but that it wouldn't be ready for awhile, because it needs paint and such. She said that it was 4bdr 2bath. And it was about $50 over the amount we want to pay. So well, I just kinda dismissed it, and went on. But I did tell DH about it, and he was over there a few days later, asking about it.

SO, Last night he ran over there for some pizza (see my problem here... anyway) The lady behind the counter was the daughter of the owner. My Chatty DH asked about the house. She said, well my dad wants to sell it, but mom refuses. She said the only couple she'd rent to is.... well, Us!! ANd I really don't even know her except going into the station!!

We are gonna go check it out this morning, as DH doesn't have to leave for work till 11:00

Ok, not sure why I typed all this out, but it was too much work to just delete, so here it is
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For Real This Time!
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Christie that's so cool!! I wouldn't dismiss that house. The $50...couldn't you ask them if they could come down that much and myabe you guys could paint and stuff that they want to do to get it ready? It can't hurt to ask. The worst they could say is "no" and the best they could say is "YES." YOu almost HAVE to take the chance. Go for it!

RR you and your family are in my thoughts today. i hope you uncle gets through things ok.

I hope everyone has a great day! Check back later.
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Hi everyone!

RR -
I have to say ... you sound like an amazing Mom. That trick to get your DD into a dress is priceless!! (Though I doubt I'll be able to use it -- I usually have to convince my DD NOT to wear a dress)
Anyway you and your family are in my thoughts today.

Lisa - what a cool class on Irish history! I should read up on the topic sometime. How did it go at the country club party? I have to go to one of those on Sunday and I'll be listening for any tips

Stevi - I hope you are getting some sleep!!! How did your rehearsal go? What kind of music do you perform? I'm a classical pianist but I love all kinds of music.

Karen - Hope your little one is feeling better. I sure know what it's like to type with one hand while someone is sleeping on you or nursing! I always tell myself the laundry will still be there when DD is 18

Michelle - WTG DH on finishing police academy while working! What an achievement! What a great idea to take your kids to a shelter to see what their past was like once. You truly have come a long way!!

Jenny - WTG on the loss!

WannaB - sounds like maybe this house was meant to be for you!! I hope it works out

Well, my piano students start to arrive in a couple of hours, so I need to eat lunch, get a walk in, and have a shower. Problem is, my Siamese is on top of me as I type on the laptop and it's pretty darn cozy here (sigh) ... I sure wish this stupid cough would go away!! Yay for sucrose free Halls!!

Tonight dinner at mom & dad's. She is usually pretty good about cooking stuff that works for me diet-wise, so we'll see how she does this time. Wish me luck on avoiding the tasty baking!!

Have a great day, everyone!
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Diva under construction..
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Got some sleep. Lil feller conked out at 4pm yesterday and a movement of God wan't gonna wake him. I tryed again after rehearsal and he was up for about 30 minutes before he started to cry and want Mama. He got up this mornin' @ 5:30am so he's back to his usual. He played for abouit 45 min in his crib so I got a lil more 1/2 sleep. Rehearsal went well, had an audience. I geuss friends and stuff where curious about me. One lady pulled me to the side and let me know SHE was going to be the new lead but "let" me have it as I was better than her....weirdo. The Guitarist said she never even auditioned! Like I said...weirdo. Picked four new songs, I'm having trouble curbing the bands enthusiasm regarding my range, they keep picking stuff I will have to "give it my all" and I need a few here and there that are easier songs in order to keep my voice strong. They have picked stuff like Celine Dion's My heart will go on, Heart's Barracuda, Janis Joplin's Bobby Mcgee & Piece of my heart, etc.... You get the idea. Picked a few Aretha songs ( Respect & Natural Woman) Surpisingly, those are actually pretty easy.
DS#1 has offically chosen to stay home, at least til next school year. I haven't told him and never will but His Father is showing pretty significant signs of not wanting him full time. He has limited their days together to Wed and Fridays he has him for the weekend. He also never once skipped a support payment in the 5 weeks he was there as to keep things the same. So I have my baby, for now.
Got a Gig tonight and should've gone to the chiroprator, I'll HAVE to this weekend. I'm all achy for some reason. to finish shopping.

RR~ Good work on the dress...Muah ahahahahha! Bless your family.
Christi~ Sounds like FATE! To me!! YAY!
Euseious~ I pretty much answered in my above post. WELCOME!!
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