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For Real This Time!
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Default 30-Something's: Thursday Chat 12/67

Morning all! I can't believe I'm the one starting the thread for the day at 8:15?? Where is everyone?? OK all make it a great day!
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i was sleeping!!!! i'm still tired, i had 4 hrs of sleep the night before and i went to bed round 10:30 last night....still tired too, gotta make my dress tonight....
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Where is everybody????

Good morning, Mamabear! Hope all is well.

Things are pretty status quo here. Not seeing any change on the scale, but definitely seeing changes in how my clothes fit! Yay! Have a big Christmas party on Saturday night (for work) and I'm actually wearing something I haven't worn in a LONG time! [AND, it looks good]

I'll check back in a bit to see who all is on the thread............

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Morning all!

Holy~Did we wake you? Sorry, we did not mean to be so loud.

Molly~it is kind of a shocker that no one else was on here earlier, wonder where everyone is.....

Well, not much going on here today, more snow and a sick little boy....that's about it.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Mornin' All! I've had a busy AM calling around about daycares and stuff.
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Default Im Still Here

I have just been swamped work we i am the only full time now training 2 new girls and you know what that does backs all your work up Sigh
anyways i made an offer on a home for 475000 yeasterday and they counter offered 484000 plus 12000 closing cost i took it and we are moving forward one of my dreams has always been to own a home before i was 35 and it looks like its actully happening FINALLY something good happens to me it only took 34 years but hey i am getting a dream come true to tell you the truth im numb and it hasnt kicked in yet LOL
jessica is on my LAST NERVE this little girl dont keep her dr's appts still has not gone for cash aid to help with the baby cost etc she acts like hey everything is gonna be fine WTF????? im going from paying 1200 in rent to a 3750 mortgage payment and can NOT afford a baby i mean she made the descion to keep it not me thats why i was TIED permently 11 years ago i knew i wanted a home carrer etc and i was YOUNGER then her when i started
then she roll's her eyes at me every time i ask her about appt's well excuse me if i care
sorry i just needed to vent

I hope all is well
Holy thank you for understanding the whole hubby gone thing i know yours is alot worse then mine
Hugs to all
I'll check in later
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boy we did get quiet today huh? Well, things aren't all going great foodwise, but I am alive, recouperating from the projects...I am gonna start my dress tonight so that'll be something.

the sweets are killing me. my stress levels have been high and i have been horrible about all the candy floating around. i will get back into the swing of things but i'm sure i put on 5 lbs

but i'll try harder. that's all i can do right now

I hope you're all well. my party is saturday, i will scan photos so you can see my dress
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