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LBH 12-02-2006 08:29 AM

30-Something's: Saturday - 12/2
Mornin' All! :coffee:

The sun is out...yeah!! No more rain! Enjoy the day!

mamabear272 12-02-2006 10:12 AM

Oh Lauren please don't kill the children! lol I so know the feeling though. Ricky is an active little kid. I just keep telling myself that at least he's not in a wheelchair and completely unable to do ANYTHING. Sometimes it works. lol

RR congrats on the huge loss!! WOW! That's awesome! It's amazing what a diagnosis and correct meds and stuff will do.

Fit, I know what you mean about feeling fat. I'll bet it is from impending TOM. Hang in there, you're doing GREAT!

Holy, I'm with Stevi, I'd so be whining! DH has to go to France for training for work for a week in Jan a week in Feb and a week in Mar and I'm already whining about having to be here alone. I'll stop now. lol Can I just say the USAF is being really crappy with not giving them what they need!! What a bunch of poo poo.

Stevi, glad the new band is going well for you! Sorry ds is being a $hit. My dd got grounded a couple weeks ago for walking from the mall to Kohl's. It's not far but it was dark out and they walked through a dark part of the parking lot. I was livid! You just don't know what can happen and especially to 3 teenage girls.

Anywho, I'm off for now. I'll check back later!

LBH 12-02-2006 02:03 PM

Molly, they're still alive...for now! :lol: I've started referring to Peter as Peter TMX, like Elmo TMX. :lol3:

RXZephyr 12-02-2006 07:07 PM

I am around and still dedicatedly reading every post. I'm just going through a bit of a challenging time and I don't really feel like posting. (Don't want to be a downer in the group. :( )

Still staying mostly on program, but not seeing my weight change much. That's not helping my mood, since I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna hit my end of year goal. And that's just giving me the feeling of "why bother"?

I'll snap out of this sometime.


mamabear272 12-02-2006 08:30 PM

Lauren you're too funny. :lol3:

Lawrence, :hug: sorry you're having a rough time. We're here for you if you need to talk, you know that. That's what we're here for!

wannaBsize7 12-02-2006 09:05 PM

Lawrence. I know how you feel. So I am just tring to hang on, and not gain too much, and start fresh at the first :SIGH:

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