30 Somethings Monday chat:11/27

  • Good Morning all!!!!

    Ok Zeph--U may be the only man we don't mind hanging around!!!Maybe we can get some "male understand their stupidity" details from U!!!

    SD#2 was away since Wed night--so things have been relatively quite around here.. She came back last night--was good now that the med is back in the system. Even climbed into my bed and I read books to the two of them with no fighting..Just wish it was consistant..
    Happy Thanksgiving to all..I took SD#1 shopping on friday and after spending $300, I was her friend but now I am just the evil stepmom..Ok Stevi--U can paint my pic since I am a villian!!!!

    Well..we went to a Reneissance(sp?) festival yesterday which was very different..I honestly think these folks truly get into it..I saw some pretty strange people but K loved it..Her favorite was the Knights fighting with swords..She would jump around with french fries and grunt like they were doing..I laughed all day...It was 75 degrees and beautiful..
    Ok...maintained again...I think maybe since AF is here.. Who knows..
    Hello to everyone!!! Off to save lives today!!!haha
  • Okay - short posting today. Not a lot to day since I didn't do much yesterday. Got the dozen screws put into the hung drywall like I had planned. Didn't get out for a walk since it was just too iffy as to whether it was going to rain or not.

    Tonight, DW and I are going out to fill a couple of "Santa Bags" from work. These are bags of stuff for a child of a given sex/age (it's on the tag) which are then given to local churches for distribution. Since we don't have any children ourselves, we try and take a bag or two every year. You know - in keeping with the real meaning of the winter holidays.

    Today is tracker adjustment day and - based on what I ate yesterday - I don't think I'm going to get to adjust the tracker down. I've been hovering +/- 1 lb for pretty much the last month. I just have NOT been in the mood to take my own advice and "stay on program". All I want to do is eat, eat, eat. It sucks but I know it's something that I just have to buck up if I want to hit my end of the year target.

    As for providing insight/avoiding into the "stupid male behavior" - I dunno, ladies. I am definitely prone to some of the same behavior that you guys were complaining about yesterday (see? I'm big enough to admit it. ) but in some cases I don't really identify with the "typical male". I think it's REALLY easy for both partners in the relationship to take the other's contribution for granted. As a collection, we always seem to focus on the negative - what's not being done, what's not being said, what you ARE doing, what you ARE saying - and totally discounting the entire relationship because of the focus on the negativity. It's a really easy thing to do - and I'm just as guilty. I guess most couples just need to learn to communicate their frustrations without blowing up.... In my case, I don't like confrontation so I just let the little things slide and build up and then (it never fails), out of the blue there's a big explosion and a good deal of raised voice. Usually when I'm already stressed about something totally unrelated. *sighs* We're a strange, strange animal.

    Alright. Off to get ready for work. Have a great day, everyone.
    Stay strong, say focused, and stay out of the cookies.


  • Hi all! I've been lurking all weekend but not posting. Haven't really felt like it. I was bad this weekend. After doing so well on Thursday, Friday I blew it and continued into Sat. I think I got back yesterday. I went over points and even used all my weekly flex points and then some in just a couple days so now I really have to buckle down till Wed when they reset. lol I had a gain last week but I expected it after being down so much after the flu. I was still down from the week that I started meetings again. I need some lol

    Stevi and Holy I totally relate to the dumb husband thing! Mine is like that all the time. I try to tell myself that for the most part he's a wonderful person and a great hubby, just a little stoopid sometimes. LOL

    Lawrence, don't feel too bad. We don't mean anything against you personally...just men in general and we're not married to you so we don't resent you.

    OK I'm off for now, I'll check back later.
  • Hi Everyone....Pinky is feeling alot better! How was everyones Thanksgiving? Mine was great!!! I weighed in yesterday and only gained .5 lbs! yea me. We all had a great time. To be honest I haven't kept tack of any calories since Thursday! I was suprised not to see a huge gain. I'm back to journaling today though, It was toooo hard to lose the small amount of weight I did lose! Well I hope everyone has a great day and I will check back in tomorrow!
  • Morning all!

    I have to say Lawrence, even I was a little nervous for you yesterday, things were pretty hairy there for a little while! Glad everyone made it out of yesterdays chat unskathed!

    I think that everyone goes through periods of stupidity, but men do seem to have them more often than women! It must be a testosterone thing. Sometimes when I am stressed or just frustrated I tend to see all of the negative, especially with DH and can even become disgusted with them (especially the burping/farting nonsense~It seems to be very entertaining for him and the kids, but I just do not see the humor there!). But then I remember that I am a long way from perfect and maybe, just maybe when he is going through a tough time he may be seeing all of my negative traits and feeling the same way. Usually my disgust and/or negative feelings pass quickly because I try to focus on what it was that made me fall in love with the fool to begin with.....sometimes are harder than others to bring that memory to the front though!

    Well, DH is treading on some thin ice here too. I did manage to get my Living room Christmas explosion straightened around, so that looks nice. DH actually said to me...and I quote..."Now, this is it for the decorations, right? Because what goes up must come down." I could have belted him one because 1. I got all of the decorations out of the attic (the kids did help bring them downstairs) 2. I sorted through all of them to decide what was going up this year. 3. I took them outside and put them up, again with a little help from the kids. and last but not least, 4. The kids put the tree together, I did the lights and garland and the kids put all of the ornaments and angel on it! HE DID NONE OF IT!!! So tell me, WHY on earth would it matter to him how many decorations go up. I told him "refresh my memory, did I ask you to help at all?" Of course his reply was "No, but I was just saying..." So I told him "Don't bother just saying anything about it then." I tell ya, the nerve of some people!! I will say that he was working very hard on cutting up the trees that were taken down this fall, so it is not like I was mad that he was not helping with decorations, I think that heat this winter IS just a little more important. It has been raining for the past month and a half, so this is the first he has been able to work on it in a while. I just don't know why it mattered to him how many decorations I put up???

    Anyway, that is enough DH bashing for me for today. Now is time to remember what I love about that fool!

    Have a great day!
  • Hello everyone. Well, it looks like I missed quite the discussion yesterday! I'm gonna stay out of it. My DH was "sick" all weekend and he's such a baby. I kept my mouth shut, but I kept wanting to ask him how he can't do jack when he has a sore throat, but I can do everything when I am sick. That's a whole nother tangent tho!

    The guy was supposed to finish my office reno on Friday and NEVER showed up or called. GRRR. He hasn't shown up yet today either (it's 11:15). He's supposed to be on his way. I hate when people don't do what they say they will.

    A yucky diaper is calling me! Hope everyone has a super great day.
  • Ewww... Sorry Lawrence. I didn't mean to sound so anti-male. I was just pissy. My #1 problem with our "lil issues" (and there are not many) is I ask nicely, I offer not only my assistance but I'll do it FOR him. He refuses to let me touch "his" stuff. I'm out of comprimises. Ignoring me is his was of winning as I'm not allowed to take care of it and he just won't. I can be nice and rational ALL DAY LONG...its when I get fed up, make him very angry and holy moly looky there, its all done. Pathetic, juvenile and just plain silly but effective. Yest, after I called BS on the fixing the computer issue, he stormed off with the baby to his Mothers (She needed asstance with x-mas decorations) He came back, speaking to me minimally, cleaned up his "work" mess that has been sitting in th DINING ROOM for literally 5 weeks. Then he cleaned out a space (moved boxes, rearranged electrical, moved furniture for Gods sake!) and FINALLY (hes' been promising for MONTHS) made a very cozy work space for me in his office (What a guy!) The clincher is he went out and bought me a very nice drafting table, set it all up. My current one is a portable on a reg table and is by far to low for my newly damaged back. Its really so KEWL!! I'm should piss him off more often! I started Cruella De Vil last night and she is 1/2 finished cuz I could sit for a much longer period. Hmmm... Go Figure.
  • Im here totally blew it and i'll update later
    I just didnt want to be forgotten I dont have internet at home (getting it though) so its hard to keep up I read all the threads from wed-today
    i'll be back to get my shots in LOL
  • LOGAN STANDS ALONE! He's been doing this for about a week but I finally caught him on camera (he usually attacks the camera the second he sees it so, naturaLLY, he is distracted.)

    He JUST turned 9 months.
  • Hi everyone. I'm busy busy busy, so I'll jump back in here as soon as I can

    Aww look at Logan!!
  • Stevi: I almost missed your painting. It looks great!!

    I have a bid on the Lighning Mcqueen. I am a little concerned about the whole copy write protection, have you had any problems with this?

    Oh and I did tinkerbell. Did you see it? I don't remember if I posted it...

    Have you done Curella De viel (I have no idea how its spelled) Or what about The evil step mother in Cinderella.

    Ok, I shouldn't even be sitting here right now. so.... TTFN
  • Tisk tisk.... Your not reading my entire post lil missy! I posted above that I am 1/2 finished with Cruella De Vil. As far as copy right infringment, honestly, I have never posted anything on a hugely public site (like e-bay) Disney is pretty terrible about that stuff (They have sued!!). I do my images in my style so its just very similar. And mine is a private collection, not for sale. Its just to show my talent/style. Do a lil research before you get too comfortable with the E-bay selling. Tink is very cute!! She'll be in my Princess collection even though she's not one. She acts like a total Diva!
  • :blush: Stevi Don't please forgive....
    I was jumping around the site and saw your painting. I am trying to not spend so much time in front of the computer. Seems to be a fruitless pursuit. So your doing cruella lol Great minds huh?

    Ok, so maybe I should remove my painting from ebay :darn: I may try to come up with something original for ebay.

    Here is the finished one. Molly, what do you think, I couldn't resist adding a little detail, It was just to plain... Let me know, I can always put it back like it was.
  • i need a nap but i'm up and sewing *sighs*

    sorry lawrence i just get fed up with my spouse even when he's not here. Want to know what really bites though?

    When he gets home, he gets his supposed 2 weeks of readjustment time if you will...........back to life here. Then he's due to go fly (probably off to iraq again) for another 2 weeks, that's how they run their trips. So i *might* have him for 2 weeks just for him to be off and running again.

    I swear i get so tired of being a single wife. how the heck do I get to go hang out with my friends if I'm feeling like a 3rd wheel?

    I'll quit whining now. I will say I'm still sore and achy from my shimmython for an hour yesterday. I went and danced for an hour for a woman I didn't even know...all because she's been diagnosed with breast cancer...and 7 years ago I lost someone to it. I do what I can. But I kid you not, the mirrors in that studio are MAGIC. I looked thinner!! My dance teacher said "No honey, that's you!" For once in my life, I liked how I looked in the mirror, especially when I dance. Thats a HUGE deal for me.

    Ok i've gotta get back to sewing. I'll try to post in the am if i don't beat the alarm clock to death

    *hugs* to all