Week of ~Sept 17th~

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  • Since I'm here and it's Sunday and no one has started a new thread, i figured I'd take initiative. i hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes.

    So, I'm new, Hi, nice to meet you all!

    What do you all have planned for the week?

    My life is so sedentary. I am currently unemployed, have been since May 1st. I've been looking for a job but cant' find one. I think I've applied to almost 200 jobs, but only received maybe 10 calls and only 2 interviews!! What's up with that??? I have 9 years of administrative experience, with 4 of them being supervisory!!! It's pathetic.

    So I started a veterinary assistant distance learning program. Problem is, I can't find a way to get in at any vets office around here. It's just so frustrating.

    I'm also kind of at an impasse in my relationship. We've been together 5 1/2 years and i'm ready to get married, he isn't. there is lots more to that, but bottom line is that he isn't ready. He says he has "issues" but he doesn't know what they are...hmmmm. we've been living together for 3 years, he supports me financially and mostly emotionally. We've agreed to go to counseling. Problem is we can't find a counselor that is available!!!! Grrrrrrrrr

    So, all of the above are adding to my eating junk food, and convenience foods. Plus, they are cheaper. Money is slim to none at the moment.

    I hope to get on the treadmill or do some WATP today but my knees and ankles have been killing me lately.

    I'm just all around frustrated.
  • Hi Trish!

    Hi All,

    Going to try and be more active this week! (I mean on the thread!) OK, I guess I should try and be more physically active too! I did play outside with the boys a bit this AM, and hung some linens on the line, but I guess there's not much physical activity involved there, except for carry the basket of wet laundry down the stairs.

    Peter's at Karate with DH and Robby's sleeping! Well, except that I have to go clean mom's main bathroom because my brother and SIL and kids are coming over today. It's my job to clean her main bathroom because we use it to bathe the boys since we only have a stall shower.

    Have a great day all!
  • Welcome Trish

    Now either my scale lied last week or just one day of non focused eating got me into trouble. Either way I'm up one pound this week, back to 205. And I'm just starting to get the hang of having my weekends under control with what I eat. I've gotta get better at what I'm eating and exercising. I didn't have enough water either so I've gotta get that underway too.

    Tuesday is the day ladies....I will be a single wife again. I'm not ready for hubby to be gone for so long but I just hope he comes home safely. I guess having total control of what I eat and how I exercise will be quite a bit easier since hubby won't be around to make tons of tatertots or stuff I need to limit my consumption. I'm tryin hard to hold the emotions together, dangit I'm still angry that he has to go. he's not even doing his own job that he currently does over there!! And my "weekend" that I was promised....has turned into me sitting alone with the dog. He's still working a project for these morons.

    *sighs* Ok I'll stop grouching....I just get frustrated when things don't go my way, and frankly, I'd rather have my husband home with me.....i'm gonna relax a bit before my football game starts tonight. I suppose I could start making the other "appetizer" i'm making for tonight.

    Hope you're all doing ok....
  • Hi Holyteror

    Yes, it is easier to control what you are eating when there is no one around to sabotage. Plus, it's also easier to exercise when no one is around too.

    We'll be here to keep you company!!!

    Go Patriots! :P
  • Holy, All you can do is pray that he comes home safely. I will also pray for you and him.

    Trish, sorry that you're having a rough time. Good for you though making the decision to watch your eating and things. You just have to stick with it!

    I had wi yesterday but weighed after I ate (dummy lol). So I took the average of Friday and today and came up with 189.4 (they were 188.2 and 190.6). I'll take it! LOL My commitments this week are to make sure I'm drinking my water and i'm going to go for a walk with my mom every day. There is a walking track near her house that is 1.25 mi. So we'll be doing that.

    Other than that I don't know if I mentioned but I have decided to go back to school! I am either going for accounting or some other business type degree. It won't be till Jan cause I JUST decided and it's already started and I have to get apps in for loans. I'm so excited!! OK I'm off to work on my site. Have a great rest of your nights!
  • Molly, that's exciting about school!!! I just started a distance learning program for veterinary assistance. i would have gone to an actual school but there are none near by. I love it. It's wonderful to be working out my brain!!

    I did a 35 minute treadmill workout today. I felt so good afterwards.

    For dinner, ummmm 1/2 a small steak bomb calzone and some french fries. Just enough to be full. I think I got for the intuitive eating thing. It works for me. I don't overeat unless it's a holiday.
  • Molly that is great!!! What school did you choose? Go to Key.com they have all kinds of scholorships and grants that you can apply for. I know that Talbots has a scholorship on there that is pretty good.

    Holy, I will be praying for you and hubby as well. I cant even begin to imagine what you are facing at this time. Will pray for his safety and your peace of mind.

    Trish! we are glad to have you. Feel free to jump right on in.

    Go Bengals 2 - 0!!

  • Lisa, I'm jumping in with both feet!!! Thanks for the weclome!
  • Hello everyone. We spent the day at a "Day Out With Thomas" event yesterday. Alex was SO excited...oh, not to see Thomas, but because they had a tent set up with train tables/trains inside. He loves playing with other peoples trains. He has his own table and trains, but they aren't as fun I guess. He did like Thomas. We saw the cutest motel, it was all converted cabooses. Each room or pair of rooms was a car. We are going to try to go back sometime and stay there. We had dinner in a real RR car diner. It was fun.

    Today a nearby town had a town-wide garage sale. We went and got some good stuff for the kids. Then when we got home I had to clean it all up! I got a FP kitchen set and Alex was having a blast "cooking".

    In my spare time I've been catching up with Grey's Anatomy. I LOVE that show.

    Princsstrish: Welcome!!

    Have a great week!
  • Karen - Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here. Have a good week yourself!
  • Hello ladies!

    Trish! We're always happy to make a new friend! Sorry to hear of your struggles, hope things turn around soon.

    Karen~I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy!! I SOOO can not wait until Thursday, even though I know that Meredith is just going to turn around and run! I have not decided yet who I would like for her to choose, they are both so sweet and not too bad to look at either!

    Holy~I guess that I missed this in previous posts (that's what I get for being out of the loop for a little while), but where is your hubby off to? Hope he has a safe trip and return.

    Molly~Congrats on the decision to return to school! Good luck!! I have been toying with the idea myself, but not able to make a firm decision yet and not sure if or when I will decide.

    Well, my weekend was busy, but still productive. We had soccer on Sat. am and before it started, I reminded the parents that most of the kids on our team are 1st graders (only 1 2nd grader) and this is their first year playing, so to cheer no matter what the outcome.....our games have been close, but this time my little guys and gals won their first game!!! I did not keep score, some of the parents (and of course the kids) kept track *13-6*. The first thing that I ask the kids before a game starts is "What is the most important thing that we need to do today?" They finally got the answer right Sat. "To Have FUN!!" But after the game, one of the boys told me "I always have fun, but it sure feels good to win!" He is so funny!!!

    Sunday, I managed to finish some outdoor painting projects that have been waiting far too long, then I realized why it took me so long, it was alot like work! I even made it to my DH cousin's bridal shower too.

    Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and I will check in again soon.
    Take care,
  • Hi All,
    I went for a hike yesterday with DH, DD, my dad, and my dog. It was a 2800 ft mtn just south of the White Mtns and we had a great time! I felt GREAT! I didnt struggle much, am not achy today, and the only times I felt strained was on steep assents when my heart rate got too high. I am so glad I am not carrying those extra 19 lbs! I cant wait until I shed 26 more! WOW!~I have been eating really well and go horseback riding today! Hiking and riding are way more fun right now than elliptical. I know I will have plenty of time for that this winter. Ugh! I will be reduced to that, x-country skiing if we get good snow, and skating which I dont love.Ah, winter in NH!

    Hi Trish! Welcome! I hear you on that unemplyed thing! I am underemployed (somewhat by choice actually) but the East Coast is pretty pokey! I dont know where they are gettig that unemployment is down! Good luck to you! I know first-hand that being around the house is aweful for the waistline!

    Lauren- every little bit of activity helps and sure beats sitting in front of the tube! Plus great for the boys to have mommy playing too!

    Holy- We are all here for you! I sense that this time apart will be a good time for you to evaluate and change your own habits. You already are preparing for that! It is YOU time now. I know being apart will be super-hard and adding to that stress is your worry for him. I hope you have lots of support from your fam and if not you have us!

    Mama bear- I like that you have nice, small, attainable goal this week that will make a huge difference in you wt loss! Great ideas!

    Karen- DH loved Thomas too when she was 3-5. I actually miss those days but she still remembers which ones are what colors and which sizes and even recognizes whistles as to who makes what sounds! Amazing. ASounds like a great kiddo weekend!

    Darcy- I was a soccer coach when DD was in 1st grade. We jsut did games adn drills and didnt even play games until the last day. This taught the kids (and parents!) that it is all about FUN! I like your attitude!
  • Lisa, I'm going to go back to Owens. I went to the FAFSA site and submitted my app on Friday. I'll also check out Key. Thanks for the info!!

    I did my walk with mom today. 20 min to walk 1.25 mi. Not too shabby! Especially since I had to carry the man they whole way. So I ended up carrying the 25 lbs that I've lost. lol He's not feeling great today, a bit of a runny nose. I think he's coming down with a cold. With the weather changing the way it has it's expected. It was in the low 70's last week and this weekend it was 80. Hello!! If you don't like the weather in Ohio wait 5 minutes and it'll change. lol

    Anyway, I'm off to the shower. Make it a great day everyone!!
  • I realy suck at weekends!! I barely even count points. I still lose though, at a slow rate. Makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I stayed on track, and excersized more!!??!!

    Trish: Hey there, nice to meet you! You've come to a great place for support!

    Lauren: Hello!

    Holy: Hang in there, he'll be back before you know it, and all this will just be a memorie. (BIL will be leaving for 8 months next year) I've seen my little sis go through this and I have to say she and her DH are closer for it. (Ok, I know all that isn't worth a hill of beans right now, but I though I would try anyway)

    Molly: congrats on going back to school. I just couldn't imagine, makes my head hurt to think about it. LOL

    Karenk, I have a little cousin that is crazy about Thomas. He would love something like that. Wish I could find some good yardsales, this has NOT been a good year for them around here.
    Darcy: I don't think we have soccor around here, but I am thinking of putting DD in t-ball when the time comes back around... she'll be 3. should be fun!

    Squishy: way to go!! Maybe I should start planning mor active weekend activitys!!
  • *snort* you guys make me laugh
    Naillady: he's off to afghanistan tomorrow morning. He stayed out til god knows when working and hopefully finishing his project last night. So I don't know when he'll get up today but we have stuff to do. I found my honeybunch of a dog curled up on the end of the bed when I woke up and discovered that hubby was in bed. At least this time around I'll have my dog to keep me company.

    This is time for me to fix things for myself. I'll be ok, I just worry....well heck ladies you've ready my posts..I won't bore you with them again

    LOL I like the smilies above my post. I look like the walking one LOLOLOL