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TanyaM 04-02-2001 05:36 PM

Hello everyone! I am new to this and have questions.
Is everyone doing Weight Watchers? I've seen several referrals to "points".
We don't have Weight Watchers locally so I'm not sure what you guys are doing
to have so much success. I'm trying desperately to watch what I eat, but the
chocolate bunnies are crying out to me! HELP!!!

RoadRunner 04-02-2001 05:39 PM

Hello Tanya!!
Yes most of us do WW and are counting the points..U can check it out on the website www.weightwatchers.com I never went to the meetings but did lose weight with the WW at home version which gives U all that U need to do it!!!
Feel free to post with us!!Welcome!!

Rabbit 04-04-2001 06:37 PM

Hi newcomer!! Welcome to the 30's group!:wave:

Alot do WW, but alot don't. So it is whatever works for you. I do it, but am lucky to have a class locally. It helps me to feel accountable every week when I weigh in. And like RR said, there is an at home program if you're interested.

About the chocolate bunnies calling you, I've had big problems with that one lately!! But I am determined to win this struggle. I must tell myself - I am stronger than chocolate, I am stronger than chocolate . . .


Lancelot 04-12-2001 02:11 PM

New Member

I write from the Channel Islands in the English channel just of the coast of France (in case you did not know where they are). I would appreciate any help and support I can get. I have been trying to lose weight for a year now and have lost a stone and a half, but being in the Channel Islands the support of larger people trying to lose weight is not great and a lot of the ideas and foods are also not available, so any support you can give me would be of help.

I have not been able to lose any weight for a couple of months now know matter how hard I try, have any of you got any useful tips.

I look forward to hearing from you.



ShakeThoseHips 04-16-2001 12:10 AM

Hello, Lancelot--

A stone and a half is a great deal of weight. When I manage to finish losing 21 pounds you shall hear me shouting with glee all the way to the Channel, and I live several thousand miles away in Chicago.

I commend you for this fabulous feat. Do you mean that it's hard to find support for losing weight on the CI because everyone else seems to be skinny...or because you just don't have access to the materials? I'm a strong proponent of Weight Watchers because it's a simple and easily understandable way to eat healthfully for one's entire life (no matter where you live and using whatever local foods are available), rather than a way to diet fretfully, painfully and expensively for the short term.

If you're interested, ignore the extremely cheesy Duchess of York commercials (perhaps you don't have them in the UK) and seek out a single initial meeting if you can--on the mainland if necessary--through www.weightwatchers.com. If you don't like the meetings or can't find a regular one in the CI, you can do the program at home once you snag the materials. You really will find it reasonable and livable.

Best of luck to you...hope to hear from you again.

BigFatBooty 04-16-2001 04:01 AM

Hi Lancelot and everyone else
just popping by to say hello, especially to Lancelot - it's nice to see another UK person on these boards.

I am really just gonna reiterate what STH said, if you can't find a meeting have you tried looking on the WW site (referenced in STH's note) and subscribing to WW at Home program. You will get plenty of advice and encouragement from this board (3FC) and the replies are almost instant (even with the time zones).

Let us know how it goes, and even if you find another program, the support is still here.

Take care :D

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