**Kid Chat: Week of 9/21**

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  • Lauren--It doesnt take long for the boobies to adjust..I even nursed Kaylee after her MRI and still didnt have problems the next day..I am ready to pop around 7:30 Pm and then I nurse at 6am...It adjusts quickly...
    Yeah on Petey standing..Kaylee can sit unassisted for short times but cannot pull up on her own or sit unless I put her that way d/t the weight of her head...It is depressing to see her strain but not get up, but we will be there soon..Yeah on the job!!!

    The Pedi called me..We have an appointment 9/30 with the NeuroSurgeon..She said not to worry, cuz Kaylee's space was sooo slightly enlarged that It took 2 radiologists to find it..She thinks all will be well shortly(a year or so)...

    Karen--He looked happy skinned head and all!!! He is growing fast..He is gonna pass up my little Doodle bug before U know it!!!
    She is soo funny, says Bye-bye, mama, dada and points to her bottle and says bah bah...They are growing up!!!!
    Take care all!!
  • RR, it must be adorable to hear her say bye-bye! Peter's favorite word these days is Dada. Don't here Mama much anymore unless he's crying cause he fell! He is constantly making sounds, like F's and other things, sounds like he's talking in sentences sometimes...but of course none of it makes sense!!

    I'm sure she's just gonna pop up to sitting one day when you're not paying attention!! Peter's just a monster all over! We call him Hercules or BamBam!!
  • DH is in California and I am here with everyone..Believe it or not, I have bathed the 2, fed the 3, cleaned the kitchen bathed myself, #2 and 3 or sleeping and #1 is in her room and I am alone on the computer and it is not 8pm yet!!!!!!!
    Have a good one all!!!
  • hi guys,

    today is alex's five month b day!! yeah!!

    i called the lady about playgroup and left a message. i've heard nothing. i'm beginning to feel unwanted. what would you guys do?

    nothing going on here today.

    hope everyone is having a great day.
  • Happy 5 Months Alex!! :cele So what is he doing new these days??

    Karen, I guess you could consider that maybe she's on vacation, although it's unlikely this time of year. I would probably blow it off and find another one, or just go hang out in the park. I've gone to the park a few times with Peter, hoping to meet some moms with kids close to his age, but no luck. Most of them are there with friends and older kids.

    RR, aren't you the efficient one!!
  • Good Morning!!

    Alex slept in until almost 10 this morning!! OK, till 7:30 in his bed and the rest in mine. Still, I appreciated the sleep. It was almost 12 when I got him down. He slept from 8:30 - 10 then he was up. Ugh. I get so tired I just wanted him to sleep so bad. The past couple of nights he has not used the paci to go to sleep, he's been sucking on his fingers but he needs the paci as soon as I lay him down. Hopefully this too will pass! He's still working on those teeth. The hands are constantly in his mouth and he is drooling copious amounts.

    OK, he's no longer happy in the bouncy. Gotta go. Hope everyone is having a super day.
  • Wow Karen, that's awesome!! Glad you got some extra sleep! Peter slept in this AM too...until 7:45. That was because he was up soo much during the night I think.