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SicParvisMagna 07-20-2019 10:32 PM

Evening snack ideas?
What does everyone here munch on at night? I know if I altered what I snack on (even during the day) I would drop some lbs.

mjf 07-21-2019 12:53 AM

Here are some snacks that I often eat (at any time of day):

Whole grain toast with almond butter
Smoothie - made from cashew milk, banana, blueberries, almond butter, flaxseed, and sometimes oats
Frozen vegetables (e.g. kale, sweet potato, broccoli, carrots). I microwave the vegetables, then add spices, and sometimes tahini
Oatmeal with either banana or blueberries
Nuts (usually walnuts or pistachios)

sgregg 07-27-2019 11:27 AM

I try not to snack at all...especially at night. I try to eat meals that satisfy me for 4-6 hours which eliminates the need to snack. However, if I feel I need something, I will eat a pickle or drink some pickle juice. I also have fat bombs (I'm eating keto) in the freezer just in case I feel the urge to eat something sweet...I'll usually just eat one of those.

shellofself 07-30-2019 11:48 AM

I second what sgregg said about trying not to snack. But, when I do, my go-to is low-fat yogurt with blueberries and nuts mixed in. Under 150 calories and delicious. :) If I want something simpler: fruit.

Denise_Taylor 08-15-2019 05:31 PM

I normally don't snack at night but when I do, it'll be honey roasted almonds, peanut butter crackers, a fruit or vanilla pudding cup w/strawberries or blueberries that I cut up and put in it. Don't get me wrong I have my days when I might grab my little mini 3 pack of hostess donettes donuts as a snack as well. But I do try not to eat after 7pm for the most.

Princessroja 08-26-2019 10:46 AM

Hm, that's tricky. I can tell you what I snack on for my 4pm snack--something super high in protein to get me through the 4ish hours till dinner (we eat late). I don't know that I'd recommend that at, like, 11pm though. Something lighter probably so you can sleep, maybe fruit or some those oatmeal protein ball thingies with the peanut butter and stuff. I eat my daily treat after lunch, but late might be a good time if you have a cookie or a piece of chocolate or whatnot. Something light but satisfying.

Honestly, I usually have a bowl of cereal if I'm super hungry late. I don't know that it's the *best* idea, but it's what I usually go for!

booo57 01-06-2020 04:32 AM

I like potato a lot!!
All kinds!!)
This is my favourite recipe - baked potato wedges
Will be good with ranch sauce!)

StellaA 01-12-2020 01:25 PM

I snack on veggies like cucumber, cherub tomatoes, celery, or carrots.

GloriaFl 08-13-2020 01:06 PM

I also don't have a snack at night. But when I'm really hungry, I can eat some grapes or tomatoes. I mostly try to just drink water and not think about food.

dannygo932 08-13-2020 07:07 PM

Potato chips����

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