**~April Weigh-In Thread~**

  • Hello fellow 30-somethings! Welcome to the April weigh-in thread. You are free to copy and paste the form below into your own post to keep track of your daily weigh-ins or you can make your own. You don't even have to weigh-in daily to post here. You can weigh in twice a week, once a week, every other week or just at the beginning and end of the month - whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm looking forward to seeing your big losses (or gains if that is what you are aiming for) as the month goes on.




    April 1:
    May 1:

    Total April Weight Loss:
  • I'm pretty happy with how March went. I got a little frustrated in the middle of the month when I started gaining despite doing everything right but I just kept doing what I was doing and it worked itself out. The only obstacle I can see for April is Easter but as long as I don't bring candy into the house until that specific day and limit it to a few treats as well as Easter dinner, then I think I will be fine. I'm aiming for a 6 pound loss this month which I think is doable. I haven't been under 190 lbs in over ten years so I'm pretty excited about getting into the 180's.

    SW: 195.6 lbs
    GW: 189.6 lbs (-6)


    1. 195.6 lbs (-0.4) (TOM)
    2. 195.6 lbs (0) (TOM)
    3. 195.4 lbs (-0.2)
    4. 195.4 lbs (0) - I'm getting tired of the 195's. I was really hoping to be 194.x or lower by now.
    5. 195.8 lbs ( +0.4) - I'm going to cry. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've been sticking to my diet 100% plus drinking a ton of water and getting an extra 1,000 steps per day on top of my 10K goal. I even peed and pooped a lot yesterday and thought for sure I was going to get a big whoosh today.
    6. 197.0 lbs (+1.2) - This is my fault. I felt horrible yesterday and just wanted some comfort food. Went to Baker's Square for supper and had crispy chicken tenders, fries and pie. Yummy but very salty and a lot of calories.
    7. 197.8 lbs (+0.8) - Didn't think I ate that badly yesterday.

    Total Weekly Loss: +1.4
    Total April Loss: +1.4

    8. 197.0 lbs (-0.8)
    9. 196.2 lbs (-0.8)
    10. 195.6 lbs (-0.6) - I peed a ton yesterday so I was hoping for more of a loss. Oh well. At least I'm back to 195.
    11. 196.6 lbs (+1.0) - WTF!!! I am PISSED about this. I am doing everything right. Weighing my food religiously, staying between 1200-1500 calories and getting 10K steps a day. I even did some extra cardio and I GAIN weight. I'm taking a few days off from weighing. It's driving me mad. I'll stick to my diet for the next few days and come back on Monday with a new, hopefully lower weight.
    12. DNW
    13. DNW
    14. DNW

    Total Weekly Loss: -3.0
    Total April Loss: -1.6

    15. 194.0 lbs (-2.6)
    16. 193.6 lbs (-0.4)
    17. 193.4 lbs (-0.2)
    18. 193.6 lbs (+0.2)
    19. 193.6 lbs (0) - I binged on Easter candy last night and ate almost 1,000 calories over my limit. I thought for sure I was going to see a gain. I'm glad I didn't but I'm going to eat on the low end of my calorie range the next few days to make up for it.
    20. 193.6 lbs (0)
    21. DNW - Ate too much yesterday and didn't want to see a gain. I went out to eat today in addition to all the candy I ate this morning so I'm not going to weigh-in this week. I'm going to work my butt off with my diet and exercise and come back on the 29th and see where I'm at.

    Total Weekly Loss: ???
    Total April Loss: ???

    22. DNW
    23. 194.2 lbs (+0.6) - I know I said I was taking a break from weighing but I couldn't help myself. This gain wasn't as bad as I thought.
    24. 194.0 lbs (-0.2) (TOM)
    25. 193.8 lbs (-0.2) (TOM)
    26. DNW
    27. DNW
    28. DNW

    Total Weekly Loss: +1.8
    Total April Loss: +0.4

    29. 196.0 lbs (+2.2)
    30. 195.2 lbs (-0.8)

    April 1: 195.6 lbs
    May 1: 194.0 lbs - Not even close to my goal.
    Goal: 189.6 lbs

    Total April Weight Loss: -1.6 lbs - At least I lost something.

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