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Default Binging Help


I am having been lurking for the last few weeks and found this forum very helpful! I have lost 28kg in the last six months and worked really hard to stick to my eating plan. The last two weeks I have really struggled sticking to the plan and have binged probably every couple of days. Iím lost and donít know what to do! Any suggestion or people with similar issues? Thanks
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Hi KellyAnne, I just saw your post and it speaks to me. Congrats on your weight loss! This is exactly what I have been going through. I was cruising along OP and went on a vacation on Dec 6 and that was the beginning of the binging. After I got back, I struggled to get back on track. Earlier this week I started a daily challenge to stay OP to make me accountable for my actions. Whether good or bad, I've logged in and it is helping me to want to stay OP and not binge. I also got rid of all the foods in my house that are red light foods for me and I am forcing myself to exercise every day. For me, exercise seems to help with binging.

I hope you're doing better with the binging.
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@KellyAnne Hi! Hopefully you're still around, even if lurking Moreover, hopefully you've found the answer to your binge questions. But if not, and for anyone who may be struggling with binge eating, this is what I've found that works for me:
  • Have an early bedtime. Seriously. If I'm in bed by 9 p.m., there's no time for late night munchies.
  • Drink water. Ugh. I used to hate when people would say this, but it works. After two bottles I'm feeling full enough to go to sleep (and wake up two hours later to pee lol).
  • Walk it off. I give myself rules: I can snack if I walk. Sometimes just the thought of walking (after a long day, especially) is so awful, that I pass on the snack.
  • Love yourself. Super corny, but it's true. It's not the end of the world if you trip up one day. Pick yourself up, and move forward. My husband has to remind me to do this last one, but psychologically, it's made a huge difference in how I view setbacks in my diet.
Anyone else have any tips for preventing binge eating/breaking the cycle?
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