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Default I'm also back after a long hiatus and now a 30 something

I was super active on here 8 to 9 years ago and managed to lose 65 lbs and kept it off for 5 years! I then had a baby...whomp whomp lol. I have not been able to lose the last 30lbs from him and just continue to lose and put back on 15 of those lbs. it was so hard for a while I actually went and had blood work done to make sure it wasn't a medical issue. My doctor took one look at me and told me I was "older now, and would never lose weight like I did in my 20's" uhggg. Anyways the only thing I did differently the first time was I had this place as a support group, so here I am again to keep myself accountable 😁 Excited to be rejoining you all.
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Hey Jackie! I too, was a part of 3FC many years ago. I really enjoyed the support I got and the ability to talk about my struggles and victories. Hopefully, coming back will make a difference! However, just looking around...things seem to be really dead, which makes me sad.

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I'm back as well. I lost a lot and then put it all back on after I got married. So here I am trying this again.
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I'm back after four years! I managed to keep my weight more or less stable, even though I wasn't at my goal weight. But in the last year, I've managed to put on over 15 pounds. I just logged in so I don't know if activity has picked up in the last month. I'm glad to find you all here though. Even if there are only a few of us, it's still something
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I used to be a bit active here about 10 years ago when I was 20 something. Now I am 30 something, have 2 kids and trying to lose second baby weight forever. It's kinda sad that things seem quite dead around here, not as fun as it used to be.
I have gained 16 kgs for second baby.. I lost actually 14 kg already. However, my ultimate goal is to lose another 8kg Hope to find supports from you guys back
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Same here ladies! I wish I would have remembered my OG profile info from 5-ish years ago! I started this one up last year and then just never found the motivation. I started back in 2012 I think after I had my baby and lost 50 lbs in a year and was feeling great! Then I got a full time desk job and my baby continued to grow up and the rest is history! Hoping to get back into the swing of things and get back to losing weight again! We can do this because you know what? We have done it before!
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I'm in the same boat OP! My story is much like everyone else's here... I got a desk job, stopped moving around and in 4 years went from 140 pounds to 183. I'm now in grad school and am moving around more, am down to 165 but seem to have hit a plateau and now I'm feeling discouraged. Hoping that the community here will help me stay accountable
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