Daily Puzzle?

  • Are we still going to do the Daily Puzzle?
  • Sorry!! I think Lauren and I have both been busy. I was coming to do it just now. It'll be up in just a few mins . Feel free to post the links if you make it here before we do.
  • Sorry Noodles!! I am without my PC....having serious problems, can't even turn it on now! I hate using DH's Mac, which is what I"m on now. I tried to copy and paste the link the other day for the puzzle, but it doesn't work the same way with the Mac. I got aggravated...
  • Ahh tis ok! I understand completely about the MAC thing. The funny thing is before I came here, I use to go to that site directly. It was nice coming here and having others to compare times with. Let's me know how slow I am! hehehe..