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Default I'm new here. Hello, 30-somethings!

Full confession to follow. TL;DR, skip to the bottom for goals.

Hey there 30-Somethings, I'm completely new here. I joined because I need to lose about 40 pounds to get back to a healthy BMI, and forums have helped me get my act together in the past.

I'm 32, a mother of two, and I was doing really well last July when I lost about 20lbs. Since then I have gained it all back. I need to get back to my old routine and try to make my progress and lifestyle changes stick permanently. I'm currently 200 lbs and 5'7", and I want to get back to 160, which is the last weight I really felt fit. I would really like to get down to 150 or 140, but I'm not sure if that will be possible with my frame.

I've got bad habits in the food choices I make, the amounts I consume, and the amount of snacking I do. I'm a stress eater. Compounding the issue, I make my living as an author, and I do a lot of sitting when I'm not doing the stay at home mom stuff. I have a walking desk, but haven't been great about using it.

So, it's nice to meet you all, and I hope to get to know some of you better over time! Thanks for keeping me accountable!

So, here are my goals:

1) Start using my walking desk 3 days a week.

2) Religiously track my calories.

3) Stop unhealthy snacking between meals. ("unhealthy" defined as binging on foods I know I shouldn't be eating)

4) Read this forum daily, even if I don't post anything new.
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Awesome!!! Look forward to following your results. I personally started a new program as my wife made me. after our 2nd child she have gained over 50 pounds. Her friends got her an amazing program and in 3 months she was able to drop half that weight. She's now got me doing my first 30 day far so good, down 12 pounds and really feeling the energy boom!!
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Welcome! I am lucky enough to be a teacher which keeps me really active. Your goals sound really good and maintainable! My one piece of advice would maybe be to pre-plan what you're having for a snack. I get in trouble when I don't have anything planned, get busy with work, and then suddenly I'm starving so I find myself reaching for a candy bar or something convenient. Also, I have a tupperware of cherry tomatoes that I take to work, and I eat those whenever I feel like munching on something. That helps break the habit of reaching for candy or chips. Also, if you can plan a snack that you REALLY enjoy (as opposed to something boring like celery and peanut butter), that will also help prevent you from binge eating, because you'll look forward to your healthy snack!

Hope that helps and good luck! <3
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great job!
I'm new too...but encouraging you as well
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Hi there! I am also in my 30s (33) with two kiddos! I am 5'5" and I started at 243 and have lost 20lbs since May. I would love to get down to 150 and then reevaluate from there. At one point in my adult life I did weigh 135 but not sure if that is realistic at this point. Just trying to take it day by day right now and lose 2lbs or so a week.
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