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Default What I will not miss the most about being overweight...

So, I was bathing yesterday- and I noticed it was easier washing parts of my body that were difficult to reach. Ugh, I know. But, I was thinking at this time..

I will NOT miss being out of breath trying to shave my legs

And SOON I will Not miss wondering if I can fit in an airplane seat

I will also NOT miss the way my chest and neck feel like I'm being strangled every night!

Anyone else? Let's have some fun and encourage one another! What are some things you aren't going to miss the most?!
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I will not miss;

1/. Being ashamed to go clothes shopping cos nothing in the shop fits me.
2/. Feeling like a frump around friends.
3/. Being out of breath whenever I exert myself.
4/. Aching joints
5/. My muffin top and multiple chins!
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I will not miss:
- being frustrated when shopping for clothes
- not having enough energy
- being embarassed in a bathing suit
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I will not miss how seeing myself in photos with my son makes me feel terrible for ruining an adorable picture. I want to be cute with him!
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squeezing myself into swimsuits
worrying if i have anything nice to wear that fits when my man wants to take me out
feeling like the ugliest person in the room
the sadness i feel when i look in the mirror and see what ive done to my body
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What I won't miss most of all is not being able to breathe when doing something that should NOT be difficult!
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I will not miss,
feeling low and ugly
feeling paranoid that people are looking at my big belly
trouble looking for clothes to wear specially on special occasions
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I will not miss:

Wearing clothes that are ill-fitted. It's hard to find stuff that looks good on me. I inherited my dad's pot belly.
Impact on knees while jumping etc.
Feeling invisible to the opposite sex. (It changes once smaller cause I've been smaller).
Low mood & self-consciousness about appearance.

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Not dating.
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I will NOT miss my extra chins, having my belly poke out farther than my bosom, and contorting myself to trim my toenails!
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There are so many things that i will not miss.
Always thinking about how fat I look.
thinking about what other people are thinking when I walk by them.
Not google the size of an airplane seat, because I was worried.
Being a really poor hiking partner to my husbond.
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I will not miss:

1. Being frustrated shopping for nice clothes
2. Being out of breath from just trying to shave my legs or bending down to tie my shoes
3. Being the biggest person in a group photo
4. Feeling sore and tired easily when exercising
5. Cankles and extremely flabby arms
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I won't miss --

1. Not fitting well into my clothes
2. The feeling of something akin to pain whenever I need to crouch to pick something up from the floor
3. Not being able to breathe well when I sit down, as my protruding belly seems to hinder my breathing
4. Feeling like a whale


Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight
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This is a good thread! It makes me sad that we are all so down about our appearance. Even though I'm there right with you guys....I guarantee you guys are beautiful and shouldn't shy away from pictures and that you think you look way worse than you...and appearance is just one part of the equation. Why is it so easy to see in others but not in ourselves?

I won't miss:
-Feeling like I'm not good enough to date, or being nervous about going on a first meet because pictures look better than IRL
-Feeling like a lazy slug because I can't motivate myself to do anything. Fitness, cook, meal plan, whatever.
-Planning activities for my kids around what I can do. Bike ride distance, hiking distance, how long we paddleboard. I don't need to be super fit. I never will be, I'm not built that way...but I sure as heck will be able to do whatever they want!!
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I won't miss the lack of energy, clothes not fitting, feeling tired and depressed, and high blood pressure.
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