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Noodles913 08-31-2003 05:38 AM

Pictures! New Ones Added Daily!
Just wanted to show you some pictures...
Arizona Giant Saguaro Cactus Flower Bloom...
hubby had to stand up tall and then hold the camera up even higher to snatch this pic of the flower. They only bloom once a year! Pretty huh..this flower is about the size of a sunflower!

Noodles913 08-31-2003 05:40 AM

Here's 1 of our Barrel Cactus blooming in the yard...after the flowers bloom they wilt and turn brown but then they grow this pineapple looking thing under the brown wilted leaves..looks like a mini pineapple!

Noodles913 08-31-2003 05:49 AM

https://publish.comcast.net/clipart/...s/bttns026.gifHere's 1 of an Ocotillo blooming...don't get near these things though cause if you get too close..well..you can see why...

Noodles913 08-31-2003 05:54 AM

And here is one of my favorites...The "Rat Tail" cactus! I picked this one up at the swap meet in December 2002. I felt sorry for it because it was brown, full of ants, etc..& the guy was going to throw it away so...I took it home and nursed it back to health and here it is...blooming! Well, the BIRDS eat the blooms (that's why there's only one on here) but I did manage to get a pic of this one before it got plucked off and eaten too.
Close Up Of Flower...

Noodles913 08-31-2003 06:08 AM

https://publish.comcast.net/clipart/...s/burst011.gifAnd here is my giant 20 pound kitty Cosmo...

Noodles913 08-31-2003 06:16 AM

https://publish.comcast.net/clipart/...s/burst004.gifAnd here's Comet...(nicknamed Kitten)
5 Weeks Old...

And...Here's the brat now!!

Enjoy! I'll post more tomorrow for ya..:)

Angel Lynn

Noodles913 09-01-2003 04:11 AM

August 31st Pics..
Here's my lone African Violet. I have had this one since 1998. It's the only one that hasn't died on me! It even managed to survive the trip from Oregon to Tucson so I guess it loves me. :D
Close up of the flower..the white stuff on the leaves is from the minerals the water leaves behind when it drys on the leaves. We have very hard water here in Tucson. Thank God for pumice stones!

LBH 09-01-2003 09:36 AM

beautiful pics Angel!!

Noodles913 09-01-2003 02:41 PM

Thanks! I meant to post more but I got too tired last night. I'll post some more though here shortly. I'll try to put 1 or 2 up a day..I have hundreds so I can keep everyone photo entertained for about a year or so. :lol: Enjoy!


Noodles913 09-01-2003 03:29 PM

And here we have a genuine Organ Pipe Cactus plant. This one is in my bathroom. It's the only plant I can keep up there on my counter that the kitten doesn't get into. I got it last August and it has doubled in size in a year. Amazing what a little cactus fertilizer and a lot of love can do...:)

Noodles913 09-01-2003 03:52 PM


And here is my doggie, Taco. We got her in May 2002 at the local Humane Society. The poor thing had been abused, neglected, and abandoned and was skinny as a rail. She was the adult doggie in with a litter of pups...we went up to look at the pups and she came up to the cage door and rubbed against it like take me take me! So..we took her home and she'd been in paradise ever since! (Well for a dog). She even has her own little bed on my side of the bed complete with a pillow and blankie. Spoiled!! But she's worth it! 100%. I :love: my doggie.

Doggie in May 2002. (About a week after we brought her home)
And here she is now...Much healthier!

Skinny4baby 09-01-2003 04:07 PM

I love your pictures!!...Your animals are beautiful/precious!..I always say if I were mega rich..I would own 100!..I like your little mice quilt too!..Do you quilt?

Noodles913 09-01-2003 04:14 PM

Thanks Skinny4Baby!

No I don't quilt. I'm not that talented. hehehee My mother-in-law does though..she made that quilt you see Comet sitting on. She made the one on our bed too...the double wedding ring one. I think she said it took her 7 years to make. Incredible! She also makes these little kit thingys and travels around the western united states going to different quilt shows to sell her goods. I have patience but not THAT much patience! I'll post a pic here of the quilt...have to upload it..brb.

Noodles913 09-01-2003 04:22 PM

Here is the quilt she made for us.
My husband drew the rats you see on the quilt there. I also put up the close-up pic of his drawings. (NOTE: We don't smoke...The ratties he drew smoking were how he invisioned his former pet ratties personalities if they were human instead of rats.) He has also had some of his humor cartoons published in magazines, and is currently working on Christmas cards for this one magazine. Finally he is getting paid for his artwork!! (ok not much $$ but..its the "status" that counts right?:lol: )
Here they are close-up. Hub hand drew all of these!! The M-i-l transferred them onto iron-on paper.

Neat huh!

Noodles913 09-01-2003 04:30 PM

Rat Bath Time Pics!
Ok..Here's a couple of pics of my ratties getting their weekly bath.

Mom..I want out now! (Little black one there (name is 8-Ball) with his front feet on the side of the tub).

A good rat is a clean rat. :mouse:

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