Workout confusion...

  • I am returning after being away for a while and putting on 10 additional and jiggly pounds. Needless to say I am not too happy.

    I broke down and bought the 21 Day Fix and got it in a few days ago. My problem is knowing the right time of day to workout that will be to my full advantage. I work the night shift, 7pm-7am 4 days a week and so hearing all the "day people" talk about working out at all different times confuses me.

    I have never been one to work out before, which is probably why I am where I am.... so I am lost and confused. I am willing to listen to all advise given.
  • The best time to workout is the one that is most convenient and comfortable for you.

    For me, I like to workout before breakfast and before lunch.

    Why? Because I have more energy in the mornings. I also cannot workout on a full stomach as that makes me sh!t. I also like to eat after I workout so working out before a meal stops me snacking.

    But on some days it don't always work like that, so you also need to flexible.

    In your shoes, I would try working out just before you go to work and working out on your days off. But read my first sentence...
  • I did 12 hour nights. Sometimes 16 hours. I didn't even try to work out on my shift days. It's not like your usually sitting much anyway. (Guessing your a nurse or something similar). If I wasn't working I tried to hit the gym. Sometimes after my last shift I'd try to hit the gym before going to sleep.
    I thought do never like. 8s, but now I'd never go back to 12s.

    Good luck!
  • I would love to get away from 12's, and I hate nights. but with this program I have to work out everyday for 21 days. I'm thinking that I will do it when I get home in the am. Then crash! I just didn't know if that was, I guess efficient. I guess we will see.
  • I work 10 hour days. (6am-4pm) I absolutely used it as an excuse not to work out.

    IanG gave me a reality check when I posted about needing help figuring out the schedule. He basically said I had to make time if it was important to me. He's 100% right.

    With that being said, the best time to work out is anytime, as there is no wrong time to work out.

    What I've figured out is that if I schedule it into my day and make it just another meeting, I'll do it. So, now my calendar has different "meetings" on it that prompt me to work out.

    I prefer working out in the AM because of the energy boost it gives me, but starting my shift at 6am makes getting up at 330am pretty unrealistic. I've started changing into my workout clothes before I leave work and heading straight to the gym. The changing before leaving routine has really helped me.
  • I alternate early morning workouts with pre-dinner workouts.

    I am the manager at a mfg shop so I have to open the doors at 5:40 am. Half of my mornings I go back home and get a 20-25 minute video in before I get ready for work and return by 7:30 am. Other days I get caught up with employees and only have time to get ready for work and have to squeeze my workout in when I get home.

    I prefer working out when I wake up because the kids are asleep and I can focus on me. However, my muscles are not as loose and I feel stiff for almost the whole workout even when I warm-up and get a good stretch. Evenings are hard because the kids and baby are needing attention or in my way but my joints and muscles are more warmed up and I get a better workout.
  • Quote: The best time to workout is the one that is most convenient and comfortable for you.
    ^^^ That^^^ Find what works FOR YOU. Experiment. Check how you feel after trying various times. I have heard numerous times "Don't work out in the evening" Well, guess what time I love to work out if I am doing it at home using my dvds? After my son is in bed, after 9pm at night. It does not bother me one bit to work out for an hour, shower, and then go to bed. "They" say not to do that. Well, some of them say it anyway. But it works for me. So I do it. Sometimes, it's just a matter of trial and error. Don't give up!
  • Holy Cow! I just finished my first day workout with the 21 day fix and I want to die. I did the modified workout for most of it and I still want to die..... ugh!