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Smile In need of support: Would love your weight loss tips

Hey there, what a relief to find this forum! If you have two minutes, I would LOVE for you to read about my situation and offer ANY suggestions/advice you may have:

I have recently been diagnosed with AFS at 37 years of age and hypothyroidism (mildly low free T3 only). I am raised on a clean diet and my natural way of eating is very 'paleo' by coincidence.

Since diagnosis two months ago (as I noticed sudden fluid retention, weight gain, hair thinning and irritability), I immediately went on a 'Paleo Cleanse' - purchased 21 day detox program monitored by my Dr. I lost the weight, hair thinning slowed down and I had more energy than ever. After two weeks of detoxing, the fatigue came back. By the end of my 21 day detox, I was back to extreme fatigue again and now, two weeks later, the fluid retention is building up again. I'm going backwards!

My doctor now seems to think that because my symptoms are creeping back, that it all in fact must be psychosomatic. I could scream!

My diet is: Gluten free. Grain free. Dairy free. Caffeine free. Alcohol free. Life free Full of fresh veggies (low GI veggies), I balance it with protein at each meal (5-6 small meals per day) and drink filtered water. Licorice tea.

I take the following supplements: Zinc + copper, selenium (plus my two brazil nuts), magnesium before bed, a strong multi, an adrenal support tablet, fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin B6 w Folic Acid and B12. I sleep 8-10 hrs per night now.

I find it very hard to exercise but walk 15-30 mins per day. I used to weight train 5 days per week (not too hard) and do cardio. I LOVE exercising but find it so hard to do without falling over. My legs are just asleep!

Any tips as to HOW I CAN SHIFT THE WEIGHT. I don't know what else I could possibly do without exhausting my adrenals. I am trying to be sensible and compliant and am known as the 'healthy and fit chick' - but my body seems STUCK.

I would LOVE your suggestions. Thanks so much for reading
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Sorry what is afs? When I google it I get a bunch of different things
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Cleaneater..what is wrong with your current weight?You seem to be eating very well.The weight comes off very slowly when one reaches the lower weight.Perhaps you could maintain as you are for a while and try to lose a few further pounds after giving your body a rest.You seem to be doing all the right things.
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