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Default Weighing in

When do you weigh yourself? Do you always try to do same time of day? Same kind of clothes? Shoes or no shoes?

Just curious!
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I weigh myself every morning at home, after going to the bathroom and before getting dressed.

For my "official" weekly weigh-in, I go to a WW meeting. I try to wear the same pants and a light-weight shirt, socks but no shoes.
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I weigh myself every morning after I get up. Even though I check daily, my official weigh-in is Monday morning. I usually wear the same type of shorts and t-shirt to bed but I don't think those make that big of a difference when I weigh myself.
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Oh I have never ever worn clothes on a scale if I could help it. I feel sorry for my scale if it has eyes.... Haha. I usually weigh myself every morning. I tried to only do it once a week, but I don't have a whole lot else goin on to distract me, so every day it is.
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I weigh in the morning after I wake up and use the bathroom. We have a scale in each bathroom, one analog one digital, but I get on both. Sometimes they don't match up so great. My pjs are usually lightweight so I keep my clothes on, but if I'm wearing some thick sweatpants or something I will take them off and weigh again.
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Sunday morning, birthday suit. Luckily the only person I live with is my cat, so she has to deal with it. The numbers are so high, I don't want anything that may add to it.
I have heard it is best to weigh yourself in the morning, about 15 mins after you wake up, before you have a shower.
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Just randomly anytime during the day when I dont mind seeing the huge number on the scale!
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first thing in the am in my birthday clothes though, i've noticed i'm lightest around noon (i was down to 176.5 about 10 minutes ago, whereas i was 179.5 at 5:30 when i get up)
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Morning, after using the bathroom, before getting anything to eat or drink, completely naked in the bathroom. On days I remember to do it. Sometimes that's a Monday, sometimes that's an everyday.

I am keeping a graph, the idea is the average total, not the daily. It's nice to see a downward pattern, high slopes are great as well!
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