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Default I lost 13 pounds! WOOHOO

Hey everyone, I am so happy to say i've lost 13 pounds. I replaced 1-2 meals a day with my Mean Green High Energy Machine Shake every day for 3 weeks. I was 290 at the beginning of the year and just weighed myself today and I'm 277. Now I am amazed because I don't exercise, I eat good for 5 days and then break, I order chinese or eat dairy queen or pizza or CHOCOLATE! Lots of chocolate! So I'm so glad that this stuff works to speed up your metabolism. I am so encouraged now to workout and do better.

I wanted to share my shake recipe with all of you cause it keeps me full for 5-6 hours and it has everything you need and plenty of it.

I drink this shake in the morning and 5 hours later have it for lunch. SO it makes enough for 2 meals. I wouldn't drink it at night cause it does give you a lot of energy.

Mean Green High Energy Machine Shake - This is enough for 2 meals.

Nature's Bounty Complete Protein Powder - CHOCOLATE - 2 scoops

Any kind of protein powder is good but this one has everything, fiber, tons of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, flaxseed. Look online for $2 off coupons and CVS or Walgreens sometimes have buy 1 get 1 free. Its about $18 for one container. 13 servings, so I got buy 1 get 1 free plus $4 off (2 $2 coupons) My months supply was only $14 Bucks.

2 scoops Vitacost Whole Food Shake - VANILLA

Check vitacost out they have great deals going on, 25% off this item plus 10% off with Set and save so Under $19 bucks for a month supply and when you drink this it can replace your multi-vitamin, u get everything you need.

Jif Natural Honey Peanut Butter 2tbs

(Any kind you like is fine) $10 bucks a month

Vitacost Spirulina Powder - 1tsp

$19.99 - 35% off with discounts $13.49 for 5 month supply, So under $3 a month

Healthworks Raw Maca Powder - 1tsp

1 pound Bag $12.99 on Amazon - I take 1-2 tsp daily so thats a 3 month supply for around $4 a month

2 Vitacost Acai Berry Capsules

(I open them up and pour the powder in, u can take them normally but when I do this I get more energy and feel fuller longer)
$8.99 - 35% off = $6.07 for 2 months supply About $3 a month

1-2 Cups Soy Milk

Its up to u, Sometimes I use 2c, other times I use 1 cup and 3 cups water. (Any kind of low-fat milk is fine) About $10 a month

2-3 cups water

$63 bucks a month for 2 meals. That's a pretty good deal. Now you don't have to add spirulina or maca or acai berry. I mixed both of the shakes and soy milk & water together without anything else and its still filling. I stay full for 3-4 hours. I still have energy and feel great but when I add the extra I can't tell you how amazing I feel. And I'm full for over 5-6 hours. With no hunger pains, cravings. Energy lasts all day.

Now the taste - for me the chocolate & vanilla shakes and peanut butter mask the taste of the spirulina. Which is good cause spirulina on its own is not yummy in anyway shape or form. But the health Benefits are well worth the bad taste. Its really good for u. The Maca alone tastes pretty good. Now this is raw Maca so it can upset your stomach a little. So u might wanna leave that out of the shake or just boil a little bit of water and mix and then add it to the shake. It has a malty nutty flavor and I like it. I don't know how the acai berry tastes cause I can't taste it at all. If you have a few minutes research these supplements online. See which one is perfect for you.

In one shake I get Healthy fats, Essential Fatty Acid Seed Blend, Digestive Enzyme Blend, Green Superfoods, Mushroom Defense Blend, high B Vitamin Complex, calcium, Magnesium, Well over 100% of every vitamin and mineral you need plus Herbs for Immunity, skin, nails, hair, eyes, bone health, energy, and focus plus amino acids which are important for overall health.
So $63 bucks a month is well worth is. Going out to dinner 3-4 times would cost you more.

Of course before trying any new vitamins or herbs talk to your doctor and do research to see which 1 is best for you. If you're taking any medication it is really important to do your research. I take Zoloft, I have no negative side effects. but that's just me. Its different for everyone.
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Wow!! That is exciting and a great drop!! What an amazing combination you found tthat works so well for you. Looking forward to your upcoming inspirational posts!!
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That's great! I'm also a smoothie fan. I don't always add greens to it, but usually I add bananas, protein powder, along with other fruits like mango, cherries or whatever frozen fruit I have. Apples are great in smoothies!
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Thanks so much, yea I juice too and Love apple juice. I never tried them in smoothies, I might give that a try.
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I am a shakes girl myself. I enjoy using 2 shakes and then eating a meal. I agree one day off is the key to not go insane and not insult family members with your eating.
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