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KarenK 03-11-2001 06:16 PM

Hi guys!! Looks like we've all been busy. I tried to get on earlier, but the site was down for maintenance. I've been a nervous wreck all day because SCHOOL STARTS ON TUESDAY!! :eek: :spin: (love this one!!) They cancelled orientation last week because of the snow so I don't even know where to go when I get there!! I feel like a five year old on the first day of kindergarten!! I've been cross-stitching all day in an effort to calm my nerves!!

Hope everyone is having a super weekend!! :wave:

LBH 03-12-2001 12:35 AM

Hi All,

OK, so there's 5 1/2 days left!! :eek: I think I'm past being nervous, I really, really just want it over with!! Jim and I had another huge fight today...we were both screaming and yelling at each other. Talked to my friend that got married last July, and she was reminding me how she and her DH fought all the time then. I remember saying to Jim, they're gonna be divorced before they get married!! Well, everything is fine with them now. I think one of our problems that may linger after the wedding, that we will have to work on is this: I grew up in a matriarchal family, since my dad passed away when I was a toddler, my mom made all the decisions. So that is what I am used to. Jim grew up in a patriarchal family, his dad being a dominating figure, so that is what he is used to. We will have to both learn to give a little. I have been trying very hard to let him make decisions, or when I have a plan, review it with him and ask him if that's OK. One of the problems I have with him is that he does not open his mouth if he disagrees with me. He claims that he will do anything, as long as I'm happy. I tell him I don't want him to do something just because it makes me happy, because then he's in a crappy mood! I know a load will be lifted once we're married, back from the honeymoon and in a rut...neither of us is real good with change, but I think I handle it a little better than him. I know he's having financial stress too. I'm used to being happy if there's still 40.00 in the checking account come payday...he's stressed if there's less than 100.00 in his! I'm not super-worried about things working out though, I'm just gonna let it ride until after it's all over.

Karen- Good luck in school Tuesday!!

Vicki- I wish there was something you could do for me...unfortunately there's nothing anyone can do except pray that all goes well!! We're in the final stretch!!

Hmm...can I not review the previous posts?? Am I missing something here? I can only see the last post! :?:

Oh well, tomorrow's my last day at work until after the honeymoon!! WooHoo!! Have a good one all!!

Lauren :dizzy:

Rabbit 03-12-2001 09:03 PM

Hi all. I still haven't checked out the smilies - where are they? I sure like some of them - they're so cute!

Hope you all are having a good week in the battle of the bulge.

Karen - yes, I had a great week. Thanks. We opened a new store and it's a lot of work, but I really like it.:) What are you cross stitiching? Good luck at your class. I totally understand your nervousness, but I am sure you will be fine.:)

RR - hope you all get well soon!

Lauren - oh, the stress! I'm sure you guys will be fine when this week is over. Think of the fun relaxing honeymoon.


Rabbit 03-12-2001 09:09 PM

Found them.:smug:

Rabbit :wave:

KarenK 03-12-2001 10:27 PM

Hi all!! Just got back from the movies. We went to see 15 Minutes. Ugh. That's about all I can say about it!!
We saw Erin Brokovich last night on TV and I didn't care much for it either. Guess I'm not doing well picking movies.

Lauren: 5 days!! Oh My Goodness!! I understand your nerves. DH and I had a big fight the night before we got married. I think everyone does just from pure nerves.

Rabbit: I know that you've said before, but what store do you work for again? I've got a brain like a seive. That's what scares me most about going back to school. I'm working on a big cross stich of a house with flowers and a swing in front. There is an afghan in the swing and that's what I'm working on. Right now it's white and ecru on a white background and I'm going nuts trying to figure out where I am when I lay it down!!

Hope all you guys are doing well!! :wave:

RoadRunner 03-13-2001 12:20 AM

Hello all!!

Lauren--I think it is stress cuz Refman and I yelled at each other the first time ever..I got upset cuz the kids hate me(not really--when I am running fever and feel miserable I imagine things)and yelled at him that I was going home to my cats where I knew I was loved by everyone in the whole house!!!!!Weird-but I am really getting nervous and I have 58 days at least!!!I will be with U in spirit on Sat!!!What time??????

At home today---angry cuz [email protected] cableman came and disconnected the @home cable and left the tv cable and I don't even own a tv!!!!I have been without internet since Sunday and I hate Refmans slow phone connect!!!!The cable people say they will send someone out between the hours of 8-8pm--soo just stay home and wait!!!Hmmmmmmmm...why can't we do business like that??????

WEll off to bed..I am babysitting and waiting up for Refman to get home from reffing!!!

No excercise to report--will add up totals when I get home and have the internet again!!!
Take care all!

Punkinseed 03-13-2001 02:45 PM

Hi everyone!!! :wave:

It's been a crazy week - so I feel a little outta the loop... I think my Mexican food free for all snuck up on me this week, and I won't even mention the coffee and cookie-fest that was our bowling tournament award ceremony... :dz:

I'm down 1/2 pound - so I guess I got lucky...

LBH - I'll keep you in my thoughts this weekend. How's the weather looking for your wedding? I'm sure everything will be just wonderful and I know you're just fighting because of the stress of everything. I know my ex and I fought about the dumbest things, so did my best friend last October... huge, stupid, pointless stressed out fight. But once the "I do's" are done it'll be much calmer.

Everyone else... have an awsome week - what's left of it anyway!


LBH 03-13-2001 04:37 PM

Hi All,

In between running errands! Went to p/u the marriage license and realized I only had $8 and an empty checkbook on me! Had to come home for some checks!Going to p/u rings today too.

The wedding is at 4:00 PM, and as of right now the weather forcast is good! It was supposed to rain all day Friday and Saturday...which would be just my luck. Then last night I saw the 5 day forecast and saw rain Friday and partly sunny and 45 on Saturday, so I went to sleep happy (we won't talk about the horrible dream I had!) Then my Aunt called me at 7:18 this AM (I was not a happy camper!) to tell me that she saw the forecast and it said sunny and 51 for Saturday!! I forgave her for waking me up! :D

Gotta run, hope everyone's having a great week! :D

TechAlum 03-13-2001 05:50 PM

Hello Everyone,

It's already been a long week and it's only Tuesday. I think I need to stop and pick up a Lotto ticket someone needs to win, maybe it'll be me. ;)

We went to the swing dance with the alumni from school last week, and I was so bummed they played lots of concert type stuff and not much dance music. But it was fun anyway. :) On Saturday we went to learn how to make maple syrup. It was geared mostly towards kids (it was a family class) but we learned a lot and had fun.

I took a mental health day yesterday, I was hoping to get stuff done around the house to help get it ready to sell, but I ended up doing mostly R&R it was great. Ended up locking the beast outside this morning though because he didn't want me to leave, and so wouldn't come back in. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I feel guilty.

LBH - sounds like you've got everything under control. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you. :D I'm sure it's the stress causing the arguments.

Terri - Congrats on the 1/2 lb. We have to take them any way we can get them. :)

Karen - Hope school goes well today (or went well).

RR - I'm with you on wanting to work like the cable people, or the phone company, we'll get to you sometime..... Hope everything's up and working for you soon. And hush about the arguments, K and I are moving in together before the wedding so I won't have anywhere to run to.....

Rabbit - Glad to see you back.

Well, I'm sure there are posts I missed from last week, but I need to get going to WW, and then I'm trying a new recipe for dinner. :)

Have a great week everyone!!!!

- Tech :dizzy:

Rabbit 03-13-2001 08:23 PM

Hi all. I tried to post later last night but it wouldn't let me - glad I'm not still having that problem!!

Karen - The stores are called "Dry Ice". They're real fun home furnishing type stores for the young crowd (although I also buy some stuff there for my mom!). Anyway, we have lava lamps, candles, puff chairs, all kinds of cool stuff. Sort of like a spencer but lots better and nothing in poor taste. I always forget what everyone does too. Sounds like a cool cross stitch thing you are working on. I'm doing a Thanksgiving bread cover at the moment.:)

RR - Hope the cable people made it!

Punkin - hooray for the 1 pound loss!

Lauren - hope that weather is great for the big day!:0

Tech - cool about taking the mental health day!:cool:

Better run - dinner is about ready.

Rabbit :wave:

RoadRunner 03-13-2001 11:23 PM

Hello again!!!
I think I lost the entire post somewhere!!Too weird-it just disappeared!!!!Cable man came this afternoon at 5PM--I think I am switching to DSL when I move--any problems with that service??????

Mileage/Excercise Points

Weekly Losers:D:D
This has been such a weird week Congrats to anyone else who lost or excercised!!!!

I am working both jobs tomorrow soo will not be able to excercise any--soo must restart again on Thursday!!!

Lauren-SEnding some more wishes for Saturday!!!
I have been looking at Ceremonies and things and found a beautiful poem for a friend to read about marriage..I also am thinking of writing something about us for her to read but not sure!!!I cried today--I think I am really scared-not about being married--but getting married!!--weird..but that is my thoughts!!

Tech--Hope all the plans are going good for U too!!..REfman is soo good to me that I would never let any arguements get in the way of anything--it is just hard when a child is involved that fights U almost every step of the way and belittles every plan made etc..but I still love her and know it will work out!!!!BTW--if U win the lottery--don't forget the old friends here!!!!

Everyone have a great evening!!!
Dani, Buffy--where are ya'll????

Rabbit 03-14-2001 01:46 PM

Hi all. Weigh in is tomorrow night. Boy, I hope I have a loss this week. Even a small one would make me happy and send me back on my way, I think. It can be so hard to stay motivated. I did so well starting off this year and want to keep it up.:spin:

RR - I understand - getting married can be scarey. Hang in there!:):D

Better run. Rabbit

KarenK 03-14-2001 10:34 PM

Hi guys!! Just a quick note. I am swamped with reading homework already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School was a drag last night but should be better from now on ( all the orientation stuff!!) It looks like I will be scarce around here Tuesday thru Thursday but I will try to catch up on the other days!!

Congrats to whoever that was who lost 1/2 pound!! Apologize for not remembering and not having time to look it up!

Yeah Lauren. Hang in there!!

Have a great night...................

Rabbit 03-15-2001 06:14 PM

Hi all. Weigh in is tonight - keep your fingers crossed for me!:)

Karen - hope you are enjoying your class! Strange to do all that homework again, huh?


PS - If anyone is interested in setting a short term goal (of any type) we'll be starting our Easter goals thread tomorrow. It's 4 weeks away. Join us! :^:

LBH 03-15-2001 06:46 PM

Easter Goal...
Hi All,

Rabbit- I will be interested in an Easter Goal...it's 4 wks. away? Hmm...that might be tough, but I'll think about what I'd like it to be...aside from adjusting to married life!! :D

Tech- How did WI go? What new recipe did you try?

RR- Both jobs?? Did I miss something, or are you refering to the mom job? ;)

Rabbit- Good luck at WI!!

Karen- Homework?! AAAHHH!! Have fun...hope class gets better!

I feel very calm...except for earlier today when I was printing out programs for the wedding and my computer decided to add some little funky symbols inbetween the prayer of dedication and the recessional...and I didn't notice until 24 of them had printed out!! :( Almost sent it through the front window...but that wouldn't look nice in pics, if we take any!!

I think it's gonna sink in either tomorrow night at the rehersal, or when I'm ready to walk down the aisle. And then there's still the fact that I think my mind thinks that we're just getting dressed up, throwing this big shin-dig, going on vacation, then coming back and continuing dating for the rest of our lives...does that make any sense to you all who are married?! Like it's going to hit really hard when we come home and home is the apartment, not our parents' houses, where we both live now!!

Anyway, I'm on my way up to the apartment now to bring up the bed linens and the rest of the presents. Have to finalize the music list too!

Have a great evening all!!

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