** Week of June 29th**

  • Hi All,

    I have renewed motivation this week!!! I went to the farm market near my mom and bought a whole lotta fruit and veggies!

    For $20.00 I got:

    bananas (.39/lb!)
    golden pineapple (2.99!)

    This AM I cut up the cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries and golden pineapple and mixed it together for fruit salad. I put them in bowls so all I have to do is grab a bowl and chow down. I washed the grapes, hung the bananas and set the peaches and plums in a basket. There's no excuse for me to not eat healthy and get my five a day in!

    Today I need to go grocery shopping, ran out of time yesterday.

    How's everyone's week going?
  • Hi All,

    I'm thinking of starting some new features, to keep things moving on our thread, and I'd like your opinions!

    What do you think of:

    Daily or Weekly Trivia?
    Daily jigsaw puzzle?

    How about bringing back the recipe thread? We could do a recipe of the week, or daily, depending on interest.

    Cooking tips?
    Household tips?

    I'll post some samples so you see what I mean.

    Oh, these would be on separate threads, not the "Week of..." thread.
  • Hi All,

    I went to a career seminar today, sponsored by the idiots that downsized me. It's a two day thing...go back again Wednesday. They give you a day inbetween to work on your resume. Mine is done, only have to change my last job description to past tense. It's pretty good soo far, and close to home. MIL & FIL watched Peter today, first time for all day. They all survived though. These people don't help you find a job, just give you the resoursed to help in your search.
  • Hi guys,

    OK, I lost 20 pounds when Alex was born and I've gained back at least 13 (I weighed right after dinner, so I am going to re-weigh in the morning). I went grocery shopping this morning and got lots of fruits and veggies. I cut up a cantaloupe and have been absolutely pigging on it. That's better than the ice cream, cookies, candy I had been having.

    Edy's has some wonderful fruit bars that are from 80 - 120 cal depending on the flavor. They are very satisfying.

    OK little one is calling. Have a great evening.
  • Hello,

    OK you guys and your fruit and veggie shopping are making me feel guilty. Actually I did pick up some fruit to take to work it tastes so refreshing after melting outside all morning/day. I had to water the garden tonight since K's out of town, and there's a bunch of buds on the tomato plants I can't wait until I get to pick some fresh tomatoes!!!

    Not much going on otherwise, I've been so busy with school, homework and work I'm not sure which way is up right now. I do really need to get moving soon though .

    I was wondering if anyone else is interested in starting back up a excersise tracking system. Maybe if I'm challenged to post what I do each week it'll help me get moving. Just a thought.

    Anyway, need to take a shower and go read 2 more chapters on real estate BS (ugh). So I should probably log off.

    Have a great Holiday everyone if I don't get a chance to get back soon.

  • Tech,
    WE are on the way to the UP!!! DH has it all planned all the running places there...Hmmmm....running with a baby pack on my back???? Life has changed!!!
    Have a great time all and I will see everyone back July 15th!!!
  • Hi All,

    Tech- Yes, I'm interested, I think we should start tracking again...maybe it will be motivation?! I definitely need to get some exercise in...other than baby maintainence! Should we do it the way we used to, with a list at the top of the thread each week with our updated "miles"? Whoever starts the thread can copy and paste last week's and update the numbers.
  • Hi All,

    How was everyone's 4th? We went to DH's cousin's house. It was the first time we were there and hopefully the last for awhile! We had a really great time, it was nice to see them. They're great people, but their house smelled horrible!! It's like a zoo there, they have 2 german shepards, a pomerainian (sp), a ferret and 2 love birds!! The first thing you smell when you walk in is dog. Like, dirty dog. Thankfully they have leather furniture, but the smell is in the carpets and the whole house smells. I'm not Ms. Suzy Homemaker by any means, my house is usually a wreck, but it is cleaned for company and doesn't smell like cat...even though he poops on the rug all the time! We just tried to stay outside as much as possible, and just came in to cool off occassionally.

    We watched the fireworks that were in the local park from our driveway when we got home.

    Today we're probably just hanging out...cleaning or something. Tomorrow we're going to a lake with some friends and their kids.

    Hope everyone's enjoying themselves!!