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Default Weight Loss and Your Love Life

Hi all! New here! I'm 31 yrs old and recently seeing a great guy. Are you all single, dating, or married...and how has you weight loss impacted your love life or vice versa?

When I was with my ex, I gained a lot of weight. The relationship wasn't good and my self-esteem was low. Once we split, I lost some weight did the single thing and now I'm in a relationship again. My diet is a habit now, but I feel like my past relationship sparked my emotional eating at the time. It makes me a bit anxious at times in this one since its so brand new that I may turn to food during a spat or something like that.
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My exhusband was a addicted to fastfood, and would constantly bring it home. I lost about 40 pounds without even trying after I kicked him out. I do find that since my new husband and I have been living together 100% of the time that I have been more in maintenance mode, Haven't really lost or gained in a year and a half. I'm working on it now, but we have a routine and it's hard to break out of.
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I am single now, but 2 exes ago I was with an someone who was my little enabler. It was nothing to stop and get fast food and buy 3 times what we needed. I gained close to 100lbs in that relationship. I am thinking about putting my self back in scene, but I do worry that my current weight will put a significant drain on my prospects.
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I'm in a relationship and we hope to get married next year depending in money. I've never found any of my relationships to really impact my weight except one. When I was 17 I started dating a guy who had his own apartment. I spent most of my time there and between .....certain activities....and the fact he never seemed to have much food I lost probably 20, 30lbs.

My bf now is supportive of my "diet" and is understanding when I say I'd rather not go to McDonalds for dinner. It is a bit of a challenge since he is a big man, both hight and build (he plays defensive tackle) and he has a very physical job so he can EAT! I've had a hard time learning to not keep up with his eating but it's getting easier. Right now we don't live together, he just moved for a job so that makes eating hard to. He is staying in an extended stay type hotel and never has much in the way of real food so we eat out a lot when I'm hear. Hopefully I'll find a job soon and we can get into an apartment which will make eating healthier easier. I cannot imagine trying to do this without his support.
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Starting again
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I'm married. My DH has seen me go from 245 when we met, to 289 after having our daughter, and down to 205 while I was losing weight. I've gained twenty pounds in the past six months He doesn't care. I still have to fight him off sometimes.
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I'm single (never married). My weight hasn't ever affected my ability to date, per say, but i've noticed that when I was heavier, I'd get attention from guys I had no interest in, i.e. older men, black men, etc. Now that I've lost a good amount of weight, I get... No attention, but I also live in the middle of nowhere lol. We'll see what happens when I move back to civilisation!
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I've been married for 9 years now. My husband met me at one of my low weight times when I was around 180. I had no problems with teh menz in general at that weight. I was still too fat for some, but obviously very attractive to others. I gained nearly 100lbs in the meantime and am working at losing the last 23lbs of it. It never bothered my husband as he also gained around 40-50lbs during our marriage and has also nearly lost it all again.
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I lose weight in relationships, in unhealthy ways in bad ones and now in a good way in a good one. I have really only gained when single. However, that has been as much about my physical health status as anything else. My injuries and health problems have all come when single as well.
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I have always gained weight in relationships and lost it when I was alone. I know it's because I clam up having someone in the house always around. It's a fear based thing - I don't feel like I can always be entirely myself, and I hate having someone always see my body naked. It's helped being married 10 years and I've sorta gotten over it.
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Don't give up.
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I think I'm allowing myself to stay fat so that I can avoid being embroiled in a love life, again. I wish I were joking, but I'm not; it's kind of my way of hiding from the world. Having realized this about myself recently, I'm trying to motivate myself to get back into healthier eating habits and exercise patterns. :/ However, emotional issues, when tied into weight management problems, take a long time to get past. I'm hanging in there.
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Default weight gain and relationships

I gained probably like 12 pounds my senior year of high school when i was in a serious relationship because i got comfortable. Ive gained another like 9 in the last year and a half with my boyfriend now. Going off to college probably didn't help with that any though either.
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