160's Part II

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  • I'm hoping to leave them behind with tomorrow's weigh in but I have my doubts. How you all doin?
  • Nice job, fluffy! And thanks for starting the new thread...
    I'm at 165 today so plugging away at the 160s - hope to be into the 150s by mid-Feb...
  • Nice work, FluffyPuppy!

    Quote: Run through fat days.
    Run despite whoever loves you or doesn't.
    Run through regret and guilt.
    Run through frustration.
    Run through loneliness.
    Run through those blissful days.
    Run despite your dysfunctional family.
    Run through people drifting in and out of your life.
    Run through your own fits of self doubt.

    Because we are no longer those girls who thought constantly of their struggle to disappear.

    I choose to be healthy, to grow stronger, to be as alive as I possibly can. Who's with me?
    Love it! Thank you so much for typing that out! Running can be *so* many things. Cheap therapy and a source of sanity, to be sure. I signed up for my first marathon, in May. Once I hit the pay button, I was ecstatic. A few hours later, I was questioning my sanity, lol! I'm determined to finish and have a good plan, so we'll see what May brings.

    I am on a mission to find my mindful eating motivation. Stuck at 165 for my time of month, hopefully some persistence will see that drop toward the end of the week!
  • I love that list too!
    My attitude towards running right now is that it's like brushing my teeth - not something to agonize over whether I feel like doing it, do I have the energy, etc. Just do it as part of your routine that prepares you for the day. Definitely cheap therapy over here too
  • Quote: Nice job, fluffy! And thanks for starting the new thread...
    I'm at 165 today so plugging away at the 160s - hope to be into the 150s by mid-Feb...
    Same here! I know some people don't assign dates to their weight loss, but I'm the opposite. It keeps me accountable. Shooting for the 150s by Valentine's Day (or a few days before).
  • Great job, Fluffy!!!

    Yeah, I've thought a few times about putting up a picture, but can't take that other one down.

    I'm camping at 163. Oh well. Like you, I am hoping to see 150s by Feb.

    Becky - I definitely can relate to that!! The race I did last year (1/4 marathon) and then want to do this year goes up in cost every few months. So the longer I put off signing up, the more expensive it gets. I should have just signed up last fall when it was $35. Now it's $60 and I'm doubly panicking! I looked at the training schedule and it starts on Jan 1, so I'm already behind. AACCKK!! But...I think about how awesome it feels to do it and how much I love being in peak shape like that and having a strict schedule helps me stay focused with my exercise. I might sign up this Friday...if I wait much longer it goes to $75. That seems a bit steep to me. I could find another one, but this one is the first weekend in May and the timing is perfect weather-wise. I don't know..sigh
  • How is everyone doing? Today has been a good day - it seems when I track I stay on.

    I hear you, Annie, which was part of the reason I registered quickly. Prices popping up can get expensive quickly.

    I feel like I've un-swelled a bit after my bit of usual monthly water gain, hope the scale shows it soon. Still hovering 165ish... it will move...!
  • I got on the scale this am and it flashed 162.4 and then went back to 163.0 - again...so the camping trip continues. Argh! I've been doing everything right all week, so I know the loss HAS to be coming.

    Happy Friday!!
  • Still stuck here - really really hoping for 164 tomorrow! Went for a run this morning and we are going to walk to a restaurant (for an on plan dinner of fish and veggies) tonight - hopefully that will help.

    Hope you guys see good news on the scale soon!
  • Bad tracking day. DH's been gone all week, travelling for work, and got home tonight so the home stress should ease a notch. Not that it was bad... we've had far far more stressful trips.

    Tomorrow's a new day.

    165 this morning, but Aunt Flo hasn't arrived yet, she's late. Bah.

    Good news, I got my run in tonight. If I take this training plan one day at a time I"ll do great... just one day at a time.
  • Hang in there, Becky!
    A bit of progress here - scale finally said 164 this morning - woohoo! That one took a while.
  • BeachBreeze--maybe you're gearing up for a windfall. We can hope.


    I've been "camped" (to use BeachBreeze's word, I like it) at 159.5 for a week. Teetering my way out of the 160s. I hope y'all don't mind me in this thread!
  • Fluffy - love the idea of teetering your way out of this decade

    Still stuck at 164 - I'm thinking it's going to take me FOREVER to get out of the 160s. I'm keeping my calories around 1300/day, keeping carbs under 30g/day, no starches, no sugars, and running up a storm. It should still be working *aargh* but instead I'm getting minimal movement - around 1lb/week.
  • Dancerindever - Sounds like you're doing everything right. My diet/exercise routine is essentially the same as yours, and it gets a little tiring after awhile, especially when it no longer results in speedy weight loss. But keep it up, the pounds will drop eventually.

    Fluffy - we don't mind that you're sticking around. I don't see a 150s thread, so you might have to start one so the rest of us can join in when we finally hit 159.

    On that note, I whooshed down to 162.2 and have stayed here for 2 days. Woohoo. And in another thread, I talked about my old winter coat that I keep trying on, but it has been too snug in the sleeves to wear out. So, I FINALLY wore it to work today with a pair of size 8 dress pants (although they're from the LOFT, which tends to vanity size their clothes). Love these little victories.
  • It finally moved! 161! YAY! My secret goal is to be 159 by Feb 1st, but I don't think I'm going to make it. Maybe by the end of the first week of Feb? I don't like to put deadlines on things, but we all have our guilty pleasure dates, right?

    Yes - we are all doing so well, that we'll need a 150s thread soon!

    Fluffy - love that you post here, but take that 159 and run with it! Don't look back and if the scale gives you a flash of 160, tell it it's lying.