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Default How long did you stay at your highest weight?

I hope this question doesn't seem too personal. If it does don't answer. Just wondering how long you remained at your highest or top stable weight before you made a change?

For me it was 2.5 years. I did a lot of work during that time, therapy and whatnot, but it took me that long to get ready to tackle it. I wasn't eating healthy for the 7 or so years before that but didn't balloon til 2010. Don't know why I didn't gain before that. I was on my feet alot but not exercising otherwise. Maybe that's why though.
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Before I started this I wasn't a regular weigher so I have no idea what my patterns were like. But if the trend I'd shown over the years were to hold true, I would just have kept gaining ever so slowly but steadily. It's possible 230 was where I would have topped out naturally, but I think that unlikely. So I guess my answer is that I was never "stable".
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My highest weight, 302, sent me into a panic. I saw that number on a scale in a doctor's office, went out to my car, bawled like a baby, went home, bawled some more, had a long talk with my husband and joined WW. About 2 weeks later, I had lost 12 pounds.

However, I've always been heavy and my weight has continually crept and leapt up over the years. I was well over 200 pounds in the mid 80s, over 250 in the mid 90s and in oughts, I hit that 275 milestone and just kept on going until that January day in 2012 where my whole being rebelled at the 3 in front of my weight.

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I would say that I was at my top weight for about 3 years. I stopped horseback riding and playing roller derby and i steadily gained weight and kept it, until now. I finally decided that I was ready to lose the weight, and I started horseback riding again.
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i had a horribly sick pregnancy that had me topped out at 270, the highest i've ever seen...once he was born i slowlyyy lost a little weight but never really worked at it...i was around 220 about 5 years later and have been "stable" around 210 for the next 3-4 years...i got down to 198 once by going to the gym alot and not eating much...but 210 has really been my stable spot

i remember weighing 209 at my first pregnancy check up with my second son...i topped out at 247 when he was born and sort of tried to lose weight after that...again stabilized around 210 for the next 5 years...then really made an effort to lose weight and it's taken me about a year and a half to lose 45 pounds slowlyyy but surely lol...right now i'm at 185, the lowest weight ive ever seen
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A couple of months before the panic set in... My all time high was 255. I was in denial for several weeks then I made the decision that enough was enough!

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I stayed in the 160s from 2005-2009. Then I slowly creeped up to my highest, and stayed there for about four months before changing it all.

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I was at about 220 for 4 years, went down to 180 for 1 year, back up to 220 for another 2 years and the steadily gained over 3 years to my highest of 265. I was probably there for close to a year before I decided to do something about it (for good this time).

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I was probably in the 180s for six months. I have been in the 150s since 09. I just haven't been under that number since 07. I need to stop going up and down.
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I was probably at 400lbs for 3 years or more. I don't know because I wasn't weighing. About a year ago I went and stood on a weigh scale and it come up at 420. When I finally got a scale I could stand on, I had been dieting for two weeks. So I'm sure that 435 wasn't my highest weight. It was probably closer to 450-460.

I haven't maintained since my teens. It's been a constant creep up for about a decade now.

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Maybe 3 years?
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I dont even know, I wasn't a weigher, lol. (OBV! ) I would say that I'm smaller now then I was when I got married in '08, so I would guess I was in the 220's then-ish. I got up to 280ish with a hubby that liked appetizers and laying around, LOL... such is life. I figured in June of 10 that I needed to do something about it, then I went to the doc and the scale there weighed me in at 279 -and that was a few weeks after I'd started to 'get healthy' - so God only knows what I really was. Yikes. I'll say... maybe a few months at my top? But it was always slow and steady. Even now, though, I still look the same to myself nakey, even tho I look totally different in clothing.
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My max weight in 2005 was 212 and that sent me into a panic because I couldn't believe that I weighed over 200 pounds. I started dieting and lost 34 pounds but that only lasted 3 months. I gained all that weight back and kept gaining.

In 2010 I weighed 265 and couldn't believe it. I went on another diet, lost 34 pounds but it only lasted 3 months and then I gained it all back plus some extra.

My highest weight to date was in 2012 when I weighed 279. My cousin posted pictures of me at her wedding and I had a melt down. I cried while walking down the street on the phone with my mother and I admitted what I was doing. I started going to therapy and committed to my current lifestyle about a month later.
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My highest weight was 324... which was several months after I had given birth. (who gains more weight after they deliver?! apparently me). Anyway, it took about .123342 seconds after that weigh-in and I immediately started dieting.

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I'm going to guess roughly 3 years as well. I didn't even step on a scale until I decided to lose weight for my wedding. I was wearing size 20 jeans and started to have to buy 22s before I really did anything about it.

I've been trying to lose weight for 6 years now. If only I could have stayed consistent with anything I did, I'd be lower than where I am right now.
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