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  • I know some of us lose inches faster than weight. I think a measurement thread is very useful so that we realize that is another tool we can use to keep up with progress.

    I take my measurements TIGHT. So that way I can't add to it, so here they are:

    top of hips, around pooch-42"
    waist at bend-33"
    waist at belly button-36"
    rib cage-33"
    Right thigh bent-22"
    right calf-14"
    Rt arm-12 3/4"
    hips together-39"
    neck-13 1/4"
    Left wrist-6 1/4" (medium body frame)

    I'm going to update in 2 weeks. Hope we see some progress!
  • I'm about done with the weight loss portion of my journey, so seeing the number go down on the scale isn't going to be as useful as measure of progress anymore. I plan to focus more on increasing strength & muscle soon, so I think measurements might be a useful tool for seeing progress on that front.

    Starting measurements:

    Neck - 12 1/4 in
    Bust - 35 1/2 in
    Underbust - 32 in
    Waist - 27 in
    Hips - 35 1/2 in
    Right upper arm - 10 1/4 in
    Right forearm - 9 in
    Right thigh - 21 in
    Right calf - 14 1/4 in

    I probably won't check them again for about a month, as starting a week from now I have to take 2 weeks off from exercise for some medical stuff.

    Edit: Weird, my underbust is BIGGER than it was a month or so ago.
  • way to go chickadee, that might be from your muscles growing. I do expect my measurements to get bigger in my arms and legs, before they start to go down. I wish my waist would just melt away, but as I build muscle under the fat, it also might expand before it goes down.
  • jen, that definitely happened to my upper arms - they got larger at first, and then started getting smaller again after another couple months.

    I hope my legs don't get any bigger though, gah!! That's the last thing I need, lol.
  • I took these yesterday. And I think I will either take my next ones in 2 to 4 weeks, haven't decided yet.

    Neck: 17.25"
    Bicep: 16.25"
    Forearm: 12.5"
    Chest: 46"
    Bust: 51"
    Waist: 54"
    Hips: 48"
    Thigh: 30"
    Calf: 20.75"
  • yes, Laif, I remember you doing so, I think 2 weeks is ok, but 4 weeks would be the clincher.

    chick, your legs look very muscular in your pic!
  • Quote: chick, your legs look very muscular in your pic!
    Thank you, but they're mostly just fat and skin with some muscle underneath! The compression pants seem to shape thing up a bit.
  • compression tops actually make my stomach look like a stomach instead of a butt with wings. :P
  • I'm in!

    Oh man, that waist measurement...
    Darn baby. Heh.

    Neck: 14
    Bicep: 15
    Forearm: 11
    Chest (Bust): 42
    Waist: 36
    Hips: 44
    Thigh: 26
    Calf: 18

    Oh god oh god oh god oh god... *hits "submit"*...
  • i have to measure my waist in 2 areas, at the belly button at at the actual bend in my waist, because the bend area is actually pretty cute, but when you go down further--aye! That is where my belly fat (baby/stress fat) rests.

    Don't worry thunda, we are on the journey to tiny waists!
  • jendiet, I remember you from back in the day. You're looking beautiful!

    Let's go teeny tiny waists!!
  • thanks thunda,

    well, it's time to re-measure. I know I need to be patient with the process. I am losing inches WHERE IT COUNTS. Just like I thought some places went up, though.

    top of hips, around pooch-42"------->wk 2 40"
    waist at bend------------33--------------->32"
    waist at belly button-36"----------------->35"
    rib cage-33"----------------------------->32.5"
    Right thigh bent-22"--------------------->21.5"
    right calf-14"--------------------------->14.5"
    Rt arm-12 3/4"------------------------->11.25"
    hips together-39"----------------------->38.5"
    neck-13 1/4"--------------------------->13.25"
    Left wrist-6 1/4" (medium body frame)--->6.1"

    not sure how my bony wrists got any skinnier, but I guess I did lose .1" from them.
  • Go jendiet go!

  • hi all
    I'm new here and I just took these today (not sure if they are the "right" ones...):
    bust: 44.5
    under bust: 37.5
    waist (sucked in): 38.5
    waist (relaxed): 40.25
    hip: 45

    Y'all are doing great!
  • hi jojo, just use the same ones every time and it will be fine.