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Default Metabolism change, loss of insulation, or do I need more layer?

Yes it is winter, but I am freezing all the time. Different resources suggest the weight loss is responsible. Is it primarily the loss of insulating pounds, a changing metabolism, or my need to buy more sweaters? And does it get better or is this the new normal? Is it a symptom of needing to spread my calories out more over the day?
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Me too! I used to be the chick wearing short sleeves all winter long, and now I don't go anywhere without a hoodie or cardigan!

I read on another thread that it might be the calorie restriction, and that it might improve once we're at maintenance. I want to believe that, but I think it's a loss of insulation too. I guess I won't find out til next winter.

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is super awesome.
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I'm cold all the time, lol. Of course, I was generally colder at 279 as well, but things have gotten REALLY cold now. I'm sitting at my desk now in jeans, and a hoodie, with a space heater blowing on my legs and another blowing on my torso, lol.

I'm cold all the time. Boo.
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Sometimes you're just cold!

But sometimes it's more than that. I was feeling the same way a few months ago and used some google-fu and found it was all tied up in metabolism. Your metabolism slows down a bit as you diet and your body's focusing on things other than heating you. I experimented with it a bit and found that if I ate just below maintenance for a couple days I was a lot warmer. That got my started on calorie cycling and I haven't gotten nearly as frigid since.

I remember in another thread like this someone mentioned something about cinnamon. Might be worth looking into.
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Glad I am not alone. I used to be hot all the time. I could go sans coat in the winter. My husband used to be miserable because I would blast the ac in the car no matter the time of year. Should make summer a more welcomed season this year.
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It might be hypothyroidism. If you've never been tested for it, you might ask your doctor-- particularly if you have other symptoms like fatigue, brain "fog", dry skin, weak nails or frequent constipation.

(I sound like a pharmaceutical ad! lol)
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I notice this all the time since I lost weight. I used to love the cold, now I freeze my butt off in any place that's even slightly cool (grocery store, fast food restaurant, etc.)
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Yep, freezing all.the.time. I don't think it's the loss of insulation, as my super-thin, marathon-running coworker will be hot in our office area while I have goosebumps. I've been chalking it up to metabolic adaptation - my body devoting the limited energy supply to other, more important things after so many months of continuous calorie restriction. Really hoping I get warmer after I get to maintenance, lol.
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I'm doing this!
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I first noticed I got much colder when I tried doing the lemonade diet (all the water). Now, I feel freezing now cuz I'm drinking lots of water again, maybe that could be it for you
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