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Angry Pissed Off!!! Coworker Rant

I have been on my healthy new me kick since September and have done pretty good.....I've been pleased with my progress.

I work in a small office where our secretary sits out in the main lobby, which is surrounded by four offices.

She is 20 years old and recently found out she is pregnant. So she's decided to start "eating for two" and it's irritating me.

She brings in McDonald's almost every morning then in the afternoon goes back for snacks from McDonald's. The delicious smell of the fast food wafts into my office, making me hungry and questioning my resolve to eat my apple and peanut butter in the morning for breakfast and almonds for a snack.

I know that I'm just whining. But right now I need to whine. It's not like I can't eat the McDonald's deliciousness.....but the calories it would take would cause me not to be able to eat the rest of the day.

How do you deal with oblivious/insensitive coworkers? I'm not suggesting that everyone needs to bow to me and my weight loss and fitness goals, but I need a way to deal with this. I've jokingly told her that delicious smelling food must be eaten away from her desk. She just laughed. I was serious.

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Well, I don't think McD's as the best pregnancy nutrition, but it's her choice to make.

You can't really do anything about it other than to just not make comments and try to ignore it.

If the tables were turned, you wouldn't want her poking in your lunchbox and telling you what to eat either.

I suppose you could look up calories, or pix to put you off McDonald's.

Here's a series comparing it to diner food without the preservatives. The Mcd's doesn't decay as fast.


Started Jan 2016:

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Remind yourself how unhealthy MCDonald's is, too much fat, too much sugar. Remind yourself what eating McDonald's will do to you, put on weight. This girl will be sorry after having her baby, she will find it hard to lose the extra weight she will be putting on, it is also not healthful for the baby to be eating like that when she is pregnant. This is not your problem, though, you can't control what she eats but you can control what you eat.
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You can't really say anything without coming off like a total jerk unfortunately. I know exactly what you're going through, though. When I was losing, my coworkers would bring pizza into the office once a week. And it's a small office. I couldn't help but see it, smell it and want to taste it, but I resisted.

Though, the mean streak in me says bring something into the office that will stink the place up...heat up broccoli or cabbage and eat it at your desk...

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Default re:

heh, keep track of every time that happens, and when she comes to you a year from now asking you how you lost weight, hand her the list of all the times she brought mcdonalds and say, "I didn't do this."


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Originally Posted by Vex View Post
heh, keep track of every time that happens, and when she comes to you a year from now asking you how you lost weight, hand her the list of all the times she brought mcdonalds and say, "I didn't do this."

lmfao. I love it...

I know how you feel but don't. I work in a main lobby and sometimes people bring in A&W, Macdonalds, pizza everything and I smell it because it stinks up the lobby for a bit. But what happens after a while because I'm stuck at my desk and don't have access to any of that it goes away and I don't mind. Pizza smell gets me the most, the other two make me want to gag. As good a Macdonalds taste the smell of it just turns me off.
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Yeah, you can't really police her food or where she eats it. Just keep telling yourself it always smells better than it tastes- at least I think so. If she comes back with McDs, use that as a time to go for a walk around the building or up and down the stairs or something. I work in a cubicle setting and people always eat their lunch at their desks- at least twice a week, someone has something delicious smelling, like Chinese food- I try to just distract myself with my own food and use it as 'short break time' from work.
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I am sitting in McDonald's right now surfing the net and getting some schoolwork done. I can smell everything--see everything. Right about now I would sell my grandmother down the river for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. But all I got was a small hot chocolate that was a planned treat. As much as I would love some of the food, I sit here eating my clementine and light yoplait. Giving in just isn't worth it (and my weigh day is tomorrow) keep resisting! You are doing great!
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Most of McDonald's food makes me sick so it doesn't bother me when others at work eat it. I used to eat it all the time too when I was 20 and I never gained weight but I have a feeling eating that much of it during pregnancy might have a really bad end result. I don't think she's being inconsiderate toward you, if anything it's inconsiderate to her unborn baby.

Like the other's said there's nothing you can do about it...just try to ignore the best you can.

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I just came back from the cinema. They have the nerve to sell this delicious smelling popcorn while I am on a diet/lifestyle change! And chips too! However, I had foreseen their lack of support to my choices and I had some almonds with me
We make choices.
My choice was to not eat popcorn and I feel proud and happy, your choice is to eat a healthy snack, her choice is to nourish herself with McDonalds.
The world around us is not going to change, my husband still eats fries and pizza sometimes but I choose not to.
I don't know if this helps but I am planning to reward myself for resisting temptation by making a T-shirt which will say exactly that. Why don't you make one that says "I haven't eaten fast food for ages and I feel GREAT"???
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