150s -- Where are you all?

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  • Plumblossom-congrats on officially being part of the 150s. A facial sounds really nice. I think when I hit the 140s I'm going for a massage. My hairdo was for my 150s. I know I'm gonna need new pants soon, so that will be another treat for the 140s.

    I'm on my way home. I'm looking fwd to vegging out the rest the night.
  • Rain rain go away. Parts of NJ are flooded out. So far it hasn't affected me. It would be really nice though to see some sun this weekend,

    I'm on the early train to work today. My coworker is transitioning some of her stuff to me. I'm really trying to put my best foot forward and show I'm stepping up to the plate. I'd really like a management position in the next two years. I know one thing I should be doing is dressing the part but I don't wanna invest any money in clothing till I'm at a lower weight I'll be staying at.

    I'm happy to weigh in today at 153.4. I haven't been crazy strict about the food I eat. I do eat less and more often and healthier food. I am making changes I can live with which is for a lifestyle and will be maintainable. Now if I could just get motivated to move and exercise. That's my next challenge.
  • So weigh in today kinda sucked - I was 152.5, up 2.5 since last week. I feel like the 150s are hanging on for dear life. But I have been consistent with exercise and I can really see some major definition in my legs and even a bit in my arms.

    Next week I am headed to Tn to visit family, we always go out to eat when we visit and to the worse kinda of places to say on track - family restaurants with delicious deep fried food! My grandmother is really into to working out so I know she'll give me time to do my video and when I get back I am walking a 10K so at least I'll get some exercise in.
  • Hi there ladies... well, I had a great a WI today. I definitely deserve a little bit of faster loss after the near-heroic efforts it took just to get out of the 60s. Boy did my body fight it!!! I am super excited to see a little distance between where I am now and those 60s.

    Having a good day so far! Now, I am just looking forward to getting UNDER 20 pounds left... that will be very satisfying!!!
  • Hello! I'm 158.2lbs now and halfway to goal! I'm gonna miss the 160's chicks, but hope to make new friends and see my old friends in the 150's!
  • SunnyDC- welcome and congrats on the weight lose. I'm also halfway (or about) to my goal to. I'm starting to think I'll just be happy back in the 140s. I should stop thinking like that and really aim for what I originally started out for. Anyway we are glad to have ya.

    Plumblossom- so glad to hear your positive energy. Sounds like you are doing awesome. Keep up the good work. I hope the 150's treat ya better than the 160's.

    Jelma- sorry about your little gain. Hopefully it was just a slight fluctuation in water weight or the scale acting up. I'll step on my 3-4 times in the morning to make sure the thing is awake and behaving proper

    I took a sick day today. I'm thinking of applying to other jobs and fixing up my resume. I'm also think of relocating from Jersey to FL. I'm getting sick of being around here.
  • I think I now know what it feels like to be held back in your senior year and all your friends are graduating without you! This 150's thread feels like senior year! LOL I have overstayed my welcome! I want OUT. Please take me with you! :-)
  • Shaniam- hang in there. I tend to stick at a weight for a few weeks, then get into good eating habits and drop down 2-3lbs. I'll be stagnant then see a significant drop then stagnant again.

    I'm eating a lot of rice and beans. I'm a little sick of it.

    I enjoyed my day off yesterday. Applied to a lot of jobs. Dreading going in today.
  • I think I'm here now... I've hovered in the 160's for the last four months and had a wonky woosh this past week taking me from the low 160's to the mid 150's. I'm going to carefully wait and see, but honestly I need to get back into the swing of things and the thought of going back to the 160's is frankly... not so hot.
  • Spinach.... I started posting here when I hit 159.3. The next day I was at 160.8. I didn't leave because I knew it was water weight or something and in my book, I don't count it! I knew I was staying within plan and exercising so the was no way I was gaining FAT weight.

    Welcome to the 150's and congratulations on crossing the border!!
  • Happy Friday to ALL! I'm glad to see a new comer to the 150s. I didn't start posting here till I saw 157 on a consistent bases. I just couldn't believe I made it out the 160s. I have a feeling it will be the same for the 140s. I'm slowly coming upon them and would love to be there by month end.

    Its suppose to be a beautiful day in Jersey. Either every1 took the day off for the sunny weather or are recovering from St. Pats.
  • I'm still in 150's, i keep saying this, but hopefully will be out of it soon!


    Anyone else on the brink of 140's here? Anyone stuck/plateauing?
    Let's get out of here!

  • Beila - I can't seem to budge from 153. I was mostly just dieting to get here. With the weather getting nicer I'm starting to walk and jog with my dogs. My focus for the rest of March is exercise and healthy eating.

    Yesterday I walked and jogged 20+min with my dogs and did P90X arms and shoulders. My buns are soar today.
  • The start of a new week! Hope to not be here next week!
    151 still...140's here I come!
  • Belia- I'm sending you skinny vibes and hope you drop into the 140s this week.

    I have successfully worked out three days in a row. I started doing P90X. I tried out arms and legs over the weekend and my legs are so soar. Yesterday I made it half way through chest and back. I'm not a huge push up fan and that's all the work out really was. You are also suppose to have a pull up bar or bands which I don't so i had to make a few adjustments. I'm sure if I keep with it I will see results. The problem is actually finding the time in my schedule to get it all done. Each video is about an hour.