Biggest Loser III Weigh In

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  • You have found a great way to stay on track!!

    This challenge starts on Monday July 5th. Post your results every Monday for 12 weeks. The person with the highest PERCENTAGE of body weight lost wins!!

    Let's DO IT!
  • Starting Weight
    July 5: 236.2
  • 180.4

  • Good Morning!

    July 5: 224

    Darn you, s'mores and July 4th cookouts! Here's to some friendly competition and lots of motivation......

  • 219.1
  • Starting weight: 256.2
  • Starting weight 251.4
  • Eliana starting weight: 174.4
    kuchick starting weight: 172.5

    Good luck all!
  • Starting weight: 224.6

    (I feel like there's some kind of rubber wall at 222. Every time I hit it, I bounce back up. Argh.)

    Good luck everyone!
  • Starting weight: 219.5
  • Starting weight: 185.0

    Looking forward to friendly competition and motivation!! Good luck to all!
  • July 5th 175.0

    Starting there but not staying! It's time for me to stop being so afraid of hitting goal and go get there already! So what if I have saggy tummy and boobs! I'm a person first!(my NSV of this weekend )
  • 188.0

    Good luck everyone .
  • Hi Everyone

    SW: 155.4
  • Weigh in: 292!

    I'd still like a partner...