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Cool Something fun...10 CRAZIEST DIETS...

So I was surfing the web for diet methods and came upon this. The 10 CRAZIEST DIETS.
I laughed at some of them at the craziness of them and some I actually heard of but not to keen on. So I thought I let you guys hear them... Tell me what you think of them… Would you ever attempt to try one? I might have tried the blood type one... Or the Chewing Diet. But I would not last cuz I have TMJ. lol The others really not sure on...

you must chew each bite over 32 times/which is about 30
seconds-after chewing tilt head back and allow the food to
trickle down your throat. Anything to big or not chewed
spit out.

here you would take a pill that was suppose to have a tapeworm
inside it.

you can not eat while you are sleeping so you sedate
yourself for days and neglect to eat resulting in the
starvation diet.

if your food looks disgusting you are less likely to eat it

there is a theory behind AOQILI diet soap that it contains
seaweed that penetrates the skin and breakdowns the fat.

you would pierce the cartilage of your inner ear and it is
suppose to suppress your appetite.

you eat cotton balls and they were said to be high in fiber but
not the fiber your body needs.

the theory is to eat the foods that are suited to your blood type
and you would lose weight.

this requires eating the foods specifically mentioned in Genesis
chapter 1 verse 29 these are all natural vegan, raw foods. But in Genesis
chapter 9 verse 3 god lifts these restrictions but this diet over looks
it and only allows 15% of a persons daily intake can be cooked.

THE CAVEMAN DIET (Paleolithic)
this is based on food available during this era limited to
lean meat, fish, veggies, fruit, roots and nuts. Grains, dairy
salt, refined sugar, oils and legume are all strictly prohibited.

Wow just think of the people who actually did these. so funny....
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BodyFlex by Greer Childers. Pretty funny read if you have the time.

Apparently if you breathe a certain way, for 10 minutes a day, you will lose weight. (The 1600 calorie/day meal plan is irrelevant of course - the real secret is in the breathing exercises.)

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Oh, man, thanks for posting this, too funny! I found a link that shows some popular diets and then in the bottom section, below that, lists some other diets that aren't really recommended....

I don't think this site is selling anything but I could be wrong...I apologize in advance if I'm wrong.

Some of the diets look like legitimate diets people might be using here, but others look like fad diets that aren't so healthy....

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Oh man!

I think I'm going to take a stab at that Tapeworm diet! lose the lbs without all that silly effort!
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Great stuff ...

I'm going to try them all ...

I'll do anything to lose weight apart from changing my diet and exercising ...
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Have to disagree with the last one. There's a lot of solid biochemical and nutritional research behind the Caveman (aka, paleo, aka, primal) diet. See, e.g., PaNu or Mark's Daily Apple for any number of posts -- some technical, some not so technical -- about the science behind the diet. With links to peer-reviewed medical research, esp on PaNu.

In practice, the paleo diet is much *less* extreme than Atkins or other popular low-carb diets. The latter ask you to keep carbs <50g/day (or, in some cases even lower) in order to be in ketosis. In practice, achieving this means that you not only have to eliminate grains and sugar, but also curtail the amount and types of veggies, nuts, and fruits you eat. Oh, and count carbs assiduously.

The paleo diet isn't about counting carbs, but most people who follow it eat about 100-150g carbs/day. Less than the SAD (300-600g carbs per day, mostly from refined sugars and grains), but it still allows you to load up on veggies and nuts and eat fruit in moderation.

The basic argument behind the paleo diet is just that humans transitioned from a hunter-gatherer to an agricultural society only about 10,000 years ago. This isn't long enough for our physiology to evolve to the point where we can process grains. We didn't become cows with the advent of agriculture. Well, except in the pejorative sense.

Buy it or not, it's not even close to the level of ridiculousness as the other diets in the list! (Which I agree are really, really silly.)
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Funny! A lady I worked with had her ear stapled last fall after she got a flyer left on her windshield. It was a pretty big staple, not like a regular office staple. You have to also rub your head often. I think she may have lost a few pounds the first week and then that was it. Now I'm curious and wondering if she still has her staple in. Hmmmm.
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