Intro (I am not a new years resolution!)

  • Hello Chicks,

    I'm new here. I'll post my profile after 30 days -- as per instruction -- but thought I'd introduce myself in advance. I'm a working "professional" (at least I try to be...most days) with two children under 5 and no time for myself. I eat when I'm stressed (e.g., silly spouse, overtired children, looming deadlines) and "forget" to exercise when time gets tight. i.e., I make excuses for not grabbing the time I need for myself and my own sanity.

    But enough about me. This seems like a really balanced and supportive community. I've enjoyed reading through the various posts and have learned a lot/been inspired already. Thanks for that.

    BrainBabiesBe (or just B is fine)
  • Hey B!

    I could really relate to your "to busy to exercise" and "stressed eating". I think as women, we take care of everyone else first.

    Glad to have you here! Please join us in our new Challenge in the Biggest Loser Thread. We are teaming up to support each other to loose more! If that's not your thing, you can always join in our monthly chat on the January Chat thread.

    Again -
  • New Too
    Hey B, I've just joined too... not trying to hijack your thread/intro but this seemed like a good place to say hello
  • Hi B and Motherme! Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you're going to find this place understanding, inspirational and motivational too
  • Thanks everyone!
    Thanks for the warm welcome. What a terrific resource! I'm going over to check the biggest loser and Jan chat now. A bit intimidated -- I'm really committed to these changes and gone public with it too! -- but optimistic.


  • B and MotherMe, to the groups!