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Default Sinus infection, steriods and antibiotics..

So I have had my third sinus infection since August and was put on antibiotics and steriods. I stayed the same last week and this week my scale says I have gained 9 lbs. Surely there is no way I can really gain 9 lbs in a week! Does anyone else have this happen when they are on steriods? I hate taking them because I always gain on them, usually just a couple of lbs never 9!!!

I feel like the walking blimp! My clothes really aren't fitting any tighter and I am hoping this is all water weight.
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yes most of it probably is water weight but also they increase your appetite and you may be eating more than you think. I would definitely watch that. Hopefully, the weight will come back off after you are off of them a few days. I have to take steroids for a few days from time to time due to rheumatoid arthritis. They make me feel better but I hate the side effects! Good luck!
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yup I was on steroids about 2 or 3 weeks ago and gained weight, it took about 4 days for it to get out of my system. I was on steroids for a week. I lost the weight after I got off of them and then I got my period which always makes me gain about 2 lbs.
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Steroids seem to have a triple-whammy effect on weight gain.

1. Increase hunger
2. Fluid retention
3. Increased hunger or fluid retention

Yeah, I know that's technically only a double-whammy, but sometimes one or both symptoms are so intense they deserve double-billing. Sometimes, it almost seems like a quadruple-whammy.

I have autoimmune disease, so am on periodic courses of prednisone. I definitely have a love-hate relationship on prednisone. One one hand, it makes me remember what it's like to feel energetic and active (I don't have a problem getting exercise in when I'm on prednisone), but I feel like I could eat the entire world and still be hungry enough to eat another planet or two - and then there's the weight gain.

I can easily gain 9 pounds of water weight with prednisone - but if I'm on it for more than a month - some of the weight tends to be true, fat poundage.

I'm so hungry it takes superhuman effort not to eat - but therein lis the trap. Because it feels like I'm not eating far more often than I am eating, it doesn't seem possible that I'm eating enough to gain. It feels like I'm being more strict with my diet than "normal" because of the extra hunger.

It just doesn't seem possible to gain weight and still be so hungry all of the time.

Sugary and starchy carbs (which tend to always be a bit of a problem for me)
are even more of a problem during a course of prednisone. I seem to be able to get through a course of prednisone without a true gain (not just water) only if I eat very low carb during it.

As much as I believe that restricting carbs is the answer for me (both on and off prednisone) - I don't think it's the answer for everyone. I'd try South Beach style eating before deciding to restrict carbs further, but that's just my two cents (if it's even worth that).
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Less than 15 now!!
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Aw Squeak - I just hope you start feeling better! It's been a heck of a year for you and your fam.
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