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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Tuesday 10/27

Morning chicks and roosters!

Yesterday was a good day except for that darn headache about 9:00 last night. I went to bed early and woke up at 2 am with the side of my head feeling like someone had koshed me in the head. Thank goodness when I got up this morning that it was gone.

Went to bootcamp yesterday and I got to tell ya my leader is a beast.. WOW she kicked my butt yesterday. I thought I was going to faint. We had interval training and finished up with running a mile, then cool down and streches. I called hubby on the way home and told him to be ready to carry me from the car to the couch! lol

Does anyone do Zumba? I have been reading about it and it sounds like something I would love to do. Tell me what you think about it.

That's it for me today.

Ya'll have a great day
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Morning ladies, I am so far behind and will try to catch up on your posts, I have been once again taking a break, I finally found out why I am in deep depression, Dr has said I suffer from winter blues, and that this will be an on going thing through winter. I need to move to a warmer climate. I am keep fingers crossed that DBF and I figure out where we are going with our long distant relationship when I go to see him in March in California. Well ladies have a great week.

Squeak I haven't heard about Zumba.

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Squeak, I do zumba and I love it. Its high energy and super fun.

Tracy, can you get a happy lamp? Reading your post made me remember to break out my happy lamp for the winter. I live in alaska, so its dark and cold and I totally get why you are feeling blue.

Today is frusterating. I brought my kid in for his H1N1 flu vax and the provider with the keys to the vax fridge isn't in till later so here we sit...waiting...

Last night my neighbor got a seal and brought me a rack of ribs, so we are going to be eating that for the next few days. Its very yummy tender meat and since its wild and cold weather animal the fats are healthy. I spent a good amount of time trimming it up last night and got two quarts of fat to render down to oil. I was so busy I forgot dinner until after 9pm, and ended up under 1100 calories for the day.

I have cardio tonight for an hour and a half. I'm working myself into a mood for it...not there yet, but I have a few hours to get in the mood.
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