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Default 30 Something's Daily Chat: MON 10/19

Mornin' ladies!

Well, I must say that I got to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday morning (9:30 and 9:45), so I feel a bit more awake so far...except for my 10 min power nap on the bus ride to work this morning!

I got a lot of laundry and some housework done this weekend, but I didn't get out for a walk with my puppy at all...gotta get myself back on that schedule tonight!

I'm still sorta tired but I do feel much better than I did last week. It's not that I can't sleep at all...I usually get between 7-8 hrs a night...I'm just having a hard time dealing with the fact that I have french class 3 days per week and it drains me! I have two 14 hr days per week and I just end up feeling SO beyond tired.

My DH is going to Cuba for 2 weeks...he leaves on Wed. night so I'll have a lot of time to myself...guess that means I'll be going to the gym to keep myself occupied and keeping up with my french homework!

How was everyone's weekend?

Hope everyone has a great week!
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Good Morning!

I'm never on the computer this early!
Hi Wifey! I know all about those long days. I am starting my graduate work and I have two night classes during the week. They are long days. Mondieu!

The weekend seemed so fast, I don't feel as though I got a break! I didn't do any exercise and I kinda went all willy-nilly with my plan. But I'm off to the gym before school this morning and I guess all I can do is try it again.

Hope you all had a good weekend!
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Wifey -- 9:30 would be sleeping to for me, too, but I remember when I could stay in bed until noon AT LEAST and not care!

Greeneggs -- good luck at the gym!

My weekend was NOT awesome food-wise. We did a haunted forest things and corn mazes and had a marvelous time, but I ate too much Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I'm hoping that buckling down today through Thursday will be enough to reverse the damage.

I did feel a lot more rested this morning, though. It was easy to get up when my alarm went off. I Shredded and went for my normal A.M. walk. Last night was Sunday Soup Night and I made some yummy Split Pea Soup. I don't use meat, but I do use ham stock and it makes it really good! So I've got some left over soup along with my salad for lunch today.

Tonight is pasta (, of course) with shrimp in red sauce. I'm going to attempt my lunch time walk, and I'm going to the barn after work to ride.

Have a GREAT day everyone!
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Ahhh Monday! I am working a lot this week, good on the pocket book, but man, I am not used to working this much! I also tend to do more while Josh(the bf) is gone, not too sure why, tonight after work I managed to get a workout in, did laundry, made dinner and cleaned!! Busy for me! My legs are mega sore from 30DS right now.

Wifey - 14 hour day? Yikes! I never liked those myself, and yes it does drain you. Cuba? That sounds nice! My bf is in Whistler - which also sounds good to me right now!

Tam - sometimes I only have time to work out once a week, but anything is better than nothing! Gotta boost the metabolism!

Rebound - wow! I am impressed with the morning workout! You go! I barely have enough energy to get up and have a shower in the morning,

It's cold here tonight, so I am off to make a sugar-free hot cocoa!

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