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Less than 15 now!!
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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Thursday 10/1

Wow - Welcome to October!! I can't believe it's here already!!

I weighed today for the month. I lost 1 lb in about a month. I'm okay with that. About 3 weeks ago I decided I needed to de-stress about my weightloss endeavors and decided to concentrate on portion sizes, more veggies, more water and more activity. I went and threw my WW stuff in a drawer and left it up to that. So, 1 lb down is good. My 4mo old baby has slept "through the night" the last 2 nights, so maybe I will be feeling like some exercise by next week!

I'll make some oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch will be leftover pork loin from yesterday, and dinner is beef stroganoff.

How's everyone else's Thursday?
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My Thursday has been crazy already! I'm SO !

Is it Friday yet??

My dad is coming down for a very last minute "visit" b/c his gf's 6 week old granddaughter got air-lifted to the children's hospital in my city and they need a place to stay.

I'm going out for my bday dinner with friends tomorrow night and then DH is throwing a bday BBQ for me and having some more friends over on Saturday.

It looks like it will be a crazy weekend but I'm just looking forward to the weekend ACTUALLY arriving!

Mortonpixie - sorry to hear about the 2 yr old and haircutting incident yesterday and congrats on the 1lb! I'd definitely take 1lb over none!
I hope you're having a better day today!

I finally weighed myself this morning and I've gained a 1lb. I REALLY have to get my butt to the gym this weekend!!
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Happy October everyone! October is my favorite month, not only is it Halloween month, but its also my son's birthday month and the month that I get a week off work to pretend I'm a stay at home mom. And now that my kid is a school kid, I can do things during the day for myself that week.

Today I start two challenges, and one of them is specifically a cardio challenge (in the Alternachicks section if you want to join). I really need some motivation to get off my duff in the evenings and do my cardio.

Mortonpixie, Yeah on that baby sleeping through the night two nights in a row! My son didn't do that till he was 5...ya, 5...

Wifey, Happy Birthday!
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Hello all... I am so ready for the week to be over. I am pooped!

Got home really late last night. We sat at the hospital for 3 hours waiting to get her MRI. Apparently I went in early got there at 3:45 (they told me to be there by 4pm) her test wasn't until 5pm and they didn't call her back until almost 6pm!!!

We ended up grabbing fast food on the way home. Normally I would have made a huge pig of myself but I am happy to say I only ate 3 Krystals. (I have eaten 8 in one setting) I also got them with no cheese to save some calories. I had enough points for the day that I didn't go over even eating 3 krystals.

Still no exercise.. I have no air. Still congested and junky sounding, maybe by this weekend.

It's been busy here the flu has hit our area hard. Our schools were closed Monday and Tuesday and really our attendance is very low with lots of kids and staff out sick.

tomorrow I am taking off to take DD to the neurologist. We are making a day of it since I have to drive an hour to get her there. It's close to a huge mall and I plan on taking her to he mall when she gets done at the doctor.

Mort- the only way DD would sleep when she was little was to put her in the bed with us. Worked great until she got to big to sleep with us then it was a hassle to get her out of our bed. Didn't accomplish that until last year! (DD is 11) lol

Hello to all the new members. 3fc is a great place to hang around. Don't be shy about posting.
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I'm a day ahead of everyone here (it's Friday here in New Zealand) and Thursday was not a good day.

Weight-wise, yes, great day. Down in the scales again. 84.8 this morning! WOOHOO!

I've got another week off school, and I decided to get my essays done for class. I've got two due, plus a Latin assignment on 15 October. To my horror, I missed the deadline for one of them. It's 1 October and the paper was due 10 days previous.

I scream, DH comes in to find out what's wrong. I explain and then proceed to fall into a dead faint.

Luckily, the instructor is also my Latin instructor. I explain that it was a simple mix up in dates and he gives me a week. Boy, do I feel really stupid.
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