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Default 30 Something's Daily Chat: Thurs 09/24

Mornin' everyone!

It has been a CRAZY week! I started my french classes again so I have french Tuesday to Thursday. I'm off work on Wed's to go to french so that's why I didn't post yesterday. I'm back to 12 hr days, 3 times per week until the beginning of December....UGH! I torture myself all in the name of advancing my career!

I haven't been eating too badly but not great either. Gotta get myself going again. I also haven't really exercised in over a week...gotta kick my butt into gear if I wanna shed 26lbs in 4-6 months!

I'm happy though...we're THIS much closer to Friday!

Hope everyone's having a great day!
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Less than 15 now!!
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Wifey - Glad you had a nice time. What a sweetheart - roses! DH bought some nummy expensive beer for our anniversary - he said it was either that or roses... I was okay with the beer.

Well, I had to try again - but it didn't work with this kid either. Don't believe the "give them cereal and they will sleep longer" bit. Cameron was in a cereal COMA when I put him to bed at 9pm and he STILL got up twice to eat in the night... I can barely keep my eyes open today.

I have been using Twitter to keep myself accountable for my eating. I "tweet" before I have my meals and snacks. I don't have many followers, but there's something about having to put it out in public that kept me from having 5 cookies the other day and has kept me out of the banana bread.

If ya want to follow me my username is mortonpixie - of course.

Have a happy Thursday!!
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You'll never guess who has the flu now..... ME!!!!
I am out of work today and tomorrow and hopefully no fever this weekend so I can get back to work. My boss filled in for me today, she has been very busy sending sick kids home. We are hoping they close our schools for a few days. H1N1 vaccine is going to be too late because most everyone I know has had it or has had someone in their family have it.

My eating has not been great. I couldn't even eat supper last night and this morning I managed to eat a McGriddle from McD's, no lunch yet.. no appetite at all.

No exercise of course because I feel like crap. Yesterday I did finally get all those wires out of my back and the most positive thing I can post is I finally got a good long, hot shower. I've been sponging off since last Thursday and washing my hair under the faucet. I was clean but those showers feel so darn good. I stood in the water until all the hot water ran out of the tank.

Hope everyone has a good day and stay away from the flu, it stinks!!
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